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Sylvia felt the urge to lie down with Luca again right away, but she looked away from his firmly erect part. She couldn’t ignore the imminent danger just to have s*x and end up getting killed. There was no shortage of caution in dungeons. She reached back and pinched Luca’s arm as he kept whining.

“Get yourself together. I just heard something suspicious!”

Luca rubbed his arm for a moment, which she had pinched hard, and then hugged her again with hazy eyes. It was like he had gone crazy from the pleasure he tasted from the first time. Sylvia shook her head.

Looking at his condition, it seemed that, until his lower body subsided completely, he would not be able to come to his senses even if a sword came right under his nose. It was like a male mantis that couldn’t stop mating even though it knew it would be eaten by the female mantis.

She had to stay awake instead of Luca, who had lost his mind. Sylvia hid behind a rock and quickly changed her clothes, leaving him alone while his brain was soaked in s*xual desire. When she came out with her seaweed dress firmly dressed, Luca looked openly disappointed. Then, he muttered to himself in despair.

“I can’t believe this…”

Sylvia ignored Luca’s pouting mouth and looked around. She rolled her eyes, then turned her head.

“Oh! I heard it again!”

As she turned her head towards the sound, a brown ball of fur appeared from the tree. As she looked closely, it was a cute baby monkey covered with brown fur. Since the monkey’s fur was fluffy, it looked like it was well-maintained. It seemed to be loved by its mother.

“Eek eek!”
“Oh? It’s a monkey. Mr. Luca, there’s a monkey!”
“What, it was a damn monkey? Ah… That damn monkey…”
“Wow! It’s cute.”

Luca uttered an insult with a ferocious look. However, Sylvia didn’t mind Luca and looked at the monkey, exclaiming in admiration. The little monkey climbed shrewdly through the trees and landed on the rock. Then, it sat on the rock with bright eyes and stared curiously at Sylvia and Luca.

Acting cute on top of the rock, it did not run away even when Sylvia got closer. Seeing how cute it was, a smile naturally appeared on Sylvia’s lips.

“It’s cute. But it still looks like a baby. Where is the mommy monkey?”
“Is that any of my business? It must have gone grocery shopping. Tsk.”

Luca’s natural temper was coming out as if he hated the beast that had stormed in at a good moment. Sylvia raised the corners of her mouth in silence.

‘He must be annoyed because we stopped in the middle. Gosh, how cute! The more he acts like that, the more I want to tease him.’

Sylvia felt better at the sight of Luca’s temper tantrum. As she smiled broadly, the intelligent monkey clapped and danced, as if it was also happy. Luca looked at the sight with disapproval and shook his hand.

“Go away now. Kids shouldn’t get involved in adult play.”
“Mr. Luca, stop. The monkey is smart, so it will quickly find out if someone doesn’t like it.”
“Whatever. Go away, monkey.”

Despite her words, Luca annoyed the monkey. Even after receiving Luca’s mistreatment, the baby monkey wandered around Luca without paying attention to him. At that, Luca picked up the baby monkey even though Sylvia was stopping him, and walked to a corner to put it there.

“You bastard, why are you so oblivious… Ouch!”

It happened in an instant. The monkey in Luca’s hand twisted its face into a grimace and scratched him as it bit his hand. Then, it ran away like a bullet. Sylvia laughed, then approached the surprised Luca.

“Mr. Luca! Are you alright?”
“Ugh… It just bit my hand and left.”
“Oh my. Let me take a look.”

The monkey left a huge wound on his left hand, perhaps because it was determined. Looking at Luca’s hand, blood was slowly pooling in the area of the wound that covered more than half of his palm. His mistake was that he was careless because it was a little monkey. He never thought that it would suddenly bite him in anger.

After washing the wound in the valley as soon as possible, the two quickly returned to their hiding place. Fortunately, there was a first aid kit among the supply boxes, so she disinfected it with the alcohol she found inside it, applied ointment, and wrapped it with a bandage. The first aid was over, but she didn’t feel reassured. Hesitant, Sylvia pulled a health potion from her inventory and handed it to Luca.

“Please drink this.”
“What is this?”
“I also take this occasionally, so try it first. It’s good for your body.”

At Sylvia’s words, Luca raised his suspicious gaze and drank the potion. However, although the health potion restored his health, it did not completely heal the scratches.

“What’s going on… Why doesn’t he get healed even though he drank the health potions?”
“… Oh, was this a health potion? I didn’t know because it looked different. It’s different from divine power, so the wound doesn’t heal completely with health potions. Fortunately, it doesn’t hurt much now, so let’s go around the island first. We need to take a quick look before the day ends.”

