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My brother kept his mouth shut as I continued to speak without agitation.

Yes, it’s because I used to act like a ruffian… This person isn’t that logical either.
If it was like before, if my brother had provoked me this much, I would have moved on right away. But I’m not that foolish now.

“Why did Her Highness, Princess Vivian, invite you in the first place? Why did you go to the palace?”
“I can’t tell you.”
“What are you up to…”
“If it was something I could tell you, wouldn’t I have done so when you asked before?”
“It’s the work of the imperial palace. Brother also knows that I shouldn’t open my mouth carelessly.”

Her Highness had locked herself in the princess’ palace for skin reasons, but there was no way I could say anything when the person concerned hadn’t.

“That’s right, I’m sure you won’t tell me what kind of tricks you used.”

But instead of being convinced and stepping back, Brother Jiksen ridiculed me.

“I’m warning you. The seat of the crown princess is not suitable for you, so wake up from your dream. Since the seat next to the crown prince is empty, rumors will start spreading if an unmarried lady goes to the imperial palace, so be careful.”

He wouldn’t listen even if I told him I wasn’t after the seat of the crown princess.

“You’re so smart. Is that why you just let go of the fact that Lilika met with Sir Vieira?”

I shrugged.

“Me and Lilika are both your sisters, but aren’t you only caring about me? Lilika must be upset.”
“Don’t change the subject with such nonsense. Where did you learn to say such cunning things!”

My brother’s face, which seemed to relax for a moment, fiercely contorted again.

“Enough, don’t meet Her Highness Princess Vivian again. It’s obvious that you’re going to cause trouble. Am I not saying this because you’ve done misdeeds in the past?”

“If that’s all you have to say, would you mind closing the door now? My head hurts because you’re screaming. I’m a little busy today.”
“I’m the one who doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. But saying that you have work to do, aren’t you going to quit telling the same lies? You can’t chase after a man who doesn’t even look at you.”

I was wondering what to say back, but Brother Jiksen was about to leave the room, so I just kept my mouth shut.

A human who was my bloodline, but didn’t act like family.
Once you’ve barked as much as you wanted, just get out of my face.

“You were dumped so nicely. What are you doing, stuck in your room without meeting anyone…” Ah, but isn’t it better than being jealous of Lilika and causing trouble like before?”

As my brother mocked and tried to close the door, an employee came running in the distance.

“Oh my, what trouble did you cause this time for a servant to come running in such a hurry?”

The corners of my brother’s mouth rose meanly when he saw that.

“I was going to leave like this, but it seems like something happened. My advice was too late. As you said, I should have cared about my two younger sisters equally… Isn’t that right?”

Brother Jiksen looked back at me and said, not letting go of the bedroom door.

“But it can’t be helped because you’re so different from Lilika. One sister is diligent and growing up well, and the other—”
“Young Lady Yuria, a precious person came to visit. Is she really the Young Lady’s guest? Young Lady Yuria was the only one who asked to be notified if a guest came today…”

However, my brother’s ridicule was thwarted by the interference of the employee. My brother frowned fiercely, but the employee couldn’t care less.

“How dare you interrupt…”
“B-But, Young Master. A carriage has arrived from the imperial palace! She said it was better to come and say thank you in person than to summon the Young Lady!”

The employee was bewildered, but continued firmly.

“The person who is here right now is none other than Her Highness, Princess Vivian, who is known for not coming out of the palace!”
“… What?”

My brother’s face twisted miserably at the unexpected words.

“Then I should go receive Her Highness.”

I pushed my brother slightly as he was still standing by the door. He didn’t even think of stopping me and was easily pushed aside, contrary to the clamorous appearance he had been showing until now.
Instead of grabbing me, my brother asked the employee, urging him.

“What do you mean? Are you saying that she wasn’t unilaterally clinging to Her Highness? Why would someone who doesn’t even attend social gatherings come here?!”
“I-I don’t…”
“Thank you? It’s a relief that this ruffian didn’t behave rudely to Her Highness! Did you perhaps receive a bribe from Yuria to lie about this?”

The dignity of the imperial family was great.

