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This time, she wasn’t lying. Her heart was pounding so hard it felt like it might burst.

Flashes of a stalker shouting that he loved her with a knife in hand and Caldern’s calm request for marriage passed through her mind. Fearing her thoughts might be discovered, she delved even deeper into Weed. She decided to fill her mind solely with thoughts of Weed.

As the sunset gave way to the moonrise and stars began to fall from the sky, they exchanged no words, only breaths.

I don’t like you. I don’t like you.

Those words were spoken in a very wet voice. Yet, those words seemed to spin in her mind.

It felt like the most passionate confession of love she had ever received.







20. Healing

How did it all come to this so suddenly? When did things become like this?

Suddenly coming to her senses, Hana found Weed deeply entwined with her. Initially, when she first came here, she would go to bed alone and wake up alone, spend her time alone, later to be attended by the priests she encountered.

Now, Weed was constantly by her side, day and night.

Aside from when she bathed, Hana was always with him. However, by evening, they would often become so entangled that she couldn’t stand it and fall asleep, or she’d be too weak to move. Then, they would enter the bathroom together.

Waking up, she would find Weed, who had been holding her in sleep, waking up alongside her. In effect, they were hardly ever apart.

As she needed pain relief, Hana had to kiss Weed every morning and swallow his saliva. There was no need to specifically ask for it. As soon as she woke up, he would come to greet her with a morning kiss. Or if she woke up late from the sweet sensation, she’d find him already kissing her.

His bodily fluids were also a sort of medicine, said to extend life or be beneficial for health. After Hana learned this, their frequency of kissing increased even without her feeling pain.

Weed would often bring up that reason, lightly pressing his lips to hers.

He seemed intent on exploring every taste, sensation, and detail of her mouth, from the texture of her teeth to the feel of her tongue. Without such intentions, the kisses that began under the guise of administering medicine just after waking up wouldn’t stretch until just before meal times.

And it wasn’t just in the morning.

The evenings were no different. Weed would always entice Hana with the promise of feeling good, and Hana, as if addicted, couldn’t find it in herself to refuse or resist.

Weed would play with Hana’s tongue, often taking away even the saliva she was supposed to swallow. Initially, she would complain, but eventually, she stopped caring. Even if he promised not to take it away, the longer the kiss lasted, the more likely he was to forget.

Uung… Ah, Weed…”

“What is it, Hana?”

“Just, uhp…”

Today, she pushed away his shoulder after enduring for a while. Weed seemed to give her space for a moment, but then she captured her lips again. His hand, which had been caressing her cheek, moved to the back of her head.

Pulling her closer, Weed sought an even deeper kiss, and Hana turned her head away.


“Hana, I’m sorry. You taste too sweet…”

Finally, Weed came to his senses and responded.

He apologized, saying he was not able to resist her sweetness, but soon, his expression of ecstasy returned, and their lips met again. Not long after, Weed’s breathing grew heavy and began the cycle anew.

Moreover, there was an excuse this time. To heal her foot, they had to minimize the impact on her body, and this method was said to be free of side effects. He planned to attentively lick, kiss, and transfer his bodily fluids to her entire body.

“It needs to be completely healed before it can be brought back to life… It’s going to hurt a lot.”

So, they had to continue for a long while.

How many hours it had been, Hana couldn’t tell. Weed nibbled on her earlobe and whispered as his tongue traced the back of her ear.

Uung… Ah, even so…”

Hana couldn’t push him away any longer and just whined.

“Hana, I don’t want to see you in pain. So, just a little longer, okay?”

“Weed, uht, it’ll never end.”

“The treatment seems to be taking effect.”

“Let me, swallow… Ung.”

The problem was that the kisses lasted too long, and no matter how lengthy they were, Hana found it impossible to swallow any saliva. It almost felt intentional.

As Weed mentioned, the treatment seemed to be working. Her thoughts and actions became slightly sluggish, and she felt only pleasant sensations. There was no pain, although her body became more sensitive.


When Weed bit her shoulder and caressed her waist and thighs, Hana moaned again without realizing it.

Ah… Weed.”

“Yes, Hana?”


Her body had been licked all over several times already. The peak of her breast turned bright red from being endlessly rolled in his mouth and it was once again enveloped by him.

Uht, huht.”

He lightly nibbled and rolled the hardened bud with his tongue. Unable to resist, Hana pulled him closer. Her entire body was tingling to the point she thought she was going to die.

Weed, who was usually impulsive and rushed at her, focused solely on licking. It showed that he was quite serious about the treatment. It only intensified the sweetness. Unable to withstand the stimulation, she moaned and twisted her body.

Yet, she craved stronger sensations.


When he sucked on her chest and inserted his fingers between her legs, she felt a shiver run through her. Her body twitched shallowly. Just the chest stimulation led to a faint wave of pleasure that made Hana tremble and tightly shut her eyes.

“Hana, it doesn’t hurt, does it?”

Weed asked her, concerned, but it only heightened her frenzy.

Aht, uuh-ah… Weed, if you do this, I need to… swallow… it, right, heuk…. The, the medicine needs to… enter… my body… ah…”

The endless caress made her melt. It did not aim to completely numb her senses; rather, it seemed to transform every touch into pure pleasure. At this point, Hana couldn’t control her body’s reactions, regardless of where Weed touched, licked, or sucked.

It felt almost like she was under the influence of a drug.

Shouldn’t the sensation be dulled? Indeed, her head had slowed, but oddly, only her body had become more sensitive.

Moaning and calling out Weed’s name and seemingly saying, but Hana was too dazed to understand her own words. He started from her sensationless feet, moving up her calves and knees with his lips before nestling his face between her legs.

As he began to lick without hesitation, Hana tilted her head back.

“Weed, wait, aahh!

Had there been feeling in her feet, she would have felt her toes curling tightly.

Unlike Weed’s usual passionate licking, this time, his approach was so earnest that Hana found herself pressing his head closer rather than pushing him away or pulling his hair.


When his tongue swept over the tender bud between her thighs, her body involuntarily spasmed. Any remaining rational thought flew away once more. As she gasped for breath, tears started to well up in her eyes.

Something was off with her body.

Weed still had that blissful smile. His touches were gentle, and his kisses as intense as ever. However, something was different.

It was too different from usual.

Driven by that unfamiliar sensation, she clung to him desperately. What expression was she making as she whimpered?

Seeing her face, Weed let out a rough sigh.

“Weed. Huu…”

“Ah… my apologies. I’ll make sure it’s inside this time.”

Hana closed her eyes tightly and nodded. She wanted to escape this dizzy, peculiar sensation as quickly as possible.

He must mean putting the medicine in. So, another kiss…

Weed pulled her close. As if her trembling body, he gently stroked her hair, shoulders, and waist, he kissed her forehead, the bridge of her nose, cheeks, and lips.