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The moment our gazes intertwined, the world seemed to fall silent.

It was as though I had plunged into deep waters, with all surrounding noises fading away. It left only the rapid beating of my heart and the vivid blue of his eyes.

I could easily recognize the emotions gradually surfacing in his gaze and expression. As always, he merely looked at me without making the first move. He waited for me to bridge the gap between us.


Time seemed to crawl very slowly. It felt like an eternity in just an instant.

When did the noises around me start seeping back into my awareness?

I stood still, locked in eye contact with Theodore and carefully stepped towards him. Or at least, I intended to, if not for someone abruptly blocking my path.

“Lily! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? You must have been busy, I haven’t seen much of you!”

The person was none other than Rozenne Delacroix, the youngest daughter of the Delacroix family, and Zen’s sister. At some point, I had also begun to affectionately call her ‘Rose’, and she referred to me by my first name in return.

With an innocently bright expression, Rose asked how I was doing. She had no idea that she was interrupting.

“How have you been? Actually, about my brother…”

And, as always, she quickly jumps into her personal chatter. Smiling awkwardly, I glanced over her shoulder towards where Theodore had been standing.

But he was already gone. Flustered, I let Rose’s story go in one ear and out the other as I scanned the room for Theodore.

Just then, I caught a glimpse of his retreating figure heading out of the hall. After excusing myself politely to Rose, I hurried after him.

As I came out into the corridor, I saw Theodore walking away in the distance. The end of the hallway led to the courtyard where the attendees had parked their carriages, connected by a staircase.

Theodore was just at a distance where I could barely catch him if I ran. Determined not to let him slip away, I quickened my pace.

However, yet another person stood in my way.

“Viscount Arendelle! Please wait a moment…”

The voice calling out to me belonged to someone all too familiar. It was inevitable given that this person had been pursuing me for two years now.

– That annoying guy again.

Somnia, sharing my lack of enthusiasm, grumbled in irritation. My feelings were not different from Somnia’s. I needed to follow Theodore…


Just as that thought crossed my mind, I caught Theodore’s gaze fixed on me from the end of the corridor.

He stood still in front of the staircase, staring intently. Surprised, I wanted to move towards him.

But as always, an intruder blocked my way.

“Viscount Arendelle, I urgently need to speak with you…!”


With an expressionless face, I stared at the young man sweating profusely in tension before me.

Count Benjamin Dyson. Four years my junior, he was 23 this year.

Having met at a royal ball two years ago, he claimed to have fallen for me at first sight and has since made several attempts to court me.

Despite my consistent rejections, his persistent pursuit was remarkably tenacious.

Though he didn’t seem like a bad person, past experiences made me instinctively wary of anyone overly fixated on me.

“This is really important. Please, just a moment of your time.”


I glanced briefly towards the staircase, Theodore was still observing us. His face was obscured by shadows, so I couldn’t see what expression he was making.

“I’m quite busy… If you have something to say, please be quick.”

Swallowing a sigh, Count Dyson brightened up and nodded eagerly.

He then pulled out a small box from his coat, opened it, and placed it on his palm. I immediately recognized the item inside, and unknowingly stiffened.

‘Could it be…?’

Count Dyson raised a ring adorned with a large diamond and knelt before me.

“Viscount Lily Arendelle, please honor me by accepting my proposal…!”

….What I had feared had become a reality. And it happened right in front of my ex-husband.

Theodore was still standing there, looking in this direction. I couldn’t see his expression clearly, which made me inexplicably anxious. Just as I was about to quickly say no.