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For the past five years, Theodore and I had no personal contact and lived completely as strangers.

Being in Brienne, close to Veronis, I sometimes saw him from a distance during regional lord gatherings, but we never exchanged personal greetings.

About a year ago, Theodore stopped appearing in public, making it even harder to catch a glimpse of him.

Wondering if something had happened or if he was ill, I picked up my pen several times to write a letter, only to put it down again. I ended up not sending a single letter, and the only news of Theodore came through King Radel.

‘It’s not a health issue. He simply dislikes crowded places. He was never very sociable to begin with. Don’t worry too much. If you’re really concerned, why not send a letter? How many years has it been since you two stopped communicating?’


Was that conversation about eight months ago?

I stared intently at the coin in my hand. Theodore used to cast lots with this coin.


After hesitating for a moment, I tossed the coin high above my head. It fell back into my hand vertically. I examined the coin… It landed on heads.

As an answer to my question, heads meant ‘yes.’

It meant that I would meet Theodore again soon.

* * *

After falling asleep late with various thoughts in my mind, I dreamt of Theodore for the first time in a while.

Though I had dreamt of him occasionally before, strangely, he would only look at me from afar.

Just like now.


Even when I called him, he made no response. His gaze was fixed on me, yet he was expressionless and did not blink.

Whenever I had this peculiar dream, I was engulfed by a strange sense of unease. When I hesitated, then tried to approach him, Theodore would vanish like smoke, leaving no trace behind.

“……Theodore, is that really you?”

This time too, I reached out to him. But the moment my hand was about to touch him, his figure scattered away as always.


Standing alone where nothing remained, I felt a peculiar sense of loss, knowing I would soon wake from this dream, as I always did.

Yet, this time, things unfolded differently.

‘The dream…’

As if one painting was overlaid upon another, the dreamscape shifted. I found myself standing still, surveying my surroundings. A landscape both familiar and strange. It was the garden of the Valentino castle.

‘….Such a vivid dream. Almost like reality.’

While contemplating whether to summon Somnia to ask about this dream, a sigh reached my ears.

Turning towards the source, I saw a boy, no, upon closer inspection, a young man who seemed older….I faintly remember this face in my memory. Warm brown hair and light blue eyes, exactly like the portrait I had seen. Theodore’s older brother, Camillus Valentino.

“What, what are you doing here? How did you suddenly appear in the middle of the garden?”


He seemed unaware this was a dream. Facing him with a calm demeanor, I introduced myself.

“I’m Lily, Viscount Arendelle. Nice to meet you.”

“Viscount Arendelle…? That family… No, that name…”

Suspicion deepened in Camillus’s eyes. I grew curious whether he was merely a figment of my imagination or something real. If he truly was Camillus, this meant I was in a dream of the past.

In other words… I had entered the dream of Camillus Valentino from the past.

‘Dreams can transcend time, as Somnia once said.’

But I never expected to cross time so abruptly.

‘Could it be because of Camillus’s coin?’

Then, the sound of metal sliding against metal echoed.


“Identify yourself. Arendelle is the name of a former advisor. There’s no family bearing that name.”

Finally, Camillus eventually drew his sword towards me. This was not a good sign.

I raised my hands above my head and said,

“Please calm down. This is merely a dream.”

“What are you talking about…”

To show it, I deliberately caused a miracle at my feet. It was possible only within a dream. Suddenly, wildflowers bloomed all around me, leaving Camillus momentarily stunned and bewildered.

After some time, he lowered his sword and asked me in a baffled tone.

“Are you… some kind of fairy?”


Speechless at his misconception, I soon lowered my hands and shook my head.

“This is your dream, and I come from the future.”

“What? That’s… that’s impossible.”

“Don’t you think it’s more ridiculous for me to be a fairy?”

Blinking rapidly, Camillus seemed embarrassed by his earlier remark. He scratched his head with a slight blush coloring his cheeks. I walked over to a nearby bench and sat down as I continued.

“I was your brother’s wife. Though we’re divorced now.”

At that, Camillus’s eyes widened in shock. Since he would forget this dream, I spoke freely without reservation.

“I believe I met you in your past through this dream because of your coin. That peculiar coin… Where did it come from, exactly?”

“….What, you have that coin?”

“It ended up with me somehow.”