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The warm and wet inner walls tightly grasped his index finger and quivered. As Dustin inserted his middle finger as well, Andra suddenly jerked her hips. Uht, hng! Watching her, Dustin took a deep breath. He felt an overwhelming desire to thrust himself inside her fully.

Illuminated by the moonlight streaming through the window, her white naked body looked even more beautiful than statues carved by the greatest artists. With her slender waist and voluptuous breasts, her curly blonde hair, and her flushed face exciting him. It had been a long time since their last relationship.

Dustin was well aware of how much Andra’s insides excited him and drove him mad. He also knew how it made him feel utterly foolish. There was nothing to say other than he was a beast. In Andra’s presence, he felt like nothing more than a beast driven by lust.

As he gently massaged her insides with two fingers and scratched the inner walls, Andra shivered and flailed her arms. Dustin then lifted his head to her groin, placing his head on her secret place and sucked her clitoris intensely. For a moment, her body shivered and her walls began to contract and relax dramatically.

…..Ah! Andra threw her head back and let out a deep moan. Soon, she laid back and gasped for breath.

Dustin withdrew his fingers from inside her. The excited red flesh seemingly quivered with disappointment. He replaced his fingers with his eagerly throbbing center. Dustin spread her legs that tried to close, positioned himself between them.

His pillar that was already slick with liquid, touched her wet orifice. Andra flinched, looking up at Dustin now positioned before her. The sight of his large and thick flesh against her, rubbing as if to pleasure himself, filled her with fear. A tightening sensation filled her lower abdomen.

“I’m going to put it in now. Hold tight.”

As Dustin grazed her clitoris with his member, he leaned down to whisper to her. It was tender tone. Even his touch while straightening her disheveled hair was equally gentle.

Andra reached out to pull him by the neck then nodded faintly. Since when did you ask before putting it in? She murmured weakly and Dustin laughed softly.

He then positioned his pillar at her entrance with one hand while supporting himself with the other then starting to push inside. The tip began to part her narrow interior slowly.

However, before he could fully enter, he stopped. Andra was gasping for breath and was frantically beating on his chest while crying out in pain. It hurts, it hurts…!

Tears welled in her eyes, causing Dustin to suddenly stop, confused and concerned. He grabbed her waist.


“It feels like… it’s tearing apart…”

From the moment Dustin attempted to enter her, Andra was certain. This might tear her apart. Even with just the tip inserted, it felt overwhelmingly difficult. She could feel a distinct difference from her past relationship with Dustin. Her body instinctively tensed up.

“It hurts, for real…”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize this would be so hard for you…”

Dustin withdrew completely and began to caress Andra’s stiff body again in various places. He eases her with his warm breath and gentle kisses. As he circled her clitoris with his fingertips, a tingling sensation surged through her spine. Her tightly closed entrance twitched, releasing love liquid once again.

Andra glanced at Dustin’s erect pillar. Its formidable size was still daunting. She wondered.

‘Why something that had fit before now…..’

Sensing her gaze, Dustin tenderly nibbled her neck and earlobe then whispered affectionately.

“We don’t have to continue if it hurts. I don’t like seeing you in pain. I’m satisfied as is…”

“No, I want to try…”

This time, Andra positioned Dustin beneath her and climbed on top. Placing her hands on his abs, she slowly rubbed herself against his member. The stimulation of her clitoris against the veins of his pillar, made a slight squelching sound. After rocking her hips a few more times, Andra felt her entrance begin to relax.

“….Are you sure?”

With a burst of courage, Andra aligned the tip with her entrance. Dustin looked up at her with a hint of anxiety. It was their relationship after a long time, but he had no intention of rushing her. Dustin prioritized Andra’s comfort. He supported her by holding her right hand.

Taking a deep breath, Andra gradually lowered herself. Naturally, the tight entrance struggled to accommodate his size. The opening barely managed to engulf the tip.

“Ah, uhht…”

“Kuht… Andra, too tight…”

Having only inserted the tip, Andra began to fondle her clitoris with her left hand. Gently massaging and scratching it increased her excitemend, making the insertion slightly easier than before. Her entrance began to envelop the tip more fully and gradually took in more of his shaft.

Andra stopped lowering herself after taking in just under half of his length. She felt her insides filled to the brim and unable to continue due to the discomfort.

“Ah… no, no more…”

As Andra stopped the insertion, Dustin sat up, allowing her to grasp his shoulders for support. She was half-leaning against him, and catching her breath while holding him close. Despite the discomfort of having him inside, her abdomen felt oddly full. Even though her waist and belly remained slender, it was as if a stake had been driven through her.

Andra complained about the discomfort of the foreign body inside her.

“It’s too, big… hu-ugh. I can’t take it all…”

“It’s okay not to take it all. But are you alright?”

“Heuk, I don’t know… Ah, don’t talk. This is all your fault, uht!”

Any slight movement caused Andra excruciating pain, prompting her to glare at Dustin. She nearly shouted in frustration at his excessive size but restrained herself, acknowledging the challenge his above-average size posed.

“It, hurts, hu-uht…”

“Can you move?”

Dustin asked gently, noticing Andra struggling to endure even the minimal insertion. Andra weakly shook her head with tears welling up. He lowered his eyes and gauged the portion of himself inside her. It was less than half, he realized further insertion was impossible.

Remembering the approximate length, he laid her back down and spread her legs.

The sight of his large member barely fitting inside her was visible between her spread legs. Her red flesh stretched to its limits with a pillar. Despite the prior foreplay and one climax, Andra’s walls were stretched to its maximum to take in half of his size.

Both Andra and Dustin were puzzled by this. This has never happened in their history of their relationship.

Dustin began to move slowly while caressing Andra’s flat belly. His pillar retracted with the flesh, then gently penetrated again. Even this slight movement was difficult for Andra, who gasped and turned her head slightly.

“Ah, moving like that… uhng… uht…”

“I’ll move without hurting you.”

“Heuk,… it’s already too much… ah, hu…..it hurts….ah!”

As Dustin made a slight thrust, Andra flinched and closed her eyes tightly. Dustin Airak! You bastard! Her narrowed eyebrows seemed to accuse him of that. Watching Andra struggle, Dustin felt a desire to make her cry.

He wished those moist blue eyes would look only at him, call out only for him. He knew the ugliness and wrongness of this desire. Which is why he was exerting every effort to restrain himself, uncertain how long he could maintain this.

Pressing a kiss to her flat belly, he whispered.

“If you want to stop, just tell me. I’ll stop at any time.”

He held her pelvis with one hand and the other prevented her thighs from closing. He gradually increased the pace of his thrusts, mindful not to penetrate too deeply. The wet sounds of friction between her wet opening and his fully enveloped center filled the air.