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Chapter 13

For such an abrupt encounter, their coordination and delivery sure were impeccable, almost as if they had rehearsed and planned it from the start.

Seeing how they were pushing it, their purpose finally dawned on me.

They wanted to crush me by riding on Leon’s tailcoat.

They wanted me to lower my head so that they could thrive on the sense of superiority.

As if I had any intention of doing that.

“What if I refuse?”

“What did you just say…?”

“Are you confident that you can accept an apology?”

When I answered coldly, Jackal stuttered in embarrassment.

Lunarin and Count Lawrence also appeared startled.

If they thought that would be enough to make me bow down, they were sorely mistaken.

I went through a lot of hardships after leaving the orphanage and becoming independent. I had encountered these kinds of people a lot.

Once they saw the victim in you, that’s it.

They’d think they have the upper hand and relentlessly ignore and deride me.

“Tell me, are you confident?

I took a step closer, exuding a chilling aura.

At this moment, I acted as if I was Kiana from the original work instead of my true self.

She would never have taken this treatment lightly.

“W-what do you think you’re doing? Do you think Brother Leon will overlook this? Just you wait, when he returns—”

—I sneered derisively at them.

In the end, all they could do was cry to Leon.

“Kiana, who do you think you are?”

“The Princess doesn’t know who she’s dealing with.”

Lunarin and Count Lawrence judged that it was time for them to join in and take sides.

Staring at them, I taunted.

“By that, do you mean that I can’t tell who is whom?”

“W-watch your attitude!”

“—Or are you calling me indiscriminate?”


“If that’s what you want, I can be indiscriminate? You see, I haven’t had a chance to unleash my power.”

I swept back my bangs and acted as wickedly as possible, just like the diabolical villain in the original work.

Like a crazy, short-tempered b*tch who inherited the blood of Brunak.

The three went pale.


Much to their shock, instead of bowing down, I retaliated against them.

‘Whose great idea was it to provoke me?’

I didn’t want to do this either.

My goal was to live quietly as if I were dead in this crazy family and then escape with Evan.

However, their actions today clearly crossed the line.

“Go ahead and tell me, is that what you want?

“Kiana, actually…”

Intimidated, Lunarin began to backpedal.

Count Lawrence and Jackal could only watch with their eyes wide, unable to form a word.

‘That should be enough.’

I also didn’t want to escalate things.

‘I’ll have to live as if I don’t exist for a while.’

I was already worried about how Leon, who was competing for first and second place in the risk ranking, would do.

In order to fulfill my duty, I vowed to steer clear of that lunatic at any cost for the time being.

Clap, clap.

Suddenly, applause was heard.

“Heh, did our Kiana just bare her claws?”

A white-haired man leaned sideways against a pillar, arrogantly crossing his arms.

As soon as I saw that pale, vampire-like face, a shiver ran down my spine.

My pupils shook intensely at the appearance of the crazy guy I never wanted to see.



“…You’re here.”

The faces of the three, who were on the brink of death, lit up when they beheld their savior.

I could see a hint of pride in the way he looked at me, as if asking what next action I planned to take.

My face went white.

‘Why now…’

I was frantic. How was I supposed to resolve this tangled mess?

“Welcome, Leon. Didn’t you say that you’d arrive tomorrow? It seems that you came earlier than expected.”

“That I am.”

Leon smiled lazily and stepped closer to him.

“Brother, let me explain what happened.”

Jackal spoke as if he had been waiting for that exact moment. Then, he filled Leon in on the situation. Of course, with embellishments.

“—Then, the princess suddenly got mad and insulted my family, my aunt, and even my brother. In the end, she even threatened me…”

Once again, Lunarin and Count Lawrence judged that it was time for them to add the chorus.

“Mother was so sad and upset that she cried.”

“What did our family do to deserve this kind of treatment?”

I listened quietly, shocked.

Rather than embellishment, it was outright incitement and fabrication.

“That happened?”

“Yes, Brother.”

Jackal gave me a sidelong glance and smiled triumphantly. He was basically grinning from ear to ear. Was the thought of getting back at me that exciting?

—But Jackal.”

Leon’s expression became stern as his voice deepened.

“Why are you telling me this? Did I ever ask?”

“Huh? N-no, you didn’t…”

“What were you expecting?”


Jackal stammered, minding his next words.

He looked embarrassed as his arrow, which was obviously aimed at me, backfired.


Smirking, Leon called me. Then, he beckoned to Jackal with his chin.

“Do you want to kill him?”


Astonished, I merely blinked.

Whether or not he was serious, or whatever his intention was, I couldn’t tell.

“Ha, haha… Brother, what kind of joke is that? Stop your mischief—”

“—It’s not a joke?”

Leon grabbed Jackal by the shoulder, before shoving him in my direction.

He proceeded to look down on Jackal.

As he made eye contact with me, Jackal trembled, swallowing audibly.

“What do you mean?”

I raised my head and met Leon’s gaze before asking, keeping my voice low to conceal my anxiety.

“Was I unclear?”


“I was saying, even if you kill Kal, I won’t do anything.”

I frowned at his follow up.

‘Do you expect me to believe that?’

I never intended to be swayed by such words.

As impressionable as I was, my half-brothers and sisters were the last people that I would trust.

It’d be best to respond to Leon wisely so as not to offend him, and then defuse the situation.

“I don’t believe it.”

Leon chuckled low, as if he didn’t like my reaction.

His laughter was so chilling that goosebumps appeared on my forearms.

“Would you believe me if I did this?”

Leon snapped his fingers.

A magic circle spread out beneath Jackal’s feet as he stood there.


Electrocuted by a high-voltage current, Jackal screamed in pain.


I was bewildered.

Until the moment he told me to kill Jackal and pushed him at me, I thought he was just making fun of me.

I saw that wasn’t the case.

That lunatic really threw Jackal at me so that I’d finish him off.


“Everyone, cease, this instant!”

After some contemplation, Lunarin and Count Lawrence inserted themselves between us.

However, Leon seemed to have no intention of stopping. No, rather, he flicked his fingertips to increase the voltage. Jackal’s eyes began to roll as his body trembled.

‘At this rate, he will die.’

I’d be lying if I said I had any positive feelings toward Jackal.

After all, he openly ignored and insulted me. Regardless, I never wished for him to die.

At least, not before my eyes.

“What a bore.”


“It’s just childish.”

My voice was calm, without fluctuation, as if I had no interest in Jackal’s fate.

Leon narrowed his eyes at my reaction.

Either way, I hid my emotions behind a blank façade.

I thought the reason Leon did that was because of his twisted hobby, which was enjoying my reaction.

In that case, wouldn’t indifference be the best response I could give?

“Is it childish?”

After seeing I had no reaction, Leon snapped his fingers again in apathy.

“Uh, ugh…”

When the spell was lifted, Jackal groaned lowly.

Sparks flew intermittently as if electricity was still coursing through his body.


The count rushed to him, pulling Jackal into his arms.

“It seems that he’s still breathing, shall I?

“No need.”