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Oh, was he going to tell me?

“I can’t tell you everything, but may I share what I can?”


Well, that was better than feeling frustrated without knowing anything.

Enfrise hesitated for a moment before leaning towards me and pulling me closer.

“Strictly speaking, it’s not so much a disease as it is a constitutional difference. You… were born with a somewhat unique constitution, different from others.”

…Huh? What kind of constitution is he talking about?

If it was connected to a scene, could it be, well, that kind of constitution?

“Humans are born into two types. One type cannot use magic. The other type can.”

…Could it be?! Could I use magic?!

“For those who cannot use magic, they are born with only enough magical power necessary for survival. This power gradually depletes, and when it’s completely gone, they die.”

That was a setting I feel like I’ve seen before. Well, it was fairly common.

“For those who can use magic, the necessary magic to survive resides in their bodies, and they also have what’s called a magical conduit, which contains extra magical energy. Like this.”

Enfrise then removed his hand from me and grabbed the hem of his shirt.

Having read quite a bit of martial arts novels, I knew about the core, which was typically located just below the belly button. If this magical conduit was there, I instinctively looked towards the anticipated spot.


Did I stare too intently? Enfrise’s hand didn’t move.

Wondering why he wasn’t lifting his shirt, I gazed at his face and saw that it was flushed, looking ripe and utterly edible. No, why was he making this awkward?!

“Uh, well, it’s like this.”

Enfrise then removed his hand from his shirt and rolled up his sleeve. It was always a mystery why he wore long sleeves even in summer, but then I saw a strange pattern on his wrist.

“Is this the magical conduit?”

“Exactly speaking, magic pathways are spread throughout the body, much like blood vessels. In areas where magic lingers most, such symbols appear. It varies from person to person; for me, it’s on my wrist and, uh, my abdomen.”

My gaze drifted downward again.

I could just lift his shirt… No, that would be harassment. Best not to go there.

I suppressed the urge to fidget and nodded in understanding.

“However, there are exceptionally rare cases where a person can generate excess magic even without these pathways.”

The fact that he mentioned this must mean I had this trait. Still, isn’t having a lot of magic a good thing?

Enfrise continued, perhaps sensing my confusion, or maybe it was just time to explain.

“The problem is that those without magic pathways can’t withstand large amounts of magic.”

“Oh… Why not?”

“Those with pathways can release magic through them, maintaining a balance that their bodies can handle. However, those without have no way to dispel this energy. If too much magic builds up, the body can’t withstand it.”

In the worst-case scenario, I would die. That explained why he was so insistent on Chaperil drinking that tea—even trying to force it on me.

“What about the tea I’ve been drinking?”

“…Did you know about it?”

“While you let me do pretty much anything else, you make sure I drink that sweet tea once a day. Even when I’ve had a fever.”

I knew because I read the original work. Still, of course, I couldn’t just say that.

“…It’s a special kind of herb. It helps reduce the magic accumulating in your body.”

From what he said earlier, people without excess magic only have just enough to sustain life. That meant too much of this herb could potentially shorten my life.

The reason he brought Jaha into this mansion must be related to this.

“So, my fevers are also because of this condition?”

“Why excess magic is produced isn’t yet understood. It’s an incredibly rare condition, maybe seen once every few decades or even centuries…”


Drawing on my years of experience reading romance-fantasy novels, I was beginning to understand.

This must be why Enfrise kidnapped and confined Chaperil.

It seemed the tragedy of the Rivette family was due to Chaperil’s unique constitution—a rarity that occurred perhaps once every few decades or centuries and wasn’t even thoroughly researched. Many would covet the opportunity to study such a rare condition.

Likely, on that catastrophic day, Chaperil was at risk of being abducted and subjected to all manner of experiments by those who wanted to study her.

Enfrise, who somehow found out about it, intervened to save her. However, with the Liberté family extinguished, it would have been too dangerous to leave Chaperil alone. Even with her family, she was vulnerable. Alone, she would have been an easy target.

That was why he confined her here, to keep her safe.

Now, the question was this. Why keep her confined and chained, instead of explaining the situation and protecting her openly?

