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The man was incredibly kind, but it felt too generous for someone like me.

I shook my head in denial.

“No, really… If you find it hard to believe, I can show you the letter Leonie sent me yesterday.”

However, the man also gently shook his head.

“No need, you can take my word for it. It’s truly not Lady’s fault. Coincidentally, that was exactly what I was about to discuss. First of all…”

After glancing at me hesitantly, he seemed to realize he could no longer delay the situation. With an attitude resembling a doctor who must deliver the news that there was no hope left to a patient’s family, he parted his lips again.

“Arnold had a secret lover.”

“Yes, and?”

What was new?

Seeing my nonchalant response, the man suddenly narrowed his eyes and spoke lowly.

“You knew? And you still left him be?”

“Well… what about it?”

That Arnold, with his secret meetings, was killed by my sister. Knowing my guess was right from my previous life memories, I waited quietly for him to continue, ready to contradict him.

“Yes, according to our investigation, Arnold went on a trip with his lover… and died falling off a cliff while drunkenly driving the carriage himself.”

Before I could object, he quickly added.

“And Arnold’s death occurred the day before the assassination attempt on your sister, in the afternoon, to be precise. It was just a late discovery.”

“What?! Then…”

“Yes, Arnold’s death has truly nothing to do with the Bartolli family.”

As I considered the man’s words slowly, I had no choice but to acknowledge he was right. But, but… This didn’t make sense.

Stuttering, I responded.

“I really did receive a letter from Leonie, you know. And if she says she’ll do something, she does it.”

“If it’s about that revenge… it might be this.”

Saying so, he pulled out tomorrow’s edition of the imperial newspaper.

‘…How does he have tomorrow’s newspaper in hand?’

Despite my wonder, the headline on the front page was too shocking to ignore.



[ Lady Bartolli’s Fiancé Witnessed in Adultery. Multiple Occurrences… Yet the Engagement Remains Unaffected? ]



As I read the headline, my heart sank. His voice buzzed in my ears.

“I acquired it just before the imperial newspaper’s publication. It seems the future Crown Princess intended to exact revenge on you by exposing your fiancé’s infidelity in a grand manner.”

At first glance, the article seemed to condemn a man who betrayed his fiancée and engaged in affairs. Considering my mother was the first princess, and I was the eldest daughter of the Marquis, not to mention the Glentino family held a right to the throne, our news being in the imperial newspaper wasn’t unusual.

However, the intent behind placing such sensational, gossip-worthy content as the headline was clear. Especially since not Arnold, the one who had the affairs, but my name was included in the headline.

Ordinary people might interpret Leonie’s intentions like this:

First, by exposing my fiancé’s infidelity, she aimed to shock me. Second, she wanted to cause gossip about how I managed my fiancé, questioning my capabilities in high society.

However, I knew better than that. It wasn’t about any of that.

Firstly, I was already aware of Arnold’s affairs, so there was no new betrayal to shock me. Secondly, I couldn’t care less about society’s opinion, which Leonie was well aware of. Rather… what my d*mned sister actually aimed for was…

‘My father hating me more.’

Frankly, Arnold’s affair becoming public was more detrimental to me than his death. While it might not be easy to blame me for Arnold’s ‘death,’ his ‘affair’ would not be seen the same way. In fact, it could very well be considered entirely my fault (by my father).

‘Leonie, that wretched girl.’

She, my youngest sister, knew too well how to wound me in the most elegant manner. Ironically, having my fiancé killed by Leonie might have been an act of mercy in her mind—a warning without humiliation, so to speak.

Anyway, Lord Glentino’s words were correct.

My fiancé Arnold.

“He truly died because of his own foolishness.”

“Yes, indeed.”

Ha, haha. All my guilt, regret, and apologies—give them all back.

“Actually, I didn’t want to mention it to you.”

The man in front of me sipped his tea and persisted, “If you had known Arnold was unfaithful, I should have told you sooner. Since I asked to meet you yesterday, I can only imagine the kind of wild guesses you might have had.”

“I didn’t make any wild guesses.”

Feeling a bit sheepish for having eyed the maid’s uniform, I pretended it was nothing. Then, I asked something I was curious about as I fiddled with the teacup handle slightly.

“Did his affair partner… die as well?”

“Do you wish for that?”

What kind of question was that?!

“Why would I?! I’m just curious about what happened to them.”

“They did not die. According to reports, Arnold was alone in the carriage at the time. However, the partner, not wanting the affair to be discovered, apparently fled the scene upon witnessing the accident, so we plan to seek compensation from them at a family level.”

His voice sounded quite firm, reassuring me once more that Arnold’s death wasn’t my fault.

