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“…He ate what?”

Andra asked incredulously. Dustin responded clearly and to the point.

“The man from the myth, Dean.”

“How did that happen?”

“That’s a long story… After you left, I ran into Dean. And then the dragon appeared.”

“….oh my God.”

Andra rubbed her face with her hands, she could realize without further explanation. How could it think to eat him?

But then she understood. Dragons are creatures of legend. They wouldn’t hesitate to eat a human. After all, humans are no match for dragons. But she hadn’t expected Dean to get eaten so easily…

“How did you get into Hezel then?”

“The dragon opened the door. It seemed desperate after eating Dean.”


“He’s our friend, Miss Andra. He came to Hezel seeking treatment.”

Bon interrupted Andra and Dustin’s conversation. Dustin narrowed his eyes but didn’t say anything.

“Has the dragon been to Hezel before?”

“It’s a wandering creature.”

This time, Hailey responded.

Andra nodded. The dragon had previously mentioned traveling to many places. It must have visited Hezel at some point. After all, it’s a being not bound by human limitations. Crossing the Mezey Mountains would have been easy for it.

“Can it be cured?”

“Well, we’re not sure of the exact illness yet. We’re trying some treatments, but even magic isn’t very effective.”

“What illness could it be? It’s just a stomach ache. Picking up strange things to eat, that’s why it’s in this state. This time it ate something particularly nasty.”

“Haha, sister…”

Hailey’s sharp remark made Bon chuckle awkwardly.

Andra approached the dragon. Despite not knowing if it was just a severe case of indigestion from eating Dean, the dragon’s condition didn’t seem good. She gently stroked the dragon’s snout, feeling the hard texture of its scales.

[Lady Anat…?]

The dragon faintly opened its eyes and looked at Andra. She comforted the dragon.

“Yes, it’s me.”

[I missed you so much…]

“Me too.”

The dragon nuzzled its head against Andra gently. She felt sorry for the suffering creature and gently stroked its head. Why did it have to eat Dean? It knew what that human would do.

[Lady Anat, don’t leave… You will come back, won’t you? That human man is too dangerous… The primordial god will be angry…]

The dragon muttered. It made Andra realize the dragon couldn’t distinguish between reality and dreams due to its pain. But perhaps that’s why she couldn’t shake the feeling that the dragon seemed particularly childlike today.

To calm it, Andra stretched her arms and hugged it.

“Alright, I’ll do as you say. Now get some good rest.”

[Lady Anat, you are always so kind…]

Andra spent some time comforting the dragon. Dustin watched her with a look of unease on his face.

* * *

“You don’t know where Sawandell went?”

Hailey yawned and nodded to Andra’s question.

“Of course. Sawandel doesn’t always stay here.”

“Sawandell is a recluse. I’ve only seen them a few times myself since coming here. But don’t worry. Sawandell has a way of appearing exactly when needed.”

Bon added while pouring tea into a cup. Andra inadvertently frowned. Do these people not know Sawandell’s true identity? She hesitated to speak after receiving the cup of tea from Bon.

“But this Sawandel; you’re talking about is actually…”


Hailey suddenly placed her index finger to her lips.

“You shouldn’t speak a god’s name so casually in Hezel.”

“What? What do you mean…?”

“That’s right. Hezel is not only the last place where gods live but also their tomb.”

Bon explained Hailey’s words.

Andra furrowed her brows, having not heard this before. She hadn’t received a proper explanation about this place. Hailey snatched Bon’s cup of tea and continued the explanation.

“Everyone who steps into Hezel has a reason for being here. Even if you can’t leave at will, you were chosen by a god to be here. The newbie must have a reason for being here too.”

“It’s hard to understand.”

“Think of it as a place by the gods, for the gods, and to serve the gods.”

Hailey gulped down the lukewarm tea and handed the empty cup back to Bon, leaning back comfortably.

“Is it impossible to meet a god then?”

“Oh, newbie. Do you think gods meet just anyone?”

“So, how can one…”

“There’s not exactly a way, but…”

Hailey pointed out the window to an island floating above Hezel. It was the island in the sky Andra had noticed upon her arrival. How does one get there? Through magic? Andra asked with a hint of excitement.

“How do you get there?”

“Sadly, no one has been able to.”


What does that mean? Andra looked incredulously at Hailey. Hailey shrugged and crossed her arms.

“That’s why everyone stays here. Like I said, not just anyone can meet them.”

