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With a single word from me, the room fell silent. First, let me explain that it was a mistake. If I wanted to be a little more selfish, I could even blame it on Douglas’ bad luck.

“What did you just say?” Douglas regained his composure and asked coldly. Honestly, it wasn’t scary. I was weaker than that guy.

But considering who was at fault first and that I had the upper hand in numbers, I answered his question about what had just happened.

“Do I have to say it again to hurt your pride? Such words are meant for my mother, not you.”

Douglas’ face twisted even more than before. I stared back with all the strength I had. At first I didn’t intend to, but when I saw the idiot’s attitude, I thought that Evelyn must have endured this treatment for more than a day or two.

‘Yes, I know all about this family’s accomplishments.’

The Duke is perfect in every way except for his personality, if you had to say so. Henry, the Duke’s son, is a giant of the social scene, a noble who owns the top boutique street in the Starrium Empire. Douglas is a master swordsman who seduces even the palace. As for Aziel, she is a business genius and runs the top of the continent. Compared to them, Evelyn is just a good-for-nothing who doesn’t do anything. On top of that, she is a wicked woman who publicly disgraced the family name by insulting the Crown Prince.

‘Well, Evelyn may look frustrated, but isn’t this way of talking a bit much?’

I know such people very well. Even though Evelyn is excellent, Douglas probably kept this attitude. Because she’s his little sister. He would think he’s above me because he’s my older brother.

“You shameless thing. Hey, Kim Geum-soo, is my wallet yours?”

“What? You X, what did you just say? Are you crazy?”

“Geum-hee! Apologize to your brother right now!”

Why do Korean families that aren’t like a family suddenly come to mind? I quickly pushed the bad memories away. I felt bad and wanted to leave this place.

I was about to walk past Douglas and leave the room when…


“…Did you hit me?”

I punched him in the shoulder instead of answering his question.

Again, let me explain, it was a mistake. No, but isn’t it the fault of the person who didn’t move to let someone pass and just stood there?

I didn’t answer his question, but raised my middle finger, opened the door forcibly and left.

* * *

After getting into an argument with Douglas, I had a pretty restless time until the morning sun came up. First, I felt like I might get cancer when I thought about my old family, which was the least of the reasons.

‘Well, it’s a relief that I gave away all my assets before I died.’

I quickly activated my cancer prevention memory. Only then did I feel a little better.

“Miss, the master is looking for you.”

I closed my eyes tightly. The thing I wanted to avoid the most had arrived.

‘It seems like I shouldn’t have hit him on the shoulder. Or maybe it’s because I cursed him? No, was it a problem that I raised my middle finger?’

No, but other than raising my finger, I didn’t do it on purpose. It seems that even Evelyn would be scolded for responding to her housemate, huh?

I quietly crawled out of bed.

“I’ll help you with your preparations, Miss.”


I nodded my head. The crystal bath was already filled with warm water. I wanted to carp over at least one of the maid’s minor mistakes to feel a sense of control, but…

“Is the water temperature okay?”

“It’s fine.”

“Then may I help you apply the soap?”

She really isn’t just any maid. Her perfection is almost too overwhelming; it almost put me to sleep. The delicate and irritable body of the villainess didn’t even complain.

“The preparations are complete. Is there anything else you’d like me to do?”

There isn’t. To be honest, it’s perfect. It’s so perfect that tears welled up in my eyes.

Even without that, everything from Evelyn’s beauty, which suits my taste, to her dress and the tiny accessories, I like them all. Especially that dress with the many butterflies, I really like it.

Why does Evelyn’s taste match mine so perfectly?

I waved the maid off as if to say, “That’s enough,” and headed for the Duke’s office, feeling like a cow being led to the slaughterhouse. As soon as I reached the office, the butler opened the door as if he had been waiting.

“Please enter, Miss.”

Ugh, I don’t want to go in.

Unlike the Duke’s leniency toward me, the Duke seemed strict just by looking at him. He scolded me yesterday for spending money, but I hope he won’t take it back.

Unlike Kim Geum-hee in Korea, Evelyn has no personal possessions. She’s really at a loss if her source of income is cut off, since she relies solely on her family’s money.

Hiding my anxiety as best I could, I entered the office with Evelyn’s characteristic bold expression.

“Mother, did you call for me?”

“I did.”

The Duke’s office was truly a place where the villainous boss resided 24/7, with opulence emanating from the golden decorations scattered throughout, exuding a dangerous sense of luxury.