‘I don’t think he can say anything to me. He’s grabbing hold of the employee for no reason and taking out his useless anger on him.’

In any case, it was a notice that came later than expected. He didn’t come to inform me right at the time the carriage arrived. He must have come to me only after asking the guest why they were here.
I had definitely told the employees that a guest would be coming, and that if they let me know when the carriage arrived, I would greet them right then.

‘Although I knew a guest would be coming, they didn’t think a carriage that came from the imperial palace would be my guest.’

I immediately headed to the princess. I walked with such quick steps that I wondered if I had ever been in such a hurry in the castle.
Although I had never brought anyone here but Sir Vieira before. This revealed to me in an unaware moment that I was being disregarded.

“You can’t chase after a man who doesn’t even look at you. You were dumped so nicely. What are you doing, stuck in your room without meeting anyone…”

I don’t know if what my brother said is similar to what the other employees thought.
Though I said that a guest would be coming, maybe they were asking who to call.

‘Should I have told them in advance that the guest would be the princess?’

No, based on the current situation, I don’t think they would have believed it.
Although Princess Vivian said she would come to the castle, it was very difficult for her to come out of the princess’ palace. I didn’t tell them deliberately so that she could cancel the appointment comfortably if she changed her mind.

… But it wasn’t too late.
I had already prepared refreshments considering Princess Vivian’s tastes. If I went now, the timing would be just right.
If I had been caught by my brother, it would have been too late.

As I thought about it, an uncomfortable feeling poured in as well.

‘Why did my brother come to pick a fight with me right at this time?’

And the answer was immediately obvious.

The guest I mentioned could be an unexpectedly important figure, and since they were employees of the duke’s family, I could see that they received Princess Vivian in an orderly manner.
Originally, however, the butler or other high-ranking employee was right to accompany Princess Vivian before I came.

“Thank you for coming such a long way, Your Highness.”

But the person who was smiling politely in front of Princess Vivian right now was… Lilika.

“It wasn’t that long. But where is Lady Yuria?”
“Sister seems to be working on something very… important and busy.”

The nuance of her words was amazing.
Lilika was clearly speaking in an apologetic manner, but she sounded like was being subtly sarcastic about me.

“I apologize for making you wait. Will you please forgive my sister since I’m asking you like this, Your Highness? Instead, I, Lilika Primrose, will serve Your Highness with care.”

I don’t know why she acted like I said I wasn’t meeting Princess Vivian. I definitely told her that I would have a guest in the morning.
Even though I was slightly delayed because Brother Jiksen came to pick a fight with me, it was not necessary to tell her something that sounded like ‘she had something more important than the princess’.

And ‘I’?
Lillika, what did you say to Her Highness the Princess?

“Your Highness, I will take you to the living room.”

Fortunately, instead of following Lilika to the living room, Princess Vivian replied,

“She’s not even ten minutes late. It’s not something that the Lady has to apologize for this much.”
“Thank you for your generosity…”
“No. I mean that there’s no need for that in the first place. She’s only ten minutes late, but you seem to be exaggerating your interpretation of Lady Yuria. I told her in advance that I would definitely visit, so Lady Yuria will be here soon, too.”

Lilika’s words were smooth. Hadn’t she been aware of it, she would just go to the living room with her.
Even the employees who had been instructed to get ready since I was going to meet the guest followed Lilika’s instructions to bring the princess to the living room.
Apart from their loyalty towards Lilika, her presence in the castle was so big that it did not disappear instantly.

‘Or maybe they think I’m not that big of a deal.’

Even though Lilika naturally induced her to meet with her, Princess Vivian did not fall for it.

“I will go to the living room by myself. There’s no need for the Lady to follow me.”

When Princess Vivian did not easily fall for it, Lilika hesitated for a moment and sighed.

“Ugh… I tried not to say anything because it’s embarrassing. Sister often breaks her promises or cancels plans. I apologize for saying this, but my sister…”
“If Lady Yuria has something urgent to deal with before me, then there’s no helping it.”

Lilika seemed so embarrassed that she asked back, something she rarely did.