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Hana felt his hot member pressing between her legs. It softly nudged against her thoroughly soaked entrance. His lips grazed her neck, and his hot breath tickled her cheek.


Uung, aahh…”

Weed carefully parted her delicate flesh, insistently pushing forward with a dizzying caution and slowness. As he pulled back slightly only to move back in deeper, it was gradually stretching her further.

Hana gasped for air and clung to him. Her hands grasped his muscle-rugged back and shoulders.

He was so large, larger than anyone she remembered from her world. If she was restrained in his hold, it seemed impossible to escape. It felt as though she was about to be completely enveloped and swallowed by him.

His core was also overwhelmingly large. The slow insertion was probably out of concern for her getting hurt. But today, enduring it seemed all the more challenging.

Unwittingly, Hana moved her waist and urged Weed on.

Ah, aahh, uht, uung…”

Ku-ugh, Hana. If you keep, huh, moving like that…”

Weed frowned deeply. His red lips were mercilessly crushed, and from between them escaped a low, guttural sound like a groaning animal.

“Please don’t… keep moving. I’ll take care of you, okay? Hana.”

“But, but… Weed, ah… huhk…”

As he spoke each syllable, his hot, harsh breath poured over Hana. He seemed to be enduring something tremendous.

“…If you, keep, huu… I might have to tie you down. Hana.”

“No, no. Weed… Ah!

Hana babbled senselessly. Her mind didn’t have any reason anymore.

Weed then licked the tears soaking her cheeks. After swallowing the tears from both eyes, he gently brushed his lips against her cheek.

Simultaneously, the center that had only partially entered forced its way deeper, stretching her inner walls aggressively. He slightly retreated, then surged forward again, seeking the heat that belonged inside her.

After several repetitions, a surge of fluid burst forth from Hana. Tears streamed from her eyes and her lower body alike.

Hua, ah, ahng!

“Huh, Hana…”

If her feet had been natural, she might have wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer.

Weed’s muscular arms grasped her waist tightly, crushing her chest against his. Holding her between him and the bed, he then slowly withdrew the pillar he had thrust into her. A pleasure so intense that Hana was swept away by a sharp sensation before she could even moan.

Ah, hooh…”


Hana screamed, her body trembling with the rising wave of pleasure from just the penetration. Why would she shake her head in fear? She looked up at Weed, who was gasping for breath, unable to regulate his breathing.

This was not the end.

Unable to breathe, Hana just opened her mouth. Her tilted head was stiff. Weed pressed his lips firmly against her exposed, smooth neck.

Then, pulling back his waist, he thrust again.


Hana clenched her eyes shut and twisted her waist. The member that had nearly completely withdrawn entered again to its deepest point. Her lower abdomen reflexively clenched around him. Gasping for air, Hana pleaded with Weed in a faint voice.

“Weed, ah, it’s strange… hua…”

“What is it? Does it hurt?”

“No, no…!”

“Then, huh? Hana.”


A scream burst from Hana’s lips that couldn’t be closed as Weed shook his hips again. He mercilessly pierced her already sensitized body. She rode over her ongoing waves of pleasure with even more force.

Instinctively, she knew it would intensify.

Tears streamed down her face after a short while. She shook her head as hard as she could. It wasn’t pain. Absolutely not pain. Instead, any feelings of discomfort that might have existed in a similar situation were completely overridden by a sharp pleasure that engulfed her entire body.

It seemed as if pain did not exist in this world at all. Not even the sensation of it, especially with Weed by her side, making her body primed only to receive good sensations.

But having too much of a good thing could lead to this…


It was scorching. Just the act of him moving in and out had her entire body tense up and water leaking endlessly. It couldn’t hurt because he had thoroughly licked her entire body, soaking her to the core.

But it was tormenting. Being pinned down by him and all the pleasure forced into her. Knowing it wasn’t the right way to alleviate the torment, Hana still pushed against Weed’s shoulders. Of course, it was futile, and her trembling arms lacked the strength to do so.

Weed smiled brightly, holding her wrists to kiss the back and palm of her hands with such tenderness and care. He firmly gripped Hana’s slender lower back with his other arm and moved his hips several more times.

His expression strangely contorted as he grimaced while smiling.

Kuht, Hana, if you move, it will become harder. Hoo…. stay still, okay?”

Huh… ho, huaaa!

Ah, kuuh…”

There was no way she could stay still. Hana couldn’t control her body. Her body uncontrollably clenched around the foreign object that had entered her. It wasn’t intentional. If she could, she’d rid herself of this bizarrely heated body.

The smile vanished completely from Weed’s face due to her constant squirming below. Soon after, he slipped his arms around her waist and the back of her neck and pressed down on her.

He started rubbing their bodies as if he couldn’t bear it.

Ah, aht, aahh, ang!

Ha, haa…!

Hana had no freedom.

Her ankles were numb and excessively heavy. They were also spread wide as Weed had positioned them. Her upper body was held by his large, sturdy frame and she couldn’t move. Her tear-soaked eyes and cheeks were tenderly licked.

When she closed her eyes, feather-like kisses followed on her eyelids. It was gentle and meticulous. But beneath that gentleness.

Huuh… Aht, ah!

“Hana, Hana. Hana…”

Weed didn’t hold back the moans that were boiling inside him, nor could he stop his thrusts. He held the trembling her tightly and relentlessly plunged into her while calling her name constantly.

On the other hand, Hana either tightly shut her eyes or, even if she opened them, couldn’t focus, merely swaying as Weed desired. Just a few movements from him had her trembling, releasing thin cries.

Haht, huahng!

Swept away by waves of pleasure that just wouldn’t stop, all she could do was cry out beneath him. Even that was made difficult as Weed captured her lips.

“Weed, huu… Huhp! Weed…”

“Haa… yes, Hana.”

If she called his name, saying that it was good and rubbing her face against his neck or chest seemed to bring him closer to the climax. As if proving this, his presence inside her began to move more fiercely.

He held her tightly, burying his face in her shoulder and not showing his expression.


Just as it seemed he would withdraw completely, he thrust back in forcefully, releasing his hot essence inside her. It didn’t stop there. Hana’s body involuntarily clenched around him, making their connection even more wet.


Hana arched her back, gasping for breath. She felt as though she might lose consciousness.

Something was different. Despite not being able to feel it spreading from within, it was incredibly hot. The scraping sensation inside her, twitching and shooting in streams, made her body shudder as if electrocuted with each pulse.