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Shortly after that day, Aleph, who had left first, proposed another dinner. He quickly arranged a meeting, claiming to deal with the compensation matter.

Jiwoo, feeling uneasy about how abruptly he had left the last time, asked a servant about how to dress. The seemingly delighted servamt presented various dresses.

Choosing a deeply cut black dress, Jiwoo adorned herself with jewelry Aleph had sent as a gift. Then, earrings and decorations for her hair, all matching.

‘Isn’t this a bit much?’

Back in her original world, she never had an occasion for such adornments, and as Akarna…..how had she adorned herself? The memory was fuzzy, but this was certainly her first time feeling the heft of such accessories.

As she was touching the sparkling jewel, she was told everything was ready and was escorted to where Aleph awaited.

It was awkward, so Jiwoo nervously adjusted the necklace again.

“Black. Is it alright? The temple disapproved even of my hair color, likening it to the color of beasts and miasma.”

“Those are words from the ignorant. I’ve always thought your hair resembles the night sky. It feels like deep seas. Hence, the azure jewels suit you well. If you highlight the main color with splashes of gold, it would be beautiful like stars.”

The words flowed effortlessly, as if prepared. Come to think of it, the jewels he had gifted bore similar hues. Tonight, she wore an azure necklace and gold earrings. Had he improvised these compliments on the spot?

“…Do you always speak like that?”

“Hmm? Is there something you don’t like?”

Jiwoo hesitated before responding.

“It’s a bit…….”


“It sounds flirtatious.”

His response stopped.

“Is… is that how it appears? I’ve never been with a woman before……”

He seemed genuinely taken aback, confused, even slightly indignant.

“Does it… seem that way? In what aspect?”


Jiwoo couldn’t help but laugh softly, leaving Aleph even more bewildered.

“I meant it looked like you were experienced.”

Despite her explaining that it was a joke, his bewildered expression didn’t fade.

“Ah, did I say something wrong?”

“No, it feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you laugh.”

Was it really a situation that could be described as ‘it’s been a long time’?

Like before, Aleph started by asking if her stay at the castle was comfortable, if there was anything she needed, and such, before getting to the main point after a few sips of wine.

“How would you feel about being granted the title of a Count?”

“Excuse me?”

“…It’s about the compensation. It seems appropriate to start with status. For now, it would be a title with honor but no land or military power. Still, it’s a status that wouldn’t be ignored anywhere.”


It left her speechless, the offer was far more generous than she had anticipated. She had expected a nice house or money, perhaps more guards, but nothing like this.

Since falling into this world, she had resented, hated, cursed her situation. It was a process that took quite some time until she could resign herself to it.

She hadn’t thought much about it after completely distancing herself from the temple.

She was just concerned about this person who had changed her circumstances.

“…Thank you.”

“Again, there’s no need for you to thank me.”

His tone, formal yet playful, seemed to touch her heart.

Aleph talked about the money she would periodically receive, the estate she could acquire, the servants she could hire, emphasizing that he would be a great support to her. He would always back her up.

“However, you can’t be known as Akarna, so we’ll say you come from a noble family that hasn’t been active in social circles for a while. There’s a suitable family with no heirs even in their later years—”

“Actually, more than that.”

She had to interrupt Aleph, who seemed eagerly prepared, as if he had been planning this for a long time.

Truthfully, she wasn’t well-acquainted with the lands here, nor did she care much about titles.

Anticipating he might deflect, Jiwoo spoke more directly.

“Please, show me your wound.”


“I’ve heard from the knights. It’s not minor or just a scratch, but a fairly old wound that crosses your back.”

“The healing process wouldn’t be a good thing for you, yet you keep insisting on doing it.”

It seemed the topic made him uncomfortable again.

As Aleph, who had been somewhat excited talking about titles and compensations, fell silent, the atmosphere grew tense.

Yet, Jiwoo wasn’t planning to back down.

“After all this time spreading my blood on the land alongside people who have no connection to me, I think you’d be okay.”

“You say that because you don’t know anything.”

Aleph’s voice hardened. Like drawing a clear line.

“I’m royalty.”

The significance of that statement made Jiwoo pause for thought, but Aleph quickly added more, appearing very flustered as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“No, that’s not what I meant. Ha… If it weren’t for people like me creating the temple and summoning you, you wouldn’t have had to suffer like this.”

“I think you’re different.”

“Yes, I want to be different. That’s why I’m not using you.”

“It’s not you using me, I’m offering my help willingly.”

The sound of a chair scraping against the floor echoed through the room.

Aleph stood up abruptly, unable to bear it anymore.

“Let’s end today’s conversation here.”

Jiwoo quickly blocked his path to prevent him from leaving.

“It’s not a big deal.”

“To me, it is a big deal”

Was it touching on some deeply held belief of his?

The now Emperor Neseph had mentioned that very few royals knew the true nature of the temple. It seemed Aleph was among that small number. That the temple’s propaganda were falsehoods.

Was that really such an important issue?

As Jiwoo pondered and was unable to speak, Aleph took the opportunity to escape.

But Jiwoo had her reasons for persistently wanting to address the issue sooner.

She was worried. The full moon was approaching.


3. Beyond the Wall

The Empire believed that the night of the full moon was when the heavens opened wide, a night when God’s eye watched over the earth. It was a time when God might send saviors like Akarna or trials like beasts.

In short, it was a day when beasts became restless, and miasma intensified.

If Aleph truly had a scar from a beast attack, especially an extensive and old one, it would undoubtedly cause him more pain during the full moon.

Jiwoo had seen many who screamed in agony from minor wounds and begged for salvation as the full moon approached.

Considering Aleph already took painkillers nightly, how much worse would the full moon be for him?

No matter how much painkillers he took, he’d likely be in unbearable pain that night. Even if he refused help, Jiwoo planned to sneak to where he was and treat him.

But Jiwoo’s plan was thwarted that very night.

As if anticipating her move, a knight blocked her way, as though he knew she would try to leave.

“You must not go out tonight.”


“It is the Grand Duke’s command that you not leave tonight. If you need anything or if there’s any discomfort, please tell me. I’ll see to it.”


Aleph was really stubborn.

This was a world of statuses, and Jiwoo didn’t want to make the knight disobey the Grand Duke’s orders and face trouble.

Acknowledging the situation, Jiwoo closed the door and stayed in her room.