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“305 million Shaland.”

And I also won the bid for Florence through a similar process as before.
Though I was trembling as if I was frightened.

Still, he had a more docile reaction than the one in the novel, perhaps because he knew that Serian had been sold to me earlier.
Was he at least relieved because he was with his brother, even though it was scary?

I could see that the man who had competed with me to the end was staring at me with regret.

“Damn it, the slaves of different species went to that woman in the end.”

It was said that he was a man famous for collecting slaves with unusual appearances.
But when I followed him to the end, he seemed to have decided that it was better to wait for the slaves at the next auction.

‘Aah, I can’t believe I was able to bring such talented people.’

It was only possible because the people who competed with me were trying to win while looking at their appearance.

‘The others don’t know about Serian and Florence’s abilities.’

How important they are in this world without glass greenhouses or vinyl houses.
They were my air conditioner, humidifier, ceiling switch… and so on.
Just one summoner could do everything!

‘It’s really an all-in-one!’

I didn’t mean to, but the original story was going to get twisted. I didn’t mean to do that, but I didn’t save one person. I saved two people.

‘The cost of equipment, which can provide steady supply and demand of materials, has ended at one billion Shaland!’

I cheered inwardly as I recalled that the issue with the supply and demand of material was over.


Yuria kept her promise.


She lowered the number on the slave restraints, which was originally ‘100’, to ‘3’.
She did it to Serian, whom she had made a promise with, and even his brother, Florence.


Florence only glanced at Yuria with frightened eyes and didn’t say anything.
Even when he briefly heard the situation from Serian, his expression did not brighten much.
But even so, it was inevitable that he was soft-hearted.

“Then… that lady, is she a good person?”

Serian gazed sadly at his brother Florence, who spoke in an innocent voice.
A child still too young to face the troubles of the world.
Their foolish father made his children go to such a rough slave auction house.
He patted his brother’s head quietly, feeling an indescribable pity.

Meanwhile, the person who won them took off her mask.
Then, the slender face of a noblewoman appeared.

“My name is Yuria Primrose. The one who will take care of you for the next three years.”

From what it looked like, she must have just reached adulthood.
Seeing how the other person was still young, Florence whispered to himself that she didn’t look bad.

“Florence, she’s not a nice person. Don’t trust her too much.”
“But she also changed the number on the restraints… Then, is she going to sell us to the bad guys?”
“She can just order us around. She didn’t have to say anything in our favor. I just, I want to think so…”

Of course, it was true that Serian was also surprised because the other person looked younger than he thought.
However, even if she was still a young woman, it was too early to feel relieved.

Why would a good person come to the slave auction house in the first place?
Didn’t she come here to buy people with money and use them somehow?
There was a way to hire people normally, so he didn’t think she had such good intentions.


Florence bowed his head and said hello, but Serian said what he wanted to say instead.

“Since I have a younger brother, I will do as you say.”
“But no matter what you do, I won’t give up my soul.”

He wouldn’t be able to openly show a violent and rebellious attitude in the first place, since his younger brother was with him.
However, it was a declaration that he would never act like a slave.

Upon hearing Serian’s words, Yuria touched her mouth like she was intrigued.

“What do you think I’m going to make you do, to say something like that?”

Serian’s shoulders flinched.
That’s right… Unlike her slender appearance, she could be sneaky and mean on the inside.
Even if she pretended to be noble now, she would soon show her ugly side.
What kind of thing was she trying to do to subdue him, saying something like that?

“Hm, you said he was Florence, right? He is still young… Would it be better for Serian to stay by my side? You’re a summoner, and you have wide shoulders…”

As expected, her true colors were already coming out.
Serian immediately hid Florence behind his back. Hiding his trembling voice, he said,

“You can do anything to me. Don’t touch my brother.”
“You’re not in a position to negotiate, are you?”

Yes, she was right.
Although he tried to bluff, he was a slave and the girl in front of him was the master.

“Both of you are going to do what I tell you from now on.”

Now that the restraints were in place, they had no choice but to do what the other person told them to do.

“… I see. What can I do?”

