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All I know is the original content.

So, I don’t know anything about the main characters’ lives before the original starts.

Nevertheless, thanks to my sisters, I had some idea of when the two male leads would visit Trovanza, and when they were expected to arrive.

My question was why the two who were supposed to arrive only a week later were already at Trovanza.

And right in front of our house’s playground!

“Sir, please look at this child’s size. How can you push such a small kid so hard?”

My older sister scolded blonde Marius.

She was always as gentle as a spring breeze, but now she seemed very angry.

Then, my heart fluttered, and my body trembled.

Marius is usually carefree, but he can be cruel at any time if he is provoked.

So, I worried he might get angry because of my older sister.

“O-o-older Sister…”

Enough, please stop, Sister. I’m scared of that man!

“Because of you, my younger sister might have suffered a serious injury, like a broken neck or leg.”

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry…”

The Emperor of the Empire, Marius, bowed repeatedly to my older sister.

He had a reserved personality in the original story, but I didn’t expect him to apologize so sincerely to a Trovanza person.

“Our little one, look how scared she is.”

Older sister thought I was still scared so she patted my back, but the reason I was trembling was because of the male leads.

“I’m fine.”

Even when I said that, my sister seemed to think I was trying to reassure her by acting too mature for my age.

With a sad face, she looked at me again and thanked Leopold.

“Thank you for taking care of my sister. Thanks to you, she didn’t get hurt badly.”

“You’re welcome.”

Leopold’s voice was more gruff than I had expected.

I poked my head out of my sister’s arms to check on Leopold.

He was a man with excellent athletic ability, enough to catch me as I fell from the high swing.

He was a swordmaster who trained his body to the limit in the original, and later the commander who won the war between Trovanza and the Empire.

“Wow, he’s really big…”

All the male leads were taller than average, but Leopold was huge.

His physique and height seemed even larger than our house’s front door.

“Mister. Thank you.”

A scary man is still a scary man, but greetings are greetings.

Leopold looked at me for a moment with a slightly surprised expression and raised the corners of his mouth.

Standing next to him, Marius interrupted with a smirk.

“Wow, what should we do with this little one? She’s so cute.”

“Sir Leo, I’d like to thank you or something…”

“No, I’m just relieved that the child isn’t hurt–”

Marius interrupted Leopold.

“Then can you be our tour guide to Trovanza?”


I made a strange noise. What kind of nonsense is that?!

“Traveling to Trovanza is not easy, you know? We had a really hard time getting here, and it would be helpful to have some guidance. Can the young lady help us?”

Please, Sister, don’t agree to this nonsense!

I grabbed my sister’s hand to shake my head in disapproval.

But my sister withdrew her hand and made a scornful sound.

“Heh, what kind of nonsense are you talking about? If you have a conscience, you shouldn’t say such things.”

It was my older sister’s specialty to slyly provoke the other person with a smiling face.

Marius playfully nudged Leopold playfully.

“Eh. Leo was the one who wanted a guide more than anyone else, right?”

“That’s right. I’d like to ask you to do me a favor, if you would.”


Just like my sister, who was considering Leo’s request, I found myself in a dilemma.

There’s nothing good about getting involved with the male leads, but the youngest and eldest sisters were already scheduled to meet them.

So, maybe it’s better to build at least a somewhat positive relationship?

Perhaps this is an opportunity sent from heaven.

Before my sister could respond, I grabbed Leo’s hand firmly and shouted.

“Count me in!”

Now that it’s come to this, my plan is for the male leads to become friends with my family.

* * *

My older sister reluctantly agreed to become a tour guide due to my insistence.

However, it didn’t mean she was going to introduce the entirety of Trovanza to them.

Since I was younger, weaker, shorter, and much slower, she decided only to inform them about the local restaurants.

“There aren’t many good accommodations for travelers in Trovanza, so I can’t imagine where you’re staying.”

The older sister, who had been ready to fight with Emperor Marius, had now returned to her usual gentle tone. It was a sign that her anger had subsided.

“We’re using a small guesthouse by the seaside. It’s over there, on Trovanza’s coast.”

“Oh my, so that’s where you’re staying! I know that place well. I used to work nearby a while back.”

“Is there anything worth seeing on Trovanza’s coast?”

“Right, Mr. Leo, have you tried traditional Trovanzan cuisine? There’s a really good restaurant nearby.”

The older sister only engaged in conversation with Leo, ignoring Marius.

Marius occasionally tried to interject even though he was openly ignored, but my older sister was one step ahead.

The only relief was that he wasn’t the type to go mad without warning, like Francois Cassel.


As soon as we sat down at the restaurant table that the older sister had brought us to, I let out a deep sigh.

My feet were sore, and I was exhausted from being on edge around the male leads.

