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Magic power exhibits slightly different characteristics for each person. Likewise, each type of magic has its own specialized affiliation.

Therefore, those who possess magic power need to understand the characteristics of their magic well and use spells that suit them.

If one ignores the characteristics or limitations of their magic and uses spells, not only will the effects not be well displayed, but the consumption of magic will also increase.

So, that’s why the magic aptitude test is conducted.

The magic aptitude test extracts magic from the fingertips and places it into the aptitude testing device to measure purity, quantity, affiliation, endurance, and recovery ability—a total of five categories—and collectively, it determines the limits that can be reached.

Individuals identified through the test are commonly classified into four levels.

The fourth and lowest rank is the ‘General Magic’ level. It’s the basic level of magic application that anyone with magic can use. While it involves spells of not particularly impressive power, it’s versatile and can be conveniently utilized in various situations.

The third level is the ‘Specialized Defensive Magic’ level. This level sees a steep increase in the difficulty of magic that can be used, mainly applicable to knights or mercenaries. Many individuals delved into and mastered only one thing and work in specialized fields.

The second grade is the ‘Special Magic’ level. It’s a level that only the imperial family or a very small number of exceptional royals and nobles can achieve, allowing for the use of high-level magic. While possessing tremendous destructive power, caution must be exercised as it’s a double-edged sword. Individuals of this level are difficult to deal with due to their high pride.

The last is the ‘Divine Magic’ level. Those who reach this level of magic are so rare that precedents are almost nonexistent.




“So rare that it’s almost unparalleled…”

There was no further explanation after that. Ariel opened her eyes blearily at the scanty content before closing the book.

This was all the magical knowledge that could be learned outside of the Imperial Academy. Despite being the largest central library in the empire, she had hoped for more, but the level of information was dismal. It was more regretful than disappointing.

She rested her forehead on the desk.

It was only a week until the transfer.

She didn’t even know her magic aptitude, let alone the basics of magic.

‘I definitely took the test, but the results haven’t come back.’

Even though the academy’s opening day drew nearer with no news, there was still no news so far. She was so frustrated that she even considered visiting the Crown Prince in person.

Nonetheless, getting to the imperial palace wasn’t so simple.

Up until now, she had been able to go because of Skylar or Devoncia’s permission. Even for nobles, visiting the imperial palace was a rare occasion, typically only extended on the founding day. Unless she was an employee traveling to work there, entry was impossible.

‘What could the Crown Prince be doing?’

With the intention of roughly confirming his location, Ariel took out her phone. As she rested her forehead on the desk, she discreetly turned on the screen beneath it.




『 A target has been detected nearby. 』

『 Racine di Solem

▷ Favorability towards you:(He’s not interested in you.)
▷ Current Location: Imperial Capital Central Library — Level 1 Book Repository.




Ariel wondered if her eyes were deceiving her.

She couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked at the portrait of a beautiful figure, with his tanned skin and golden long hair. A person she never expected to encounter, one she thought she would most likely never meet, had appeared. And it was at the same library, at the same time she was there.

It was an astonishing coincidence.

Her eyes slowly followed the movement of his portrait. The gradually shifting portrait moved out of the first-level library. As the portrait increased its speed and changed positions, it slowed down.

The final destination was…

‘Library Reading Room 1.’

It was where she was.

As soon as she realized this, Ariel lifted her head from the desk and stared at the entrance. The massive arched door opened, revealing the face from the portrait.


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