I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of compensation they were after.

With the main topic addressed, I definitely felt more relaxed—so much so that I could afford to smile slightly at the other person. However, in contrast to me, Owen Glentino seemed to become more tense. Though he maintained a calm demeanor throughout, it was just a feeling I had.

“Lady Bartolli.”

Just as the man called my name, there was a knock at the door.

It was the family’s butler.

The man set down his teacup with a thud. His expression didn’t change, but somehow, I could sense he was very annoyed. The butler cautiously opened the door slightly, and without turning his head, the man asked.

“Exactly how urgent is it, Colin?”

“It’s a… code red situation.”

At that, Owen let out a light sigh and looked at me with a truly apologetic expression.

“Lady Bartolli, I’m terribly sorry to ask, but may I excuse myself for a moment? It won’t take long.”

“Of course.”

“Thank you. While I’m away… Oh, butler, please bring some more refreshments for the Lady.”

“No, I’m fine!”

Perhaps my response was a bit too loud as both men turned to look at me.

“Ah, if it’s alright with you, Lord, perhaps you could attend to your matters here. I’ll just take a little look around the mansion.”

After saying so, I quickly stood up. I was having such a heavy lunch and then snacks as well! I wasn’t a seven-year-old child who would eat nonstop! The butler, seeing my reluctant face, seemed to understand why and stepped aside to let me pass.

Seeing my refusal for more refreshments, Owen briefly showed a hint of disappointment before asking me.

“Then, you can tour the mansion later with me. Would you like to take a walk in the garden? I’ll find you once I’ve finished my business.”

Considering the nice weather, that didn’t sound like a bad idea at all. Feeling full and content, I readily agreed and got up.


* * *


Stepping outside, another butler was waiting for me. Having heard the conversation in the drawing room, he led me towards the garden. His manner and demeanor were so courteous that I could have mistaken myself for the queen of the Kingdom of Noiden.

“The Master won’t be long, so I’ll take you to the smallest garden. It’s modest and simple, but we would greatly appreciate it if you find some enjoyment in it.”

…The butler said on the way there, so I really believed him.


‘…This is modest and simple? The smallest one?’

Why does the smallest garden have a pond larger than my room?!

Moreover, there was a quaint wooden bridge over the pond, and willow trees swayed gently in the breeze along its banks. It looked perfect for a picnic. Amidst the harmoniously maintained array of flowers and trees, it felt like a place where one could forget the world’s troubles and live in peace.

I was genuinely impressed.

“This is really great.”

“Actually, this place was a favorite of the Duchess. She found it cozy and simple, reminding her of creating secret spaces in her youth.”

Hmm, my secret space as a child was inside a closet. What kind of secret spaces had the Duchess crafted?

There seemed no end to looking at every detail. I decided to take a long walk around the garden’s perimeter. I wanted to enjoy the solitude, so I had the butler stay a bit back.

Walking along the garden, I reached the estate’s border, marked by a towering white fence that seemed twice my height. Through it, I could see the road outside where a boy in a flat cap was enthusiastically distributing something.

“Extra! Extra!”

As he shouted, passersby took single-page newspapers from him.

An ‘extra’ usually signifies something significant. Perhaps the emperor had suddenly fallen ill, or there was news of an imperial birth or an invasion from the Noiden Kingdom.

Just then, a newspaper fluttered towards me, and I swiftly grabbed one from beyond the fence.

The headline read:



[ Today is the birthday of the most beautiful lady of the Bartolli family, Sophia Ta Bartolli ]




I doubted my eyes, but no matter how much I rubbed them, the text remained unchanged!

‘…Is this a dream? What in the world is happening?’

Then, the conversation in the drawing room flashed through my mind.

Owen had definitely said something like that.



[ “Dispatch an extra across the entire empire immediately. [ Today is the birthday of the most beautiful Lady among the three sisters of the Bartolli family, Lady Sophia. ]” ]



I thought it was a joke and laughed, but then he added,



[ “I am utterly serious, though.” ]



And what he said, word for word was printed on this extra in huge letters.

“This is insane—!”

Did this mean this not-so-funny extra was being distributed nationwide!? From one end of the empire to the other? Was he actually planning to inform the entire empire about my birthday?!

An ominous feeling struck me.

If he wasn’t just making empty threats… could it be that his statement about declaring a national holiday, and even drying up the seed of peaches, was all meant in earnest?

Was everything he said meant to be taken seriously?!

‘No wayyyy…!’

There was only one thing I needed to do at this moment. I turned around very quickly and started running back the way I had come.

“Butler! Butler!”

Stop your crazy master!