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Dante kept his promise. On the day the rain stopped, he came to fetch me. Dante seemed like a responsible person as depicted in the novel. I was truly fortunate. Upon hearing the news of Dante’s arrival, my mother insisted on dressing me in Ellie’s clothes, which didn’t fit me at all.

Sigh. You’ve really grown tall!

Thanks to my mother intentionally feeding me oily foods all this time, I gained weight and had a healthy glow to my skin. Although the clothes were tight, it was bearable enough. My mother sighed before inspecting me from head to toe as if I were prime meat, allowing me to finally meet Dante.

She didn’t ask about the faint bruise still lingering on my neck.

Go and meet Duke Petros! Remember, he’s coming to see you again because he likes you! Don’t talk nonsense this time. Do you understand what I mean?

When one has many sins, they feel pricked often. My mother seemed quite anxious about me meeting Dante alone.

As I headed downstairs to greet Dante upon hearing that his carriage had arrived, I encountered someone else welcoming him before me.

“Your Grace.”

Illyae called out to Dante, her voice filled with moisture as if she was trying to appeal to him as a family member. Dante raised his head and gazed at Illyae. Illyae smiled, a smile everyone except me adored.

“Could we have a brief conversation before you and Chloe go out? I would be very grateful for the time to clear up a small misunderstanding between Your Grace and me.”

“…If it’s brief, then it’s fine.”

Illyae smiled coyly.

She tilted her head about 45 degrees to appear innocent, delicately sweeping her hair behind her ears.

In many ways, she was quite extraordinary.

I clenched the railing.

“What a fox-like woman.”

I remarked to the air.

It was obvious what story she was going to tell.

There must be a reason she was riding with Lord Dante, trying to make contact with Werner.

Considering various circumstances, it was clear she was trying to package the incident of the marriage being pushed aside for image management.

She must be trying to draw Dante into her net, considering the advantages.

I was looking down at the lower floor from the stairs when Illyae seemed to notice.

Illyae looked up at me and smirked.

“Expect it.”

I had no intention of falling for her tricks.

I immediately followed the two.

I didn’t plan to listen to Illyae’s nonsense.

Illyae took Dante to the garden.

As they got closer, her voice grew louder.

“……Due to my parents’ concerns… The marriage happened like this, but I am truly sorry to Your Grace. Chloe is a child with many worries. So, although there are shortcomings……”

In many ways, she was impressive.

With a voice full of longing for me, she was belittling me.

Would Dante believe her characterization?

I stopped to listen a bit more.

At that moment, Dante cut off Illyae’s words abruptly.



Illyae seemed to blink pitifully.

She would have been a star if she had entered the entertainment industry.

She would have been a success even if she had appeared in morning dramas that made mothers across the country cry.

“Your words are beyond my comprehension, milady. I’ve always known this to be a misunderstanding. Furthermore, are you now intending to disparage Young Lady Chloe?”

Dante spoke sternly.

The side of Dante’s face appeared rigidly cold.

Could it have come to this?

My body slackened.

According to the original plan, Dante was supposed to be captivated by Illyae’s masterpiece.

But in Dante’s gaze upon Illyae now, there was not a hint of warmth.

Illyae looked awkwardly stiff.

I’m not sure what happened, but it seemed to have worked out well for me.

Illyae trembled slightly and lowered her head.

Disgusting tears fell with a ‘plop.’

“Y, Your Grace… It wasn’t meant in that way; it was a plea to take good care of my sister. How could I ever think of disparaging my own sister? Chloe means everything to me.”

Illyae’s voice trembled noticeably.

“Moreover, as Your Grace pointed out, it was indeed a misunderstanding. However, I apologize for Chloe’s absence even though I could have taken her place. Chloe’s health is delicate, and she has never engaged in social activities before. I only have admiration in my heart for what I’ve heard from the maids.”

Illyae spoke with an unobstructed, pitiable voice.

It was a genuine appearance, convincing enough to deceive anyone.

A chuckle escaped my lips involuntarily.

“If, by chance, the inexperienced Chloe had been disrespectful to Your Grace, I wanted to apologize on her behalf. If my folly seemed disrespectful to you, I apologize for that as well.”

Illyae seemed adept at painting others in a negative light.

Dante sighed.

Dante, who had held his tongue so far, spoke up.

“If that was your intention, I accept the apology. I understand your heart for your sister well enough.”

“I’m relieved that the misunderstanding has been cleared up.”

Illyae chewed at her lip, visible here.

She’s barely containing her anger.

She must feel ashamed to be seen in this state when she knows I’m watching.

“Shall we leave now? The appointed time is passing by.”

The conversation we had clearly sparked a change in Dante, just as I intended. Part of the original plan has been disrupted.

Illyae concealed her surprise and nodded her head.

Seeing that, it felt like a decade-old resentment was finally dissipating.

This will continue, Illyae. I won’t let things go your way.

* * *

“It seems like you’re in a good mood.”

“Because something had to happen.”

I replied with a grin.

By now, Illyae must be tearing the entire bed apart, lashing out at the maids with just a finger. The image of her face distorted like a demon’s, all in chaos, was quite satisfying to imagine.

Dante escorted us into the building. Dante had taken me to a high-end restaurant. Inside, the aroma tantalized my senses. I didn’t know what cuisine it was, but the smell was appetizing.

And in that moment of inhaling that scent, I realized something.

It had been a long time since I had proper food.

Since I came into this body, I hadn’t eaten a decent meal. Back then, it was due to poverty. And afterward, it was out of spite.

The Count and Countess detested the idea of anything going into my mouth.

Eating and dressing—all seemed like taking away from Illyae.

“Ugh, you pig-like wench. Stop eating so much! Illyae was so skinny!”

“That’s why they say a mutant will devour Illyae someday.”

After we visited the Temple, I had never dined at a restaurant before. Despite being the same blood, the treatment was vastly different. Such temperament surely led to the birth of such a daughter.

It was a relief when my memories flooded back. If I were still the ordinary Chloe, I might still be enduring Illyae’s mistreatment.

The aroma made my mouth water involuntarily.

Dante naturally chose the menu for both of us. I mimicked his dining etiquette, even though I had never properly learned it. As a result, our meal progressed slowly.

Having been ostracized in the mansion and deprived of decent meals for so long, the joy of indulging in quality food felt like a tap dance of delight in my stomach.

I dipped perfectly cooked steak into the sauce sprinkled with lemon juice and savored the rich flavors. With every bite, the succulent juices spread, and everything tasted delicious.

I tried not to appear too eager, but I couldn’t help but relish every bite. Who knew when I’d have another proper meal like this?

Mother always fed me the bitter pig trotters, claiming they’d fatten me up.

Not a drop of sauce was wasted. It had been so long since I’d felt the joy of a delicious meal. I had to resist the urge to eat with my hands, but I maintained a dignified appearance.

Dante matched my slower pace with understanding, and we continued our meal in silence.

The dessert, made with foie gras, was exquisite, although I couldn’t quite discern its contents. It was a truly delightful meal, leaving me wishing for more courses.

“I guess you were quite hungry,”

Dante remarked with surprise.

“Oh, very much so. And the meal was truly delicious.”