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Noah’s Serenity

Olivia, who always hid her feelings behind a smile, finally seemed her age. It was as though Margo was seeing her true self for the first time, observing her shy laughter with interest.

Beatrice asked her to meet with Lucy briefly before heading towards the bustling maze garden that was busy with preparations for the banquet.

Among the numerous gardens within Herod’s Palace, the maze garden stood as a symbol, distinguished by its meticulously arranged autumn rose bushes forming the labyrinth with dozens of hidden small clearings throughout.

It was a long-standing tradition in Herod’s social circles to host a party in the maze garden within a week after the autumn banquet.

At the entrance of the garden, branches with ripe fruits elegantly adorned the path, and the main garden was furnished with plush, comfortable sofas for the ladies to sit and chat. Fire pits to ward off the chill and lanterns poised on elegant rose vine candleholders awaited the darkness to illuminate the space.

Each entrance to the maze was marked by arches skillfully intertwined with fruit tree branches and lanterns, though the Queen ventured only into the nearest maze due to its vastness.

The Queen, satisfied with the sumptuous roses that contained the gardener’s soul, commanded the chief lady-in-waiting following her.

“Today, you must never take your eyes off Miss Olivia Liberty.”

Recalling Olivia in her blue dress, the queen stopped and turned to the chief lady-in-waiting,

“You have the list of those who pressured Miss Liberty at the last banquet, correct? If they attempt to approach her or lead her into the maze, use my excuse to intervene and escort her out. And if Olivia tries to enter the maze garden alone, make sure someone accompanies her.”

“Understood. However… if you’re so concerned, wouldn’t it be better to advise Miss Liberty to stay in the main garden?”

At the chief lady-in-waiting’s words, the queen turned and gazed thoughtfully at the beautiful maze. The breeze that swept through the fully bloomed autumn roses was truly sweet. At night, the lanterns strung throughout would add a mysterious and dreamlike atmosphere.

“We cannot deny her this beauty due to the recklessness of some prodigal sons.”

The chief lady-in-waiting, following the queen’s gaze into the autumn-settled maze, slowly nodded in agreement,

“Indeed, you are right. I will take care.”

“Thank you.”

Beatrice said as she gently patted the chief lady-in-waiting’s shoulder before walking on.


⚜ ⚜ ⚜


While others busied themselves preparing for the maze garden party and royal guests pondered their departures, Noah’s day unfolded with the same routine as the day before.

In the morning, he attended to his duties as a naval officer, and by noon, he was immersed in the affairs of the Norfolk Investment Company. Mason handed over documents for Noah’s approval with one hand while rummaging through reference materials with the other.

“Increasing our investment in Wilhelm company was indeed a brilliant move. Currently, there isn’t a single country on the Norfolk continent without a magic dome contract with them. Even Porcelain, the last holdout, announced their installation of a magic dome this winter. The share price has risen by ten percent just last week.”

Noah nodded, skimming through the paperwork requiring his signature. Mason continued, presenting another document.

“The final paperwork related to Wilhelm company’s magic dome arrived from Pulder. It appears the magic dome is under a joint patent application.”

“Joint patent?”

As he glanced up after signing off on the document, Mason carefully inserted the signed papers into a file.

“Yes, it’s registered under Ansen Wilhelm and a man named Oliver. Just Oliver, no surname. I checked Wilhelm company’s executive and research team rosters, but no such person. Odd, isn’t it?”

Observing his puzzled expression, Noah shrugged and redirected his attention back to the documents.

“What matters is that Ansen Wilhelm manages the business well enough to significantly increase my investment. There’s no need or reason to figure out who Oliver is.”

“Of course.”

Having signed off on the last document, Noah stood up, picking up his jacket with one hand and neatly fastening the top button of his shirt that he had loosened earlier.

“Heading to the palace now?”

At Noah’s nonchalant nod, Mason sighed.

“Miss Liberty’s last day in Herod, I suppose. It was nice seeing her in the newspapers, it’s regrettable.”

“She doesn’t even know who you are. What’s there to regret?”

“You’re really merciless.”

With an incredulous shrug, Noah exited the office with confident strides, his appearance impeccable as if he had spent hours getting ready. He donned his black gloves as he stepped into the carriage waiting outside the company, which then smoothly set off towards Herod Palace.

As the landscape passed by, he thought back to Mason’s words.

“Regrettable, huh…”

People really have too much time on their hands, he thought. Why the fascination with her? She hasn’t contributed to any household, nor was she a war hero.

He glanced at the newspaper always present in the carriage.

Today’s front page was dominated by Olivia, as usual. It seemed she had attended a library event yesterday.

Noah stared at her smiling, youthful face for a long while.

…Regrettable, indeed.

“If anyone should feel regret, it would be me.”

He set the newspaper aside and turned his gaze out the window.

Noah Astrid had indeed enjoyed a certain peace while Olivia entertained the King.


⚜ ⚜ ⚜


“Liv, you must write to me, promise? I’ll write to you too!”

Princess Lucy clung to Olivia’s dress, tears streaming down her face as the maids informed Olivia it was time to return and dress for the day. The sight of the young girl, tears in her big eyes, crying so uncontrollably, was so pitiful that she carefully held her.

“Don’t cry, Princess. I’ll come back again. I’ll write you many letters.”

Huwaaahh, promise me, promise. Waaah.”

Seeing how desperately the young Princess clung to her, even Missus Lehmann, who thought herself accustomed to the solitude of the palace, found herself shedding tears.

The next moment, Lucy, who was hugging Olivia’s neck tightly, suddenly dashed off, returning shortly with a pretty jewelry box. From it, she retrieved a flower pin she had used during a picnic a few days prior.

“This is my gift to you. Sniff, please take it, Liv.”

The pink flower pin, placed in her chubby, small hands, looked incredibly charming. Olivia carefully accepted it.

“What could I possibly give you in return, Princess…”

Even if she had anything, she wouldn’t dare give it to the princess. As Olivia hesitated, Missus Lehmann suggested gently.

“You could give her the headband you’re wearing.”

“This isn’t anything valuable though…”

How could she offer her always-worn, old headband? As she hesitated, Missus Lehmann gave her a reassuring look.

“If it’s from Liv, I’ll love anything!”

Even the princess said this with shining eyes, prompting Olivia to reluctantly remove the green headband she was wearing and hand it to Lucy.

“I’m sorry, Princess. It’s nothing compared to your lovely gift.”

“Thank you, Liv! I’ll cherish it!”

“Now, Miss Liberty, it’s time for you to go.”

With those words, Olivia, who was trying to comfort Lucy, had to leave the Princess’s room, urged on by her maids.

“Please hurry. Walk a bit faster.”

“I’m sorry.”

As Jane kept impatiently checking her watch and eagerly awaiting Olivia’s arrival, she immediately began the dressing process upon her return.

Dressing began with donning a gown.

Her tender face, which was untouched by makeup before, was lightly spread with the delicate powder, and her dark eyes were lovingly accentuated. In addition, her usually casually tied, voluminous black hair was smoothed down with oil and let loose, and simple yet pure pearl earrings adorned her ears.