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Leaving the teasing behind, Jane turned her focus back to her task. I watched her silently for a moment before lifting my head to look at myself in the mirror.

Peach-colored cheeks. A slightly thinner appearance.

“You seem a bit thinner.”

Jane muttered softly as she pulled on the waistband.

“Yes, you should take better care of your meals. Always making excuses about having no appetite or not being able to eat because it’s winter… Of course, you’re going to lose weight if you just lie around all the time. How else do you think you would lose weight?”

Her rambling carried a mix of worry and frustration.

“Are you upset?”

“Of course, I am.”

Jane responded firmly as she tied the waistband. She fiddled with the unusually long ribbon tails, shaking her head disapprovingly before straightening up.

“The dress fits perfectly. I thought it might be too small…”

Her glare was so severe that it made me laugh. Her stern look was comical enough for me to laugh aloud.

As I chuckled, Jane shook her head again.

“It’s nice that you’re upset for me.”

Truly. Having you, someone like a sister to me, getting upset for me. It makes me happy that people are upset about me being thin.

As I murmured this sentiment, Jane gave me a look as if she’d seen all sorts of strange things. Soon, she stood on her toes and placed her hand on my shoulder, presumably to adjust the neckline and shoulders of the dress.

“…You’re acting….a bit odd today.”

After fiddling with my collar for a while, Jane finally spoke. Her voice sounded hesitant, as if she had debated whether or not to say anything.


As I casually answered, Jane continued.

“Yes. Actually, it’s not just today, but lately, you’ve been acting strangely. You play more pranks, you laugh more. But then, at times, you seem darker than before.”

“Do you dislike it?”

“Whether I like it or not isn’t the point. I just love everything about you.”

Well, isn’t that the cutest thing?

I reached out and hugged Jane right then and there. She was just too cute not to hug.

Caught off-guard while she was adjusting my dress, Jane lost her balance and stumbled into my arms.

“Ah… Miss! You scared me.”

Jane tried to push me away, flailing her arms and legs.

But I didn’t let go.

Today, before I told everyone the truth, there was something I wanted to say to Jane, or rather, to the healthy Eunji I wanted to say.

“Jane. Thank you. I’ve been truly happy because of you.”

As I spoke, Jane’s movements came to a halt like a broken machine. Her hands awkwardly froze in mid-air.


She asked, sounding confused, as I buried my face in her shoulder, lower than mine by quite a bit.

Jane remained silent.

In the brief quiet, Jane’s hand touched my back.

Pat, pat. The rhythmic patting made my throat burn with emotion.

“Oh, why is our Miss like this? Yes. I like it, too. I’m always grateful, and I’m always happy.”

She was so small and younger than me, yet why does her embrace feel so warm and comforting?

“Jane. Live a long life. For a very long time. Pursue what you want, date someone, meet friends, enjoy happiness with your family, and live until your hair turns white. So that before you die, you can say…. ‘This was enough.’”


“Jane. You’re a really good person. A remarkable person.”

“…Miss, why are you like this? You’re making me feel strange… Am I being fired? Am I getting fired? Did Aiden say to fire me? Is Aiden jealous of me?”

What nonsense. Such a vivid imagination.

With a chuckle, I released my hold on Jane. Seizing the opportunity, she slipped away.

Her wavering eyes suggested that my last comment wasn’t a joke.

“You won’t be fired. He’s not jealous. I just wanted to tell you.”

“Just because?”

“Yes, just because.”

Yes, just because.

Observing my reactions, Jane eventually nodded and accepted my explanation as she usually does.

After a moment of seriousness, Jane smiled brightly. Her unique, vibrant laughter filled the room.

“Just because… That’s a good reason. I’ll live as you said. But you can’t fire me. I want to grow old by the Miss’ side.”

Jane’s eyes sparkled, reminiscent of Vivian’s when discussing the future.

Thus, it was clear.

Jane was sincere.

In the future Jane imagined, I was there.

I wish I wasn’t. It was a wish that couldn’t come true, yet I was grateful and saddened.

Unable to say anything, I just curled my lips into a smile, hoping it didn’t look awkward.

Then suddenly, my head spun.

As I staggered, Jane caught me in surprise.

“Miss! Are you okay?”

I nodded urgently.

“…Yes. I’m fine.”

I nodded as bravely as I could and lifted the corners of my mouth as if nothing was wrong. I steadied myself.

My vision blurred again.

I couldn’t tell if Jane’s face was distorted or if she was smiling.

“Are you really okay?”

Faced with her concerned question, I pretended not to notice and nodded once more.

Her face remained blurred.

What. What is this? Could this be a symptom of the fourth petal?

Though I tried to act as if nothing was wrong, my heart raced wildly. The blurred vision scared me. The suddenness of the situation left me perplexed.

As the black flower began to bloom, I started losing things.

Spring, the opportunity to make new friends, food… and now my vision, too? This is too much.

I clenched my fist without Jane noticing. I could feel the soft skin under my fingernails.

How much time had passed? Soon, my focus returned. It must have been only a few seconds, but that time felt excruciatingly long. So much that I was suffocating.

Jane’s face that was now clearly visible had a twisted smile.

“Ta-da. All done, miss.”

With Jane’s announcement, I opened my eyes. My vision was… thankfully clear.

Yes, clear.

I snapped back to reality and focused on my reflection in the mirror after losing my mind for a moment.

I looked beautiful in the mirror. The reflection was vibrant enough that no one would guess I was a patient.

Though my cheeks were a bit sunken, it was concealed by the blush and red lipstick.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Right? But what got into you, asking for full makeup?”

Hearing Jane’s question, I chose the earrings. As I reached for the silver earrings, Jane understood my choice and helped me put them on.

“Just. I felt good after wearing the dress. Oh, but Jane?”


“……Could you call my family? The family, Sir Lucas, Aiden… and Priest Ian, and the doctor.”

As I casually listed everyone, Jane turned pale.


It was indeed a lot of people. Going around to call them all might take some time.

Sorry, Jane.

Despite my apology inside, I nodded firmly.

“Yes, all of them. It’s 4 PM now, so… ask them to gather in my room at 5 PM. Ah, tell Aiden to come right now.”

Jane nodded stiffly. Her face said, “If you say so, what can I do?”

“May I ask why?”

Jane, who was fiddling with my hair, asked in a cautious tone.

The reason. I want to tell them I’m dying.