Then Hailey suddenly slapped her knee as if she just remembered something.

“Ah. That dragon might be able to go. It seems to like you quite a bit, so maybe wait until it gets better.”

“That’s right. We’re trying everything we can, so just wait until it gets better. Dragons are legendary beings. They don’t die easily.”

Bon added with a reassuring smile, noticing Andra’s concerned expression. Andra sighed inside and looked down at her reflection in the teacup. What is this… just waiting?

But hadn’t she and Nera already met a long time ago? At this point, she wasn’t even sure if these people knew Sawandell was Nera.

“Anyway, I need to find this Sawandell.”

Andra set her teacup down and stood up. Thank you for the tea, Professor.. Bon waved his hand. As Andra reached for the doorknob, Hailey spoke softly,

“You won’t find them. I won’t stop you if you insist on looking. But remember, gods don’t meet just anyone.”

“I have already met a god…”

“Think so? Then you should know better. Gods are even less likely to meet just anyone.”

Without responding, Andra opened the door forcefully and left. Bon called out after her. Miss Andra, you’re always open to learning here! The door closed behind her, and her bright blonde hair disappeared from view.

Left behind, Hailey slumped on the sofa, gazing through the glass ceiling at the sunlight streaming in.

Bon poured more tea and asked.

“Sister, do you think they’ll succeed this time?”

“Hard to say.”

“No one has succeeded so far. You know, Ne…”

“Shh. I told you not to speak god’s name so carelessly.”


Bon shrank at Hailey’s sharp reminder. Hailey, feeling drowsy from the sunlight, closed her eyes.

“The important thing is, no one has passed the final trial yet.”

After parting from Hailey and Bon, Andra saw Dustin waiting outside.

Dustin stood beside her and observed her carefully. He didn’t know what was being talked about inside, but Andra’s expression was not good. Above all, she wasn’t saying anything.

Dustin hesitated to speak, seeing her sullen face. No conversation passed between them as they headed to their lodging.

Upon arriving, Andra tried to enter her room immediately.

Dustin carefully stopped her, sensing she was subtly avoiding him. This left Dustin a bit confused. Why? Ever since Andra woke up, an awkwardness had settled between them.

Dustin finally broke the silence.

“…Did I do something wrong again?”

“What? …No, it’s not that.”

“Then why are you avoiding me? You’ve been doing it since a while ago. Andra, I don’t really understand what happened to you…”

“Can you hold me?”

Andra interrupted Dustin who had been speaking abruptly. Dustin looked at her, a bit taken aback. Perhaps embarrassed by her own request, Andra gulped hard.

She repeated while avoiding Dustin’s gaze.

“Hold me.”


With Andra’s request, Dustin extended his arms and pulled her into a tight embrace. Her smaller frame fit perfectly in his arms. He carefully wrapped one arm around her waist and the other around her shoulders.

Andra buried her face silently, listening to Dustin’s strong heartbeat that pounded against hers. It was warm. Despite feeling it many times before, Dustin’s body heat seemed exceptionally high, warming her up with just a touch.


Andra opened her tightly closed eyes. Why didn’t his embrace feel as comforting as before? It was like going back in time. Was the Dustin in front of her the same Dustin she knew?

She was even starting to question whether he was the man she wanted to love. That love felt like it had turned into the past. The past that has now become her present.

The past.

The past is something that can’t be discarded or forgotten. It exists for the present, and the present exists for the future.

Even the sound of the heart beating for her didn’t stir her feelings as before. That’s why Andra felt uneasy about Dustin. He claims to love her, but why could she only see the Dustin of the past?

“I guess it’s not right. I’m sorry.”

Andra pushed Dustin away. He was easily pushed back. His fingertips reached out towards her, but he couldn’t hold her.

Andra slowly distanced herself and disappeared into the room. With the door closing with a thud, Dustin was left alone. He looked down at his hands that had held Andra moments before.

A voice echoed in his head.
‘Do you really think she could love you?’
‘Don’t be so sure. She will leave you, just like I was abandoned. Abandoning is something familiar to her.’
‘You’ll be abandoned. You should know the reason better than anyone.’
Shut up, just shut up.
Anxiety from deep within started to overwhelm Dustin. Was Dean right? Could Andra truly love him when he himself was filled with doubts?

‘Go to hell, Dustin Airak.’

The words Andra had once said to him resurfaced.

Perhaps hell was a fixed conclusion.

Because she was Andra Avelin.