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“Ah, Dus, uht, hu… Ung…!”

Even with minimal movement, the large member filling her inside scraped along the entire inner wall as it moved in and out. For that reason, Andra was gradually adapting to the thrusting. Each time Dustin entered, it took Andra’s breath away right up to the base of her throat, but the pleasure rose just as intensely.

“Hu, uhh! Ung, ahht…”

Andra continuously moaned as the stiff pillar hit and pounded inside her. Although she was still not used to its size, Dustin’s touch was incredibly gentle. From their numerous times, he knew exactly which parts of her were the most sensitive. With slow but precise movements, Dustin stimulated Andra’s insides.

Every time the blunt tip touched her inside, a tingling sensation enveloped her entire body.

“Ah, too much! Hu, uh, uhng ugh!”



As the inner walls loosened significantly from the initial tightness, Dustin pinpointed and prodded the spots that aroused her. Her waist bucked, and her arms and legs began to flail, unsure of where to go. He gathered Andra’s hands together in his. Watching her reaction as he lightly scraped the tip against the inner wall,

“Hu-ugh, uhng!”

The gathered arms caused her full breasts to sway in sync with her movements. The tightly erect nipples that stood out like fruit were provocative. Dustin crouched down his back to take a nipple into his mouth, rolling it gently before biting down lightly while simultaneously thrusting his member deep inside her.

Andra involuntarily shivered and let out a sharp cry.

Following this, Dustin gauged the length of his penetration as Andra’s insides contracted around him. She was slightly relaxed and was breathing heavily after a light orgasm.

“….I think I can go deeper.”

“Ah, what, uhng… Can’t… Ah!”

Dustin released her hands and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him. As his flesh moved deeper than before, Andra arched her back, tightening her walls around him. The already tight space seemed to clench around him even more fiercely.

A low grunt escaped Dustin’s throat.

“Haa, Andra…”

“Huuuht… uh, ung, deep, ah!”

As he bit down on the erect nipples, Dustin increased his pace slightly. He placed his hands on Andra’s either side. As she felt the heightened speed she firmly grasped his forearms bulging with veins to keep from being pushed upwards.

The pillar slid out and then plunged back in deeply. It felt like surrendering herself to the waves. Andra couldn’t help but cry out. Ah!What seemed impossible to take in more than halfway was now stirring her deeply inside.

“….Ah, heuk!”

The moment the full length penetrated her deepest parts, Andra trembled as if convulsing. Dustin took a deep breath and buried his face in her neck feeling the inner walls clamp down on him again.

The urge to climax was overwhelming. His member had been on the verge of exploding for a while and was gradually swelling even more since it hadn’t released. The thing inside her getting bigger made Andra gasp in shock.

It was more beastly than any beast.

Andra groaned as she scratched his forearm.

“….You should know how much you drive me crazy.”

“Ah, Dus, tin, uh, ah!”

Nibbling on her neck and leaving marks, Dustin soon engulfed Andra’s lips, exploring her mouth. Her panting breaths went directly into him. Andra wrapped her arms around his head, opening her mouth to welcome his hot tongue. Her legs that were previously dangling, now clung around Dustin’s waist.

“Ah, hup… uht!”

Thrust! The flesh penetrated deeper and engulfed her completely. Her lower abdomen, holding more than half of his length, was filled to an extent incomparable to before. The heavy pressure and the relentless scraping of the large flesh against her inner walls were just the beginning.

“Uuhngh… uhng…”

Feeling the foreign body filling her stomach, Andra clung tighter to Dustin. She felt as if she couldn’t endure it otherwise. Their breaths were intertwining.

After a long time rolling in her mouth, Dustin detached his lips and increased the thrusting speed even more.

“Aahh! Dustin, huht, too, ung! Fast, ahht, uh, ung, ang!”

The bed rocked violently with the intensified movements. Andra was helplessly swaying and clung to Dustin. She cried more fervently than before. His thrusts, seeking to go deeper and further inside, made the pleasure surge.

Dustin knew exactly what Andra wanted in bed.

Dustin raised his upper body and firmly held Andra’s pelvis in place. Her stomach that contained a significant portion of his member, appeared slightly more bulged than before. As he moved, the sight of her stomach dipping and swelling was clearly visible. He was proud that she had taken more than half of him though not completely.

Struggling to control his climax, Dustin continued his thrusting. The sound of their joining was indecently wet.

“Ha-uht, now, st, ung, uhh, stop, ah… Ahng!”

Suddenly, Andra’s eyes widened and she opened her mouth. Her walls contracted tightly, prompting Dustin to deeply thrust and climax inside her.


As much semen as he had been holding back started to pour into her. Feeling something continuously gurgling inside her, Andra let her body relax and closed her eyes. She was unable to control her body that was still trembling from the climax. She couldn’t muster any strength in her fingers.

Meanwhile, Dustin began to kiss her forehead and then various parts of her body as she caught her breath.
In the languid afterglow, Andra let Dustin do as he pleased. However, feeling his still-embedded member still swelling inside her, Andra felt her lower abdomen react. Noticing this, Dustin began to gently stimulate her protruding clitoris with the tip of his finger.


“Don’t do anything. I’ll take care of everything.”

Dustin lifted Andra’s waist towards him and thrust his entire length into her. Naturally, Andra, who was devoid of strength, was pulled along and forced to take in his entire length. The reaction caused her thighs to tremble, and a mix of his seeds and her fluids leaked from their joined parts.

“Dustin, you…”

“I love you, Andra.”

Nibbling on the protruding part of her stomach, Dustin resumed thrusting slowly.

“Ah, ung! Hu, uht, ung!”

Andra was positioned like a dog with her face buried in a pillow to muffle her moans and her back up. She couldn’t hold back her cries when the blunt tip dug deep inside her. Her grip tightened on the bedsheet. The beddings were already a crumpled mess from her hands.

Holding onto something was the only way she could brace against being pushed forward.



With each thrust, Dustin pulled Andra back towards him as her body was gradually pushed forward and explored her insides again. The sound of their wet flesh meeting echoed from the junction of their hips and groins.

The swollen head of the pillar slowly scraped along her inner walls, enveloping Andra in a different kind of pleasure than the rapid pace had provided. The sensation of a massive foreign object moving inside her abdomen was vivid.

“Huuuhngh… uht, uhh…”

Squelch, squelch, the joining parts created a strange wet sound as their fluids intertwined.

Each time his large flesh pulled out, a cloudy liquid was scattered beneath them. Dustin reached down to the thoroughly soaked folds and the sensitive, reddened clitoris, rolling it between his fingers. Uhng! Andra was overwhelmed by a dazzling pleasure, collapsing her upper body and burying her face into the pillow once more.