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“I don’t get drunk even if I drink alcohol. That’s why I tend not to drink. It’s just not fun to drink and only get full without getting drunk, you know. Ah, but don’t get me wrong. I don’t abstain completely. I do drink occasionally. After all, there are always exceptions in life. For example, a day like today… No, Princess, not that way. The way home is over there.”

“Just walk straight.”

And this way was actually right!

Archen lowered his head deeply and swayed like a reed swaying in the wind.

As Carinne put his arm over her shoulder and bit her lips, his tall stature made it difficult to support him.

She barely managed to get him into the carriage with the coachman’s help. As he got into the carriage and took a seat opposite her, he lost his balance and stumbled, bumping his head and groaning. It was all his own fault.

“That’s why I told you not to drink so much.”


“You should have drunk in moderation. Don’t you know your own alcohol tolerance?”


He didn’t answer, either because he didn’t hear Carinne or because he was ignoring her. He was completely out of it. No matter how much she nagged him now, it was clear that it would be useless.

‘You said you don’t get drunk, you little…’

An hour ago.

Archen ignored Carinne’s pleas to stop drinking and continued to empty glass after glass of wine. He figured if not now, then when would he drink? One glass, two glasses… Only after the second bottle of wine was emptied did Carinne realize something was wrong.

“I don’t get drunk even if I drink alcohol. That’s why I tend not to drink. It’s just not fun to drink and only get full without getting drunk, you know….”

He kept talking and talking. Then, his hand slipped, almost knocking over the glass, and when he finally stood up, he couldn’t walk straight.

That was when Carinne realized what state he was in.

She quickly took him out of the restaurant, though it was too late to salvage the situation. Archen was already out of his mind.

“You know I’ve heard that ‘I don’t get drunk even if I drink’ five times already, right?”

He was dead drunk. He was probably dreaming in dreamland by now.

“I don’t know if I’m dating an alcoholic.”

People say that when lovers get close, they get to know each other’s unknown aspects one by one, but Archen’s secret might be alcohol addiction.

Seeing him drink wine like water was a plausible guess.

“…I was scared.”

Just then, Archen, who she thought was asleep, gave a very late answer, and Carinne tilted her head, thinking she had misheard. Still, she hadn’t misheard.

“I was so happy, so happy and blissful to be with you, Princess, that I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to be with you for a long time… That’s why I was scared.”

Leaning his head against the wall of the carriage and covering his face with his long hair, he revealed his most honest feelings, more so than ever before. It was something that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of alcohol.

“I was anxious and scared that this moment was just a passing time, that I would remember today like a faded glory when I am left alone in the future. Just thinking about it makes my heart sink and my head spin, so I can’t bear it with a clear mind… So…”

He trailed off and hung his head. His slurred voice became an unintelligible murmur that dissipated into the air.

So, that was why you drank… because he was afraid that this moment wouldn’t last. He couldn’t bring himself to tell her, so he tried to overcome it by drinking. He was such a stupid fool, trying to shoulder everything alone.

What was so hard about just saying it out loud?

Carinne felt an urge to hug him tightly. But because the smell of wine was too strong, she compromised with herself by grabbing his shoulder.

“Archen, look at me. I will never abandon you.”

As she grabbed his shoulder and shook him, he opened his eyes halfway and looked at her.

“So stop worrying. We’ll be together until the end.”

He looked at her with blurry eyes as if he didn’t understand what she was saying. There was no focus in his pupils. It was clear that he wouldn’t remember what happened today once tomorrow came.

“We’ll be together. Together! We’ll be together!”

She grabbed him again and shook him, and a flicker of recognition returned to his blue eyes.


“Yes. So get some sleep.”

Carinne personally closed Archen’s eyes. Soon, he fell into a deep sleep, making a soft snoring sound.

As he slept soundly, she was lost in her own thoughts.

Upon arriving at the mansion, she had awoken Archen and taken him to his room, this time with the help of a servant. After a brief exchange with the servant, she decided that it would be impossible to climb the stairs in his condition.

“Just sleep here tonight.”

She took him to a room on the first floor and helped him take off his coat. As Carinne was about to leave after laying him down on the bed and turning off the lamp, he grabbed her by the collar.

“Princess, may I have you by my side?”


She replied.

What could she do? Carinne thought this was her chance and slipped under the covers, only to regret it immediately. The smell of alcohol hit her like a brick. She considered leaