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Riersha awkwardly hugged Fernore’s neck.

When she felt the gazes around them, she buried her face deeper into his shoulder. Being the center of attention in the Duke’s castle, it was natural to attract stares, though she still found the attention quite uncomfortable.

Her round, pink head showed no signs of lifting.

“You’re very shy. Are you shy around people?”



“Where is Ddona?”

Looking around after leaving the council hall and not seeing Sona, Riersha’s eyes started searching for her.

“Sona has already left.”


“Because I’m here.”

Riersha fidgeted, then nodded understandingly. As a breeze blew softly, her pink hair fluttered in the wind, carrying with it the child’s unique sweet scent.

“…Still haven’t lost that baby smell, huh?”


Not quite catching what he said, Riersha questioned back. Fernore shook his head and waved it off as nothing. As time passed, she relaxed completely and leaned into him fully.

She was unable to guess where Fernore was taking her, so she finally asked.

“Where are we going now?”

“Well, I just canceled my schedule, so I’m not sure. Is there somewhere you’d like to go?”

“Um… there?”

Riersha pointed somewhere with just her arm. It was the lake within the Duke’s castle. Next to it stood a large tree, creating a shade perfect for resting underneath.

“Do you like the lake?”

“Yes. Ddona and me pack wunch and pway here. Feed cwarp too.”

“I didn’t know Sona had a talent for childcare.”

Sona was an elite of the Arakrene family. She had graduated top of her class from the academy and passed the collateral family’s promotion exam without a single fail. During the test, it usually evaluated martial and magical abilities.

Naturally, packing picnic lunches wasn’t part of the examination.

“Wow, we’re here.”

Riersha marveled at the lake view from this height. She had never looked down at the lake from such a height before. After standing in front of the lake for a while, Fernore broke the silence.

“Rysideon will be back soon. You might not remember him, but he’s your eldest brother.”

“Ewdest brother?”

Riersha turned her gaze towards Fernore. She was puzzled why he suddenly mentioned Rysideon.

“Yes. I told him to hurry back so we should be able to meet him soon.”


“And when summer comes, for the first time, the whole family will gather for a birthday party.”

…A birthday party.

At that word, Riersha straightened up in surprise.

They were going to have a birthday party? She was born around summer, the same day the mistress of the Arakrene passed away. On a day when everyone should be mourning, the idea of celebrating was unimaginable.


Riersha bit her lip.

She had never heard the words of celebration for her birthday in her life. Of course, she had no memories of receiving a birthday gift from anyone. She had thought it would be the same this lifetime, too…

“Can I, happy birthday, too?”

“What are you talking about?”


Am a useless child born at the cost of the mother’s life.

Those were words once spoken by the maids a long time ago.

“Having the nerve to show her face around after eating up the Madam at birth.”

“Look at her, drawing by herself on such a day, completely unaware. It’s chilling.”

Back then, Riersha was too young to understand the meaning behind the maids’ words. However, as she grew older and capable of thinking for herself, she came to realize what they meant.

She learned that her mother had passed away because of her birth.

Since that day, Riersha found no joy in her birthdays. She never celebrates them alone.

‘I don’t deserve it.’

That was what she always thought.

Seeing Riersha’s face about to cry, Fernore’s face hardened. He guessed what the child might be thinking.



“Your birth is indeed something to be celebrated, so don’t mind what others say.”


Riersha asked in a hushed tone.

Could she really not mind others? Even though her birth led to her mother’s death? And her father, grandfather, and brothers would never see her mother again? Having been born like that, she couldn’t even awaken any abilities and brought peril to her family.

‘So that’s why I couldn’t even see Brother Ricardor.’

Perhaps it was because he didn’t even want to see her.


Riersha began to breathe heavily, her breaths suddenly becoming ragged. Fernore quickly started patting her back to ease her breathing.


“Riersha, focus and breathe.”

He whispered to her continuously.

“Your birth is a blessing, Riersha. I can assure you of that.”

Huu… Dad.”

“The family was eagerly waiting just for you to be born.”

Tears began to fall from Riersha’s eyes.

It didn’t matter whether his words were true or not. She just wanted to believe them because no one had ever said such things to her. Memories of enduring the gloomy atmosphere of the Duke’s castle alone on her birthdays surfaced.


Fernore waited until her breathing evened out and stroked her back. His expression was cold. He realized someone dared speak ill in Riersha’s presence.

“Dad, I’m okay now.”


As he placed his hand atop her head, her eyelashes trembled under the gentle touch. Her breath, which had been ragged, now flowed evenly.

After a moment, Fernore broke the silence lightly to change the atmosphere.

“Now that I think about it, I forgot to praise you.”


“Yes. You did very well, Riersha.”

Riersha blinked slowly, puzzled at the unexpected praise. She couldn’t think that it was praiseworthy.

“You returned to the estate on your own before it was too late. That was very good of you.”


“…That’s very special.”

At that moment, warmth filled Riersha’s eyes. For the first time, her family was welcoming her return to the estate.

The realization that someone had been waiting for Riersha’s awakening touched her deeply.


Riersha nodded, wiping her eyes vigorously.

The lingering pain in her heart, untouched by Sona’s consolations, melted away completely.


* * *


“What? You want me to teach you how to use magic?”

“Yes, Ddona can do it!”

“Um, wouldn’t it be better to ask the Duke or the Young Duke about such things?”

Riersha shook her head, dismissing the idea. She wanted to surprise them by secretly practicing her abilities as soon as possible. Only then could she fix the chaotic atmosphere of the Arachrene family.

‘…I can’t be a weakness.’

Moreover, she wanted to get her grandfather’s acknowledgment.

Riersha hadn’t yet been formally recognized as a successor by Archmond, and as a result, that was why she was still living in the annex.

Her biggest goal was to be acknowledged as the heir as soon as possible to receive her own castle. With that recognition, her authority would incomparably increase from what she has now. It would grant her independent rights regardless of her age.

‘Then, I can have more people under me. I can choose those who are loyal to me.’

It meant she could select her people directly, not getting people assigned for her.

‘I need to grow stronger and plan for the future.’

Riersha’s eyes sparkled with determination.

And for that…

She needed to persuade Sona first.

“Ddona, teach me?”