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The reason for coming all the way to the council chamber.

At that question, Riersha abruptly set down her biscuit. Indeed, there was a clear reason for her visit.

“To give a gift to Gwandpa.”

“To the Duke?”


However, when it came time to present the gift, she hesitated. Given the abundance of valuable items in Duke Arachrene’s castle, what she had prepared seemed too insignificant. It seemed unlikely to be appreciated.

“It’s alright, go ahead and present your gift to the Duke.”

Noticing Riersha’s concern, Rocinante smiled encouragingly.

Surely, these two gentlemen would be happy to receive even a pebble picked up by her from the road. It was unfortunate that the child was unaware of this fact.

“Thhen, hewe…”

After hesitating for a while, Riersha took out something. In her palm lay a red flower bracelet woven from stems. Though slightly clumsily made, it had a decent appearance.

“Did you make this yourself?”


Thinking of the small hands that must have crafted this bracelet brought an involuntary smile to Archmond’s face, though he quickly resumed a stern expression and extended his left arm.

“Put it on me yourself.”


“Who else would do it?”

Riersha looked perplexed, clutching the bracelet tightly. She hadn’t expected it to be accepted, let alone to be asked to put it on his wrist herself.

Just as she carefully placed the bracelet on Archmond’s wrist—

“What about my gift?”



Her hands stopped abruptly.


Sweat seemed ready to break out. As Riersha trailed off, Fernore commented with a hint of disbelief.

“So, you prepared something for the Duke but not for me. Interesting.”

As Fernore started glaring at the bracelet, Riersha belatedly realized her oversight.

“Nyoo, I have.”

“…Where is it?”

It did exist.

…The problem was that only the gift for Archmond was finished.

Crafting a presentable bracelet was still a challenge for her, and she hesitated to ask Sonna for help because it wouldn’t be her own work.

“Oh? So you brought something just for this old man?”

Archmond looked satisfied when he realized there was only one gift.

“You’re quite the charmer, understanding who holds the real power and how to line up accordingly.”

“Yes? Line uhp?”

The child tilted her head in confusion.

Archmond proudly raised his arm to show off the bracelet, which was now snugly tied around his wrist. A gift that neither his only son nor his grandsons had ever thought to give him. Indeed, his granddaughter had something special about her.

Riersha was relieved to see Archmond genuinely liked her gift.

‘I’m glad Grandfather liked it.’

She beamed with joy.

Then, Oberon, who had been waiting outside, called out to Archmond.

“Duke, it’s time to start your schedule.”

“Then, I must be going.”

“Yes, take karr.”

Riersha bowed her head politely.

As Archmond looked down at his bracelet with a content smile, he met eyes with Oberon waiting outside the council chamber and cleared his throat then hurried off.

Riersha tensed up when she saw the two disappearing. It was only then that she realized she was now alone with Fernore. Wondering why she felt a prickling sensation on her back, she sneaked a glance behind.

She could see him sitting down, looking at a red petal on the table.

“Rocinante, what’s the name of this flower? Plant it everywhere in the garden, enough to trip over it on everyone’s path. Riersha seems to like it.”

“Of course, Young Duke.”

Fernore smiled gently.


Riersha hiccupped at his smile.

What to do?

As she nervously rolled her eyes, she quickly pushed forward a plate filled with sweets.

“This, this!”



Fernore quietly looked down at the snacks Riersha had been eating.

“So, this is my gift.”



She was at a loss for words.

To her, it seemed too thoughtless. A hasty offering that might seem insincere to Fernore. But unexpectedly, he picked up a sweet and tasted it.




After a few bites of the sweets, Fernore stopped and pulled the chair closer to where she was sitting. Suddenly finding him so close, she looked up at him with startled eyes.

“Uh… uh?!”

Fernore looked at the red eyes looking up at thim. He slowly examined her face before leaning his body with one arm and closing the distance completely.

Then, he brushed off some crumbs from her lips and asked.

“What have you been up to since that day, Riersha?”


“I heard you’ve been busy with lessons from Carden during the day, homework with Sona in the afternoon, and asleep at night, so you didn’t have time. Seems like my daughter is busier than I am.”

That day he referred to was after they had met at the disciplinary committee. Riersha took a deep breath, slightly shocked about what Fernore had said.

‘…Dad knows my schedule?’

She had thought he wasn’t interested since he never came to see her… Riersha looked lost.

“You come to see me?”


“….Wh, when?”

“In the early mornings.”


“You always sleep clutching your rabbit doll. Is that your comfort toy?”

As he asked, Fernore chuckled softly, thinking of the rabbit doll. It was a shabby-worn toy that seemed to have been touched by the child a lot, looking out of place in her luxurious room.

Riersha, realizing he even knew about her beloved rabbit doll, gaped at him in astonishment. Her eyes fixed intently on Fernore.

“That’s quite a funny face you’re making.”

He laughed lightly, playfully tousling her hair.

It was Riersha’s favorite hairstyle. It was the first time she was praised by many for its cuteness. Sona meticulously learned and styled it after seeking lessons from the maid.

“Who did your hair like this?”




Riersha pronounced it with a sloppy pronunciation, causing Fernore’s smile to widen playfully. Her cheeks puffed out in response.

“No touch it.”


“It’ll ruin!”

Saying so, she frantically started to protect her carefully curled buns from his teasing touches. Her small hands held her curled hair preciously. The determination in her red eyes looking at him almost looked formidable.

Fernore felt a burst of laughter coming but maintained his composure. He was worried that he might genuinely upset Riersha.

“It looks so tempting to touch.”


“It suits you well.”

Riersha felt a whirlwind of emotions. Was that a compliment? After teasing her about the hairstyle she loved most, he now says it suits her.

As she looked at him with a puzzled expression, Fernore stood up.

“Time to go.”


“How long do you plan to stay here?”

Riersha felt disappointed for a moment, mixed with a bit of sadness.

‘Seems like I’m the only one feeling sorry.’

Still, she couldn’t help it. After all, Fernore, bearing the title of Young Duke, must be incredibly busy.


Just as Riersha hid her disappointment and nodded.


His hand came between her arms, and she was suddenly scooped up. As her view expanded to the higher parts of the room, making her puzzled. Fernore lightly picked up her with one arm and proceeded to walk. He glanced at Rocinante, who was still waiting by the door, giving him a signal.

Rocinante, understanding the cue, smiled and nodded. That glance meant to also take his documents and leave.