When Chaperil first awakened, she would undoubtedly have been emotional. However, the Chaperil from the original work was not consumed by these unwanted pleasures. She despised and was angry towards Enfrise but was not entirely driven by emotion.

Surely, had he taken the time to explain, she would have understood.

It seemed nearly impossible for Enfrise alone to manage, considering his emotional nature and lack of skill in communicating with others. Facing accusations or curses from Chaperil likely would have elicited a skewed response from him.

While not justifiable, this reaction is understandable, given Enfrise’s character.

Nonetheless, Enfrise wasn’t alone. He had Tambor. She could have mediated effectively. It’s curious how things escalated to catastrophe in the original story.

“However, the documents mentioned when the symptoms especially worsened. They intensify when life is in danger or under severe stress. So yes, your fever was indeed caused by this condition.”

That made sense, after all.

I thought it was barely possible to get worked up like that. It didn’t subside even with medication. If left unchecked, my magic would have continued to build without release, potentially keeping me feverish or… even endangering my life.

So, how was my fever reduced?

“What was given to me when I had the fever?”

“That was…”

“And if it happens again, I’ll need to take that medication, right?”


Ah, he was blushing again. Could it be that something inappropriate happened while I was delirious? That didn’t seem like him. What exactly was it?

“You don’t need to know that.”

“What? But if it happens again…”

“I’ll… ensure it never does. No matter what…”

No, wait. Those were dangerous words! Saying that almost guarantees it would happen again! It was like a rule, a cliché!

“Is it something you can’t tell me? Is it strange? Is it incredibly disgusting or alive…”

“…You described it as ‘horrific’.”

Did I say that?

Haa. Maybe I was out of it because of the fever. I couldn’t remember.

“It’s okay, just tell me. I need to know to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.”


“I probably said it was horrific because of the fever. Even if it is a bit horrific, what does it matter? If it’s necessary for my survival, then just tell me, okay?”

“…Could you give me a moment to prepare myself mentally?”

“Prepare mentally?”

Why would he need that?

Medicine. Tragic adult novel. Settings for specific scenes…


Now that I thought about it, didn’t Chaperil always get sick when she tried to escape, and Enfrise would do something harsh?

And after that, did she ever have a fever again?




“…Did you do something to me?”

Without realizing it, I hugged myself protectively at the thought as I asked him.

Did he sense that I was catching on? Enfrise’s face went pale.

“That’s… I may have wanted to do something…”

There was a disruption in the character here. How could he agree with that?! He should have denied it, saying he didn’t do it. That was the normal response!

“It’s true that I was desperate to reduce your fever quickly, but… Sir Jaha was scheduled to visit the next day, and you would have recovered with the medication. However…”

What? Did he do it because a feverish Chaperil looked too pretty?!

You beast!

Well, it did make some sense. Imagine Chaperil, her fair skin flushed red and sweating in agony. It was just that the one suffering inside was me, but from the outside, it must have looked pitifully beautiful.

But still, how could he, to a maiden who hadn’t even been wed?!

“That’s awful…”

I didn’t remember anything, sniff sniff.

I mean, they said your first time was supposed to hurt and feel sore, but I felt nothing… Was it because I was the female lead of a tragic adult novel? Even if I was weak physically, was I unrealistically resilient in <i?other aspects?

Was that it?!

“I’m sorry. Seeing you in pain, I wanted to ease it quickly…”

And to think I felt unjustly treated. It was my first time, and I didn’t even remember it. I’ve fantasized about my first night from reading novels.

To have it disappear like this was just too cruel!

“How did you do it?”


“I don’t remember anything because of the fever. What did you do?!”

“Uh… well…”

I swore not to torment him, but this time was an exception. How could he take advantage of someone out of their mind?! I didn’t care if he was embarrassed. I was going to make him confess!

This was how I’d get my revenge!

“…Do I really need to say it?”

“Of course. You did something without my consent, and you expect to just move on? That’s awful. How could you do that to someone who was delirious with a fever? Pervert! Beast!”

“…I’m sorry…”

“Sorry isn’t enough, tell me now.”


After blushing and hesitating for a while, Enfrise finally opened up.

“That day, I… to you…”

He began to confess everything.