After swallowing the painkillers in the first aid kit, Luca brought Sylvia out of the hiding place. Sylvia looked at his left hand wrapped in a bandage with concern.

“Shouldn’t you rest?”
“No. It was my fault for ridiculing the monkey… But I can still use my fingers. It only stings a little, but the wound is not serious, and we need to take a look around the island today.”

Shaking his head firmly, Luca led her up the hill. After proceeding through the lush trees for a long time, they were able to climb up the cliff where the strong sea breeze was blowing. From the cliff, they could see the island at a glance. However, it seemed easy for clueless people to lose their footing because it was covered by trees rather than it being an open cliff. Luca took out a telescope from his inner pocket, held it in one hand, and looked around the island.

“I’m not sure how the island has changed, so I think it’s best to stay in the hiding place at night. Only my family can open the entrance there, so it should be safe. Come to think of it, Sylvia.”

Luca lowered the telescope from his eyes and made eye contact with her.

“Why did you have a health potion? Ordinary people would have no business raiding dungeons.”
“Ah… I somehow got my hands on it.”

Sylvia answered hesitantly. She vowed to study this world in more detail when she returned home. Because Sevis and Noel had received an oracle, it was easy to explain to them. She didn’t know what to say to Luca.

She didn’t know the game world well enough to know whether this was common sense or absurd, so it was difficult to properly explain what she was doing. Sylvia, who was lost in her thoughts, looked up again when she heard Luca’s voice.

“Is that so? How did you get this? That’s strange. The imperial combat force is usually healed by the priests’ divine power, so… I know that it’s mainly mercenaries who use health potions. Or…”
“Assassins or something.”

Assassins? Cold sweat dripped down Sylvia’s back. Why was the conversation flowing like this? The eyes she faced were very cold. She didn’t explain the situation because she didn’t know what to say, but now, there was a firm misunderstanding. Sylvia hastily raised her hand at the thought that at this rate, the one who was going to kill her was Luca, not a monster.

“Wait! Please don’t think anything weird.”
“I’ll tell you everything honestly. What happened is…”

Sylvia eagerly explained her role of having to raid the dungeons. Since she couldn’t tell him that she died from alcohol poisoning and became possessed by the game, she said she had received an oracle to clean up the contaminated dungeons, and that she was unfamiliar with the situation here because she was originally from another continent.

And she had recently received another oracle telling her to go to the island, and that she actively helped him because she thought it was Luca’s island. As she spoke, it didn’t even feel like she was lying. The mission given to her by the male god was also an oracle.

“An oracle? Ah, so was that the reason you were working part-time at the temple…?”
“Well, that’s…”

When she roughly said it, it seemed to make sense. However, seeing the expression on Luca’s face, it seemed that he still needed more explanation. Sylvia, who was sweating profusely, hurriedly took out the hammer from her inventory and showed it, continuing to make excuses.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you from the beginning. But look. I broke the barrier with this. If it wasn’t for the power of God, how could I have broken the contaminated barrier…”
“It’s alright.”

Sylvia looked up and met Luca’s eyes. He, who didn’t know she was making excuses, suddenly relaxed his expression. He picked up his telescope again, looked at the other side of the island, and opened his mouth.

“Sylvia. I never suspected you to be an assassin in the first place. What kind of assassin would struggle on a shrimp-catching boat and go to an island with unknown danger just to catch one target?”
“Ah, I’m glad you realized that.”

At his calm voice, Sylvia put the hammer back and let out a sigh of relief. If she had thought just a little shrewdly, she would have realized that it was not a serious situation. It was thanks to the dead-endings of the insane game system that she reacted seriously to everything.

‘There could have been an ending like 〈Brutally Murdered by Luca for Being Suspected of Being an Assassin〉.’

“And that’s because you don’t know me. I’m a mage, so I won’t just die. Besides…”
“My brother gave me a gift. The only thing my older brother, who never showed interest in anything, was interested in was potions. After drinking the potion he made, there was a poison that protected me.”

‘This conversation, don’t tell me…’

Sylvia pricked up her ears and showed interest. Luca continued.

“The people who tried to kill me quickly died as soon as they hurt me. Well, I don’t know why… Maybe he put a blessing on that potion? If you had tried to assassinate me, I wouldn’t be the one dying, but you.”
“Ah, that kind of thing… I see.”

Sylvia closed her mouth and nodded quietly. Dear heavens. Hearing him speak, it seemed like he was talking about the poison in his body. A curse almost came out of her mouth instantly, but she was able to hold it in thanks to the hand covering her mouth.

She had never tried to assassinate Luca, but she had tried to do something many times. She couldn’t believe that the poison in Luca’s body that made her die each time wasn’t made by the system, but by his brother!