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Despite being used to being treated without prejudice by his friends who knew the truth, a dull ache began to form in his chest. He could vividly picture himself standing alone in the ruined banquet hall as the nobles scattered, screaming.

‘That’s why Father didn’t say anything.’

Robert asked Michael nonchalantly, hiding his bitterness.

“What about swordsmanship practice?”

“I’ll have to skip it. I told the master in advance.”

He felt a little lonely at the thought of swinging his sword alone without a partner for a while.

“When are you coming back?”

Even though Robert asked nonchalantly, Michael couldn’t help but smirk.

“It’ll take some time, but if you send me a tearful letter, I’ll try to come a few days earlier.”

“Don’t come back.”

Robert frowned arrogantly as if he was disgusted, and Michael laughed heartily. Robert walked ahead briskly, disliking the sight of him.

Amidst of that, as she watched Robert’s back, Izeline’s green eyes were sad. Despite her efforts to reassure herself that he would be fine, her anxiety continued to rise like bubbles in a boiling pot, threatening to burst out of the lid.

Although much of it had faded over time, she still vividly remembered certain details. For example, the fact that Robert, who had grown into the villain, was beheaded by the sacred sword Calyptus.


* * *


Michael was busy preparing to go to the Imperial Capital for the first time in a long time. In addition to packing, he was also annoyed by the constant invitations from the headmaster of Stephil Academy. The headmaster kept pestering him to visit the academy while he was there and consider transferring, which was technically allowed.

In his room in the Souvri mansion, letters with the same seal were already piling up. Of course, the headmaster of Stephil Academy wasn’t the only one waiting for him in the Imperial Capital.

“Wow. Michael’s popular.”

Izeline thought he had only attended the Crown Prince’s birthday banquet.

She spread out the invitations piled haphazardly to one side and examined them with curious eyes. Horseback riding clubs, swordsmanship clubs, tea parties, and more. Everyone was eager to invite him to all sorts of social gatherings.

“You haven’t even made your social debut yet, and it’s already chaotic.”

“It’s just children hanging out together.”

Michael said nonchalantly, but it wasn’t true.

Even before their social debuts, the children of promising families competed fiercely to form alliances. Especially in the case of Viscount Willbright, whose family was currently doing well and whose heir was exceptionally talented, everyone was eager to get in line from a young age.

After all, friendships formed during an innocent childhood were often stronger and more unconditional than the handshakes of adults.

However, Michael already possessed a mind that saw through the tricks of such adults. The grand social gatherings were naturally hosted by the parents, and the guest lists were no exception.

“It would be fun to go to the Imperial Capital.”

Izeline said, recalling the places described in the original story.

It had been three years since she had immersed herself in the book, reading it as if she were entering the story herself. She had a desire in her heart to visit the places described in the text and see them with her own eyes. Still, it was a dream that she had to suppress, for the sake of her dear childhood friend.

“Do you want to go to the Imperial Capital?”


Izeline shook her head without hesitation, looking at Robert, who was anxiously asking her.

“I like being here with you more.”

By order of Duke Brioche, Robert was not allowed to leave Souvri. The Duke and Duchess, who were ashamed of their son’s disease, would never allow him to go to the Imperial Capital. Robert, who knew this better than anyone, was slightly relieved by Izeline’s answer.

But deep down, he envied Michael.

Originally, he was supposed to be at the center of politics and society. If he hadn’t gotten sick, would things have been different?

No, no. Then, he wouldn’t have met Izeline.

Robert, who had asked himself this question thousands of times, suddenly realized something and turned his gaze to Izeline, who was rummaging through the invitations.

Light brown hair that covered her shoulders. Green eyes that read the invitation abandoned by its owner with an interested gaze, a sharp, cute nose, and cherry-like lips. Perhaps because of the sunlight streaming through the window, she seemed to sparkle.

‘Am I… crazy…?’

It wasn’t a wrong statement to think that being caught in the Krug disease was lucky right now because he met her in Souvri to recuperate from an illness.

Robert recalled what he had eaten today.

Mashed potatoes and well-baked tomatoes, medium-cooked steak, and vanilla ice cream.

…He hadn’t eaten anything wrong, so why was he thinking like this?

He felt like he had caught a more serious illness than Krug. As he was quietly organizing his thoughts in the face of the sudden shock, a shallow sigh was heard from somewhere.

“I don’t want to go.”

Michael grumbled discontentedly without waiting for a response.