Let’s endure it for now. The first thing to do was to endure it.
Serian’s eyes burned with determination.
Their owner, Yuria, smirked at the sight.

“Just wash up and rest for today. It’s going to be very hard to do what I’m going to ask you. ”

Was she professing first that it was going to be hard to do what she ordered them?

First, the two changed into new clothes at the dwelling Yuria had prepared for them.
The place where she guided the brothers to stay was a nice room with a cozy bed and nice things.
The sandwiches she brought in case they hadn’t eaten dinner yet were also of very good quality.

‘Instead of feeling comfortable… We’re going to suffer mentally now.’

A soft and warm blanket that covered them for the first time in their life.
Florence looked excited, unlike before, but Serian couldn’t rest comfortably.
He couldn’t sleep until late at night because he was worried, and when he had barely fallen asleep…

“Wake up! Are you going to sleep in?”

Unlike the nobles who usually woke up rather late, the noblewoman awoke them by knocking on the door.
Looking out the window, the sun hadn’t risen yet.

“The sun hasn’t even risen yet… Why are we waking up so early?”
“Hmm… I’m sleepy…”

Florence, who had fallen asleep relatively early, also looked dazed, rubbing his eyes.
However, their master snorted as if it was absurd.

“Is five o’clock in the morning early? From now on, you will always get up at this time. Shake it off and get up. Today is the first day, so I forgive you, but you will have to get up at this hour from now on.”

How hard was the task she was going to make them do?

“It’s Miracle Morning. As expected, dawn is the best time to do anything.”
“Miracle… what?”
“You have to follow what I tell you to do every day from now on. Do you understand?”

Serian swallowed dry and dressed Florence, who had not yet woken up.

“For three hours after you wake up, which is when you have the best concentration, you’ll practice summoning magic.”
“Practice… summoning magic?”
“I know that you are summoners. But you’re still very inexperienced at mana control and using summoning magic.”

Summoning magic practice? What absurd trickery was that?
Buying a slave at a high price and waking him up at dawn is a summoning magic practice?
Serian couldn’t hold back any longer and smiled wryly.

“You… You bought us to do as you please with us, didn’t you? I know everything. Don’t pretend to be noble. It’s disgusting.”
“As it turns out, you are slaves who must do everything I tell you to do.”

But the girl, who wasn’t intimidated at all, replied confidently.

“All you have to do for the next three hours is practice summoning magic. Do six sets of practice for 25 minutes and rest for five.”

She was acting like she had bought a slave because she needed a summoner, but how long would that last?
Serian ridiculed her inwardly, but followed Yuria’s words for now.

For the first hour or so, yes… It wasn’t that difficult.
But it was the first time he had focused so minutely on mana. Mana control was definitely a difficult thing…
His body, extremely tense from being in the slave auction the past few days, easily collapsed, perhaps because he couldn’t sleep at all…

“You can’t concentrate while you’re just sitting there. Is it that hard to concentrate for 25 minutes?”
“That’s pathetic. You were saying this and that about your soul and acting so seriously, and your body gave in before that.”

Serian clenched his teeth at the girl’s humiliating words.
Florence’s eyes shook as he looked at his brother, who was listening to the harsh words.

“Did you think I would turn a blind eye because you’re young? Why are you distracted? Your head is tender when you’re young, so mana control should be easier.”

That’s right, summoning magic was a trick. There must be something else she was really trying to do.
Serian didn’t let his guard down and remained alert to the girl.
However, as a result, his mana control gradually decreased.

“It’s been five minutes. Don’t get distracted again, focus!”

“Wow, what a fool. Is your head bad, or is your concentration bad?”

“The older brother is worse than the younger one? Did you get worse as you grew older? Did you eat more?”

Contrary to his expectation that she would soon reveal her true colors, the practice of summoning magic continued.
And the food she gave them… At first, he was happy that the quality was good.

“Do summoners eat something other than grass? Don’t you have to keep your constitution as pure as nature?”

It was unconditionally a vegetarian diet.
Food with any exciting elements was also absolutely forbidden.
The most ridiculous of them all was…

“You should also eat salad without any dressing.”
“What did you say?”