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From the day Edith awoke in ‘this world,’ she had gained the ability to check the status of children she personally encountered.

Anyone she met and observed directly would have their names listed in this treasure chest.

Initially, only basic mood and emotional states were displayed, but as she gathered more information, it was reflected comprehensively in the display. Sometimes, it even provided preemptive information about the children.

‘It’s how I knew Lude resembles Jace.’

In her previous life, she had worked at a child care center where she meticulously maintained counseling journals; the skill window operated in a similar fashion. Initially, she had a sort of non-complaint, thinking, ‘Others get powers to see the future when they are possessed…’ But now, she no longer had such thoughts.

‘It’s convenient since I don’t have to use it directly!’

Nodding positively, Edith tapped on Vivianne’s name. A wave of golden light spread out, and detailed information appeared.



[ ♥Precious Children Treasure Box♥ — Couseling Journal ]

Name: Vivianne Valencia || Age: 11
Likes: ??? || Dislikes: ???
Personality: ???
Family and Relationships:
— Gloria Dixon Valencia (Mother): Grand Duchess Valencia
— Gale Trister Valencia (Father): Grand Duke Valencia

Family Characteristics:
— Economically affluent.

Home Issues and Needs:
— Weary of mother’s hysterical nature.
— Lacks a proper guardian figure.
— ???



The Lady’s situation was problematic in many ways. Although many parts had yet to be revealed, the visible information alone had so much. The overall circumstances were so bad, to the point where Edith wished she could offer immediate care.

Despite being a Grand Duke’s daughter, which ensured economic wealth, that seemed to be her only advantage in an otherwise precarious situation.

‘…I can’t really do anything, can I?’

It was frustrating, but Edith wasn’t her tutor.

“Why did you do that?”


“You were about to intervene, weren’t you?”

Reflecting on that scene, the Duke’s puzzled gaze as he looked at her like she was someone incomprehensible, came to mind. To him, she must have indeed appeared as a peculiar individual.



[ ♥Precious Children Treasure Box♥ — Couseling Journal ]



After feeling sullen and trying to clear her thoughts, Edith noticed a peculiar gray question mark below the list of names in her treasure chest. This mark, which should have been a name, was unresponsive to her clicks.

‘This has never happened before.’

She wondered if there was a malfunction, but everything else in the system seemed to be working normally. Despite her efforts, she couldn’t discern the meaning of the question mark before finishing her bath.


* * *



If one word could describe her recent days, it would be just that—peace. Perhaps ‘leisure’ could be added to that description.

“Today, we have some excellent ingredients, so I prepared salmon scallop tartare as an appetizer. The sauce drizzled around it should enhance the refreshing flavors.”

After the explanation, Edith popped a well-sized piece of the tartare into her mouth. The chef watched her eagerly, hoping for approval.

“It’s delicious! The salmon is tender, and the croutons add a nice crunch. They complement each other well!”

“Exactly! I knew you’d appreciate it, Lady Edith!”

The chef beamed with joy at her praise.

The excited chef then proceeded to describe each upcoming dish, each crafted from fresh ingredients. It was a series of delightful flavors.

‘All is good, really…’

Slowly adapting to the unfamiliar sensation of becoming a connoisseur, she was no longer the early riser who prepped for a day’s teaching. Without children to look after, there was no need to prepare educational materials, nor to fret over adjusting lesson plans based on daily developments.

In essence, she was experiencing the most leisurely days of her life—days filled with delicious meals prepared by others and the luxurious attention she received.

And this luxury made her incredibly—

‘…Should I really be living like this?’


After all, there was a saying: ‘Those who have played, know how to play.’ Unfortunately, Edith was still new to this kind of play. While she initially enjoyed her days as if they were on vacation, almost a week in, she started to feel the weight of the situation. Never in her life had she spent time so leisurely.

‘It’s too quiet outside too…’

The absence of news in the usually bustling newsletters also contributed to her unease. Edith seriously wondered if she was merely overshadowed by the Duke’s presence to the point where her own existence seemed invisible. It was a plausible concern.

“The last dish prepared for today is the main course: cod with butter, served with roasted potatoes…”

“Perhaps that’s enough explanation for now. I can hardly tell if the food is meant to be eaten or heard.”

Should she really just sit back and do nothing?

Interrupted by a composed voice, Edith looked up.

“Oh, Butler, I got a bit carried away again, didn’t I?”

“There’s really no need for that. Your cooking skills speak for themselves.”

As the Butler Bill calmed the chef with his usual gentle smile, the chef scratched his head, quickly exited the dining area.

“The chef was a bit overboard today. I will ensure that your dining experience is without such interruptions in the future.”

“Oh no, it wasn’t bothersome at all. I’m eating alone, after all. It actually made the meal more interesting.”

Edith quickly shook her head, worrying that the chef might be reprimanded further. In reality, listening to the explanations during her meal was quite enjoyable. She glanced behind the butler, half-expecting the Duke to appear, but as usual, she was alone.

‘When will the Duke come in?’

Even though it was supposed to be a day off!

Edith sighed inside.

It had been exactly one week since she last saw him. There were things she wanted to discuss and questions she needed to ask, but the very person she needed was nowhere to be seen. She had refrained from asking anything, worrying about bothering him during his busy schedule, though she couldn’t hold back any longer.

‘I’ll just ask!’

Just as Edith had resolved herself.

“Seeing Lady Edith enjoy the meals so much has really lifted the chef’s spirits. Until now, he hasn’t had many opportunities to really show off his skills… We are truly grateful for your generous understanding.”

Edith was puzzled.

…No opportunities?

“Does the Duke not dine at the mansion regularly?”

“The master usually takes his meals at the Ministry of Magic’s office.”

That explained it!

Edith suddenly realized. No wonder the chef was overly eager and easily moved by praise; he must have felt his skills were underutilized.

“But today is a holiday. Is he still at the castle today?”

“The master doesn’t distinguish days when it comes to his duties.”

“Oh, that’s…”

Edith felt a little sad. How busy must he be to not even have a proper meal at home? It seemed that in any world, working for the government was no easy task.

“Lady Edith, do you have any plans for this afternoon?”

“No, I’m quite free.”

Although she was quite embarrassed because she had nothing to do, it was true. She really had nothing to do.

“In that case, would you consider visiting the castle? The Chief Secretary wishes to see you.”

“Vincent wants to see me?”

The name caught her off guard, but she quickly regained her composure. Since her engagement news was out, it made sense that they would want to talk to her.

“Yes. He said he wanted to discuss something with you before the ceremony. If you agree, I will prepare a carriage.”

“That would be good, I’ll go.”

Edith had been hesitant to approach the busy Duke directly asking him to make time for her. However, happy that they got to meet again, she nodded in agreement.