However, there was one thing that was out of place.

It was a document that had fallen into the Duke’s hands, with its contents turned upside down. I hesitated whether to point this out or not but finally decided to speak up.

“Mother, the document is upside down.”

“I see.”

The Duke awkwardly straightened the document. It seemed as if he hadn’t even noticed. Before I could give him a suspicious look, he got right to the point.

“I heard about your actions yesterday.”

“Are you going to scold me?”

“Of course.”

Damn, it was obvious. I closed my eyes and braced myself for the scolding I was about to receive. I just hoped he wouldn’t take my money. But what the Duke brought up was completely unexpected.

“Since I’ve already given Douglas a good talking to, there’s no need for you to say anything unnecessary.”


He didn’t scold me? With a puzzled expression on his face, the Duke seemed to look at me as if I were a curiosity.

“Ever since you were humiliated by that brat, you haven’t been in your right mind. Was the Crown Prince really that good?”

“No, it’s not like that.”

“Why would you be interested in such a brat? Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Just focus on cultivating a good eye for men, everything else seems to be fine.”


It seemed that the Duke disliked the Crown Prince as much as I did. Come to think of it, when Evelyn started chasing after the Crown Prince, the Duke had shown his displeasure.

The Duke took out a small bag again, just like yesterday.

“What is that?”

“It’s money.”

Well, who wouldn’t know? I asked with a puzzled expression, and the Duke replied as if he had picked it up on the street.

“Douglas asked me to give it to you. Use it to buy jewelry with your father.”

“I… I don’t want to spend his money.”

“The fault is with Douglas, not the money. Now get out of your room for a while. Go shopping, get some fresh air.”

I was at a loss for words.

Why does everyone in this house keep telling me to spend money?

The answer came to me quickly. It was because Evelyn was obsessed with money.

So people wanted to see if I had finally changed my reckless spending habits.

But I had already spent a fortune yesterday buying two mansions. Now they wanted me to spend again?

No matter who I am in this world, I can’t be that shameless. I refused.

“It’s okay. Father probably heard that I bought a lot of clothes yesterday.”

But for some reason, the Duke’s expression was subtle. His pupils seemed to shrink oddly, as if he were shocked.

“So you won’t accept?”


Oh, this is a bit scary.

I can’t be as rude to the Duke as I can be to others. The Duke has a terrifying personality that even Douglas’ child wouldn’t dare to approach.

Everyone in this household, except Douglas, loves Evelyn.

But I am not Evelyn. If those evil, villainous families find out that Evelyn is no longer here…

“…I can’t die gracefully.”

I don’t want to. Even if I die, I want to die with dignity, and I want to live a peaceful and comfortable life until then. If I pretend to be the Evelyn they want, I’ll have to spend money the way they want. I might even advertise that I’ve forgotten about the crown prince.

I sighed and nodded my head reluctantly, brushing my hair back.

“I’ll accept it.”

* * *

“My daughter!”

As soon as I left the office, Henry was waiting for me.

“Mom told you, right? Come on, let’s get dressed up and go shopping with Dad.”


“Don’t you want to?”

Henry held out his fist in an awkward gesture and blinked his sky-blue eyes. For a moment I couldn’t help laughing. It was clear that they had planned this in advance. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have waited for me like this.

And even by anyone’s standards, Henry was already well dressed.

“I already told the Duke that I would go shopping with him, so I can’t refuse.”

I slapped my fist against his. And in Evelyn’s tone, I said, “Let’s go.”

At that moment, perhaps it was my mood, Henry’s face seemed strangely pleased.

“Why did he seem so happy when I decided to spend money yesterday?”

The question wasn’t long in coming. Not long after, Douglas appeared in front of me. Of course, I involuntarily frowned.

Douglas wanted to say something, but knowing that not only the Duke but also Henry was on my side, I walked right past him.

“Don’t try so hard to give allowance to a pathetic child.”

I couldn’t resist leaving a note for Evelyn.

Douglas’ face twisted subtly.

‘He really does have a bitter taste.’

I stuck my tongue out at Douglas behind his back. How could I waste Douglas’ money now?

* * *

It was the events of the night before. Henry, noticing the reddened tip of Evelyn’s nose, immediately reported it to his wife.

“Honey, actually…”

Douglas’ argument with Evelyn, which eventually left her crying, was relayed to Lady Tara Praviche without missing a single detail.

“There’s a limit to crossing the line.”

Tara was furious and immediately called for Douglas.