“Ahaha, can this little one take a break? Kid, how old are you?”

“I’m six years old! … Huh? I’m not a kid!”

“Yeah, yeah. You’re still just a little one if you’re only six years old. A little one.”

“How… how old are you, sir?”

“Me? How old do I look?”

Sitting across from me, Marius leaned his chin on his hand and turned his head toward me.

That’s when my heart dropped. He really is a male lead. He’s incredibly handsome.

If Leopold was the epitome of masculinity, and Francois was the embodiment of beauty, Marius was like a sculpted work of art.

His striking blond hair was notable, but what about the prominent brow ridge, sharp nose, the area beneath it, and his jawline…?

Could a person look so magnificent without being a sculpture?

My heart raced, but since his blue eyes were filled with mischief, I decided to play along and responded enthusiastically.

“You look like you’re five hundred fifty years old!”

At the moment, I felt comfortable enough to use informal language, but I quickly added formal language afterward.


“Five hundred fifty? Kid, look again. This face can’t be that old. And if formal language is difficult, you can just speak casually.”

Hmm. I’m not sure if it’s okay to use informal language with an emperor.

But one thing is for sure, opportunities like this don’t come often.

So, I decided to speak comfortably.

I can always switch to formal language later.

“In that case, five thousand five hundred fifty!”

“Hmm… Five thousand years old, huh? Kid, do you have no sense of how old someone looks? Even if I were five thousand years old, would I still be handsome?”

His handsome features brightened as he grinned, and his white teeth showed.

It was a cheerful smile that could make anyone feel good, but when I opened my mouth and looked at him, his smile turned into laughter.

I felt like a fool, overwhelmed by embarrassment at having been caught thinking he was handsome.

“No! Mr. Leo is even more handsome!”


As I said this, Leopold, who had been drinking next to me, started coughing.

Whether he heard it clearly or not, he quickly turned his face red and covered his mouth with his hand.

I straightened my chest, raised my chin, and emphasized my point.

“Marius, you’re not as good-looking as Mr. Leo!”

Leopold kept coughing, and Marius, as if he couldn’t believe it, demanded I look at him again.

“Kid, look carefully. There’s no way I’m less handsome than that guy!”

“No, Mr. Leo is the best!”

“Marius, stop it. The kid said so.”

Leopold spoke up, raising one corner of his mouth faintly.

“Still, among five thousand five hundred fifty-year-olds, I must be the most handsome, right?”

“No, that’s not it.”

My older sister couldn’t stand it anymore and chimed in while patting my head.

“The little one has an eye for beauty.”

As my older sister added her jibe, Leopold’s face turned red all the way to his neck.

I wondered if it was embarrassing for him to be so shy about receiving compliments about his looks, but then I remembered that he was a modest romantic in the original story.

Besides, my older sister was known as a beauty even in Trovanza. Such a beauty complimenting him must have made even a male lead shy.

“Well… thank you, kid.”

“My name isn’t ‘kid.’”

“If you’re not ‘kid,’ then are you a chestnut?”

I didn’t understand Marius’ question and tilted my head, so he explained.

“Because you’re short, you’re as small as a chestnut. If you’re not a chestnut, then are you a little kid?”

“I’m not a chestnut!”

“Hahaha! Normally, chestnuts don’t admit they’re chestnuts!”

“Well… my name is Liliana!”

“Then your full name is Liliana Chestnut, right?”

“No, no! I’m neither a chestnut nor a little kid!”

Oh, he’s teasing me again! I can’t stand it anymore!

I slumped in my chair, feeling frustrated, while Marius burst into laughter, tearing at his clothes.

Leopold told Marius to stop teasing me, but there was a faint smile on his face, too.

Even my trusted older sister was struggling to hold back her laughter.

Oh my, the people in this world. I’m so embarrassed I could die!

“Lily. Our Lily is a bit small, but she’s cute and lovely.”

Hiing. I want to grow tall like my sisters.”

“If you eat all your bell peppers, spinach, and carrots, you’ll grow quickly.”

“But I don’t like any of those.”

Right on cue, the food arrived. My sister had ordered Barolo Brasato, a dish made by simmering beef in wine and spices, and Carbonara Vitelloni, a pasta dish with beef marinated in spices and wine.

“I heard that imperials tend to focus more on meat-based dishes than vegetables, so I ordered meat dishes.”

My food was the Children’s Lunch Special I always ordered when I came to this restaurant.

The delicious smell made my mouth water, and I was about to pick up my fork and take a bite when Leopold spotted someone entering the restaurant and called out.

“Francois, why are you here?”

I was about to roll up my pasta and put it in my mouth when I heard an unexpected name, and I froze.

Am I some kind of magnet for the original’s male leads?

Francois’ appearance made my jaw drop even further.