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The Beautiful Guest of the Royal Family

“You’re a guest of the royal family. Surely, you can’t go dressed just any way. Let’s start by putting this on first.”

Jane’s words came so rapidly that Olivia forgot the embarrassment of undressing in front of others. However, the real challenge was what followed. After she managed to put on the light cream corset as instructed, she was pale.

“Now, Miss. Imagine stacking and fixing each spine, folding in the ribs like so~”


“Just bear with me!”

She had no choice but to comply with this absurd spell, and Jane Ambrose pulled the corset strings with all her might.


Though her grandmother Susanna had always worn corsets, Olivia, who had always attended school, had never worn one. The unexpected pressure on her waist and chest made her eyes widen in shock.

“Do I really have to wear this?”

“Of course, all ladies in Herot wear corsets.”

She was left speechless by Jane’s matter-of-fact response.

“Today’s dress, a gift from Her Majesty, is from our lead designer at Ambrose Atelier, a piece even the most promising ladies of Herolington couldn’t acquire. Look at these beautiful pearl and bead decorations. Doesn’t it remind you of the twinkling stars over the ocean at night?”

The pale-faced Olivia nodded and then couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Please, loosen it a bit. I can hardly breathe.”

Realizing her distress, Jane quickly came over.

“Oh dear. Have you never worn a corset before?”

“No, it’s my first time.”

“I see. I’ll loosen it a bit for you, but we can’t take it off entirely.”

That would mean refusing the Queen’s gift.

After loosening the laces, Olivia’s breathing became somewhat easier, though it was still uncomfortable.

“This is as loose as it can be.”

“I’ll try to endure it.”

As Olivia nodded, Jane gestured to the staff, who quickly helped her into the dress.

The light blue dress, typical of Herot’s noblewomen, featured a square neckline from the outer collarbones to the chest, with the waist cinched by a darker blue silk ribbon. Layers of sheer, billowing silk made the skirt and were adorned with pearls and beads that shimmered subtly.

“Stay still, or you might get pricked by a needle.”

Jane warned while holding a sewing pin, and Olivia tensed up, trying to maintain her balance. It seemed every life had its own set of troubles; being a noblewoman wasn’t as easy as it appeared.

“…There, all done.”

After a moment, Jane stepped back to take in the overall look, and Olivia’s figure came into full view.


The beautiful dress seemed as if it had been crafted with Olivia as the muse, fitting her so perfectly. Even before makeup and hair styling, her abundant black hair and pale skin harmoniously complemented the sky-blue dress, captivating anyone looking at it.

“It suits you wonderfully!”

Jane exclaimed, and the staff, without exception, nodded in agreement. Yet, Olivia’s expression, while looking at herself in the mirror, wasn’t as bright.

“What’s wrong? Are you still uncomfortable?”

“No… It’s not that.”

“Go on, tell me.”

Olivia, taking a deep breath, cautiously covered the exposed white chest peeking out from the dress with her hands.

“Isn’t it cut too low?”

The visibly bare upper chest area was concerning to her, but Jane seemed unfazed, wondering what was wrong with it. She pointed to her own dress and those of the staff and continued her words.

“That’s the style of Herod dresses. All are like this. The fashion of high necklines ended half a century ago. Nowadays, even the elder ladies prefer this design. It makes the neck appear longer, doesn’t it?”

Only then did Olivia blink and examine their dresses. Indeed, theirs were the same. She simply hadn’t noticed before.

“And we can’t change the design now. It’s only beautiful, isn’t it?”

Just then, a maid announced the arrival of the Queen and Princess Margaret.

While Jane and the staff quickly stepped back, Olivia stood facing the door with her hands neatly folded. As the door opened, the gentle rustling of light garments and the serene faces of the queen and Margo appeared.

Upon entering, they immediately widened their eyes in amazement, seeing Olivia.

“My goodness!”

“Oh, Olivia!”

Both the Queen and even Margot exclaimed in surprise. Her initial thought of maybe having her wear the clothes she brought evaporated, replaced by a thought that ‘Yes, our Olivia should also wear beautiful clothes too!’

Olivia, moved by the queen and Margo’s pure admiration, stealthily glanced down at her dress. The conspicuously bare neckline still bothered her, and the corset felt constricting, though she didn’t dislike the beautiful dress she was wearing for the first time.

Peeking at the mirror, she saw a woman looking back at her looking unfamiliar and noble.

The Queen approached Olivia, examining her without making her feel uncomfortable, her eyes sparkling.

“I always wondered why mothers with daughters frequented boutiques together, but now I faintly understand. When Lucy grows up, I might do the same. Miss Liberty, do you like it?”

“I’ve never worn such a beautiful dress before. Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Olivia bent her knees and bowed while expressing her gratitude cautiously. Her cheeks flushed, and her lips, a light shade of pink, looked truly lovely.

“Blue suits you well, just as I thought. You all did a wonderful job. I’m very pleased.”

Following the Queen’s praise, Jane and her staff bowed their heads. The Queen then affectionately addressed Olivia again.

“Thank you for forgiving Lucy’s mistake the other day. This dress is both a commemoration of your visit to Herod and a token of apology. The banquet will start at sunset. Enjoy your last night to the fullest.”

Touched by the warm welcome, Olivia bowed her head gently. Her fingers fidgeted as if something tickled inside her chest.

“The world is inherently unfair. Acknowledge it, but don’t simply conform to it.”

Just like her grandmother’s words, the world was unfair, filled with countless things to endure. The discrimination that permeated daily life felt as natural as breathing, yet it always poked at some tender part inside.

Even in Herod Palace, discrimination was present.

The very existence of the royal palace was practically a form of discrimination. The king had arranged numerous events without her consent, and in fact, even this dress was given to Olivia regardless of her wishes.

Yet, despite this…

Why did she feel as if she had mistakenly stepped into a painting named ‘Comfort and Love’ at this moment?

Yes. It must be because she was wearing a dress that made her look like a noble lady, and the noble Queen was speaking to her kindly.

Olivia glanced at herself in the mirror.

Perhaps, just for today, it wouldn’t hurt to indulge in this foolish sentiment. Actually, it felt like her entire stay at the Herod Palace had been filled with such feelings.

The king spared no praise as if she was someone significant, the queen cared for her tenderly and meticulously, the prince always extended his hand as a matter of course, and the cute princess and crown prince smiled warmly at her.

Her few days in Herod had been genuinely happy.

To the extent that she felt a deep sense of loss, knowing it was her last day. She hardly even thought of Pulder, where she always had to be strong and had to take care of her grandmother on her own.

In the meanwhile, Margo stood in a corner, quietly observing Olivia.

Olivia, with her face flushing with bashfulness yet touching the beautiful hem of her dress, examined her reflection in the mirror.

‘After all, it seems my time at the Herod Palace wasn’t so bad.’