“I’d rather play in Souvri.”

Robert looked at Michael with a strange expression, thinking it was nonsense.

Comparing the big city full of fun things, interesting gossip, delicious desserts and toys that made children’s eyes widen, to Souvri, which had nothing but nature, was strange. If you asked anyone passing by, a hundred out of a hundred would choose to live in Ernon, the capital.

“Why do you have so much luggage?”

Robert pointed to the pile of luggage on one side and spoke. Judging by the scale, it seemed like it would be enough for a month. However, the answer he received was beyond his expectations.

“I think it’ll take three months.”


Surprised, Izeline asked next to Robert, who widened his eyes. He also didn’t know it would take that long…

A feeling of slight disappointment washed over him for some reason. However, the warm emotion began to subside the next moment.

“I can’t completely ignore the invitation.”

“That’s right…”

“The invitation you’re holding from Marquis Baleno is also one of the things you have to respond to.”


At those words, Izeline dropped the invitation she was holding, and Robert’s eyes narrowed as Michael subtly acted. His usually light-colored eyes glistened as if they were wet with tears.

“Is three months too long?”

“Michael’s really busy. I think I’ll miss you if you’re gone for too long.”

“I miss you already.”


Izeline felt a thrill for a moment as her soft hand was gently caressed. The light green eyes that met hers were beautiful. As the sunlight poured in brightly, she had the illusion of facing an angel from a famous painting.

Even without that, her heart was already pounding wildly, and Michael even gave her a heart-stopping smile.

“I’ll come back as soon as possible.”


As she barely nodded her head, a ‘tsk’ was heard from somewhere. She turned her gaze and saw Robert bowing his head and tapping the floor with one foot.

‘Ugh. He’s so cute…!’

He was really too cute to be considered the final villain. Of course, he wouldn’t go down the path of evil as long as she was by his side.

Izeline turned her body, her full attention drawn to Robert as if she were being pulled by a magnet. Seeing that, Michael’s lips twisted slightly as she was taken away by a single ‘tsk.’

“Rob, what’s wrong? Huh?”

“…You want to see Michael when I’m here?”

“No, no.”

At her response, without a moment’s hesitation, Michael’s expression crumpled more clearly than before. However, Izeline, who had her back to him, couldn’t see his face and approached Robert.

“There’s no way. Rob? Look at me.”

When she tilted her head as she got closer and met his gaze, which was fixed on the floor, Robert tightly pursed his lips and blushed.

Unable to bear it any longer, Michael suddenly intervened with a gentle smile.

“I’ll miss you, Robert.”


Michael thrust his face forward, causing Robert to recoil in surprise and take a few steps back.


After achieving his goal, Michael looked at the two people with satisfaction, then twitched one eyebrow at Robert’s exclamation. When they were younger, he used to say he was ugly, but now he was gross. All sorts of disparaging words that were far removed from him seemed to come out of Robert’s mouth.

“Can’t you be a little nicer?”

Michael asked in dissatisfaction, and Robert retorted as if it were absurd.

“Dream on. Even a saint wouldn’t say anything nice to you.”

“Everyone else is nice to me except you?”

“That’s because they don’t know your true nature.”


Michael, who had never thought of himself that way, laughed in vain. He was refreshing.

He looked at the other person in the room as if he couldn’t understand.

“Izel. Is it true?”


Was that true?

No way… the appearance of the sub-male lead, sparkling in the bright sunlight, was so beautiful and nice.

“Even so, women will still like him…”

She answered as if possessed, then quickly shut her mouth. She felt a stinging gaze and turned her head to see Robert glaring at her in displeasure.

He looked upset that she hadn’t taken his side.


What did he want her to do about it? Whether it was good or bad, it was up to the two of them to figure it out.

Michael, who was awkwardly avoiding eye contact, playfully teased Robert at her answer. His shoulders reached the sky.

“Do you think I’m charming too? Do you like me?”


“Don’t be so insecure. I’ll definitely come back, even if the ladies cling to me and cry.”

“You’re… really…”

Robert, who was speechless at the excessive self-confidence, let out a sigh with a glare that conveyed ten thousand insults. How was such a guy popular in the society?

They must all be blind. Or deaf.

With his inner feelings clearly expressed on his face, Robert shook his head feebly. Michael smiled playfully at Robert.

It was a normal day like any other.

However, a few hours later, when it was time to leave, Michael got into the carriage, and a strange and regretful aftertaste enveloped the children.