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Aite returned.

“It was never my intention to run away.”

And he made his return quite publicly, at a royal party, no less. He dressed in fine clothes and looked good, unlike someone who had run away, as if he had been living comfortably all along.

“I thought I wasn’t suitable for Renbird… the responsibility was too much, and I couldn’t bear that the Duke didn’t love me!”

So, essentially, he blamed Selina for not loving him as the reason for his disappearance. His words clearly showed who was behind his disappearance and who had him returned. This cleared her of any lingering guilt she might have felt for any unforeseen circumstances.

“Ah, so you weren’t kidnapped or threatened to be killed by someone because of me. It was all because of love…?”

Selina made sure to clarify.

His return seemed solely intended to disrupt Selina and Kalcion’s relationship.

“That’s right! Though being away made me realize how deep my love for you is, Duke. I simply couldn’t stay away!”

Aite’s tearful confession stirred murmurs among the crowd.

“Oh my… how good.”

“It must have been true love.”

“Shouldn’t she accept him back with such feelings?”

People planted by Larsen in advance swayed the public sentiment in no time.

Selina smirked bitterly.

The shield she had hastily erected to fend off Larsen had turned into a sword aimed back at her. Accepting Aite back would surely play into Larsen’s hands and link them together. It would eventually allow Larsen to consume the North and take Selina for himself.

However, beyond such calculations, Selina simply wasn’t inclined to.

Normally, she would consider any potentially beneficial action. Logic over emotion — that was the duty of a ruler, the most rational way of thinking.

Still, she couldn’t bring herself to follow that reasoning now.

“You cannot marry without love!”

At Aite’s renewed declaration of love, she nodded.

“Then, let’s call off the engagement.


“I used to think I could marry just anyone, but I realize that’s not the case.”

Smiling broadly, she intertwined her fingers with Kalcion’s, who was standing next to her.

“I think I’ll try following love, too.”

“Hoo haa…”

Even those who were fanning the flames took a sharp gasp at the Duke of the North, Selina’s statement. Was that really a statement from her, the Duke of the North, and not someone else?

Was this a dream?

“How cruel.”

That was when Larsen made his appearance.

“It’s not your place to meddle in others’ love affairs.”

“If even a piece of someone’s heart is involved, it’s not ‘someone else’s love affair.’ Is there a man here whose heart hasn’t been touched by the Duke?”

“I didn’t ask for it.”

“But to hurt someone like that, to seek your own happiness while completely disregarding theirs, how could you?”

“What do you want me to do?”

Selina was truly at a loss.

Getting fed up with Larsen’s unwarranted interference, confronted him.

“At least you should give a chance for a conversation. Who knows, your heart might change after the meeting.”

“No, thank you.”

It wasn’t Selina who answered but Kalcion. As she turned her head sharply, he firmly hugged her from behind while exuding possessiveness.

Selina, although not small, was completely enveloped by Kalcion’s frame.

“Why should I yield my partner to someone deluded by their own feelings? I refuse, as her partner.”

“…How dare you.”

Even though Larsen growled lowly at him, Kalcion met his gaze without flinching.

The one truly holding back was Kalcion. It felt like he was going to explode even more now. He was holding back because Selina might get into trouble…

“How dare a nobody like you interfere? A pretty doll should just stay quiet like a doll. Where do you get off acting all high and mighty because you snagged a woman? Can’t even tell when to step forward and when to step back?”

“Don’t treat my partner like XXXX!”

…Selina didn’t hold back.

Even though she had tolerated insults directed at her, the moment Kalcion was disrespected, something snapped inside her. By the time she regained her senses, her fist was flying towards Larsen’s face.


The Northern Duke’s punch was fierce. After all, if she could knock out beasts, a human face was easy to deal with.


She glanced at Larsen, who was screaming and clutching his face, then grabbed Kalcion’s hand, and they made their escape.


* * *


Selina literally fled.

As soon as they exited the royal palace, they headed straight for the Duchy.

Dion, who was waiting at the palace gates, had to chase after them with the knights while being clueless.

“What happened?! I had things to buy in the capital.”

“Forget it!”

So they returned to the Duchy, but… the real problem was what followed.

Larsen declared the extermination of the Renbird territory, labeling it an act of treason against the royal family.

However, there was a catch.

If she disposed of that man now and returned on bended knee with a pure heart, Larsen would forgive her.

Selina scoffed loudly upon hearing this.

“Forgiveness, my foot.”

Thinking it was all over if they just ran away was a huge miscalculation. Selina was not one to let bygones be bygones when it came to grudges. The revenge for insulting Kalcion hadn’t even begun.

However, that was just her heart. Unwittingly, their contract had already ended.

“Aite has been found… It’s settled then.”


Kalcion was also stunned by how things had unfolded. It was Selina who spoke first. It was best to sort things quickly so there could be time for hearts to heal.

“Thank you for everything. The war was my doing, so don’t worry about it. I’ll find a way for you to return.”

“I won’t go back.”


Kalcion’s heart had already made up its mind long ago. Unlike Selina, who couldn’t decide between what she had to do and what she wanted to do, he was someone who did whatever he wanted.

“I never planned to go back from the start.”


“I fell in love at first sight.”


She was speechless.

Kalcion pulled her hand towards him and kissed the back of it, just like when they first met in the Beast Mountains.

“I believe in fate. I think it was right for me to come here to meet you.”

“But the other world…”

“What about it?”

“Your family, for instance.”

“I don’t have any.”

“What about work…”

“I prefer being Selina’s pretty doll here.”

Kalcion grinned, showing off the arm muscles he diligently worked on every day.

“And if possible, I’d like to continue fighting for you.”


* * *


Thus, Kalcion settled in this world without any regrets or second thoughts.

The Northern force was stronger than Larsen had anticipated. They were formidable, honed in real combat against beasts, and not interested in power or fame, which is why they kept to themselves. But when pushed, the knights of the North were overpowering.

Thus, Northern Duke Selina of Renbird annihilated Larsen’s forces and claimed a decisive victory.

“I’m not interested in taking over a country.”

With a larger country comes more concerns. Renbird had already established itself as a new kingdom in the North.

Adding another country to it was just a burden.

Selina concluded matters by installing Princess Jerryel, who had been loyal to Selina, as the queen. What remained was the coronation of the Kingdom of Selinia.

“Are you sure about this?”

Naturally, the throne went to Selina, who had been the ruler of the North, though Kalcion’s contributions were also immense. His achievements were so significant that even Dion declared defeat. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that, with his contributions, he had co-founded the country alongside Selina.

Selina offered him the position of a co-ruler. However, Kalcion adamantly refused.

“I’m not interested in a throne.”

“Neither am I interested in the throne.”

“I’m even less interested. I couldn’t care less about the country falling apart, as long as it doesn’t involve you.”

She had no response to Kalcion’s firm refusal.

“Then, how about I take the throne and share the interest?”

As she teased him with a sly smile, Kalcion playfully frowned and wrapped his arms around her before laying her down on the bed.

The privilege of embracing the body of a queen was granted only to him in this world.

“Instead, let me monopolize our time together more deeply than anything else.”

He requested a reward far more satisfying than the throne. Selina smiled wickedly and pulled Kalcion’s neck closer.

There was nothing she couldn’t give him.

No. She wanted to give it to him.

It was what Selina wished for, too.

Their lips deeply intertwined.



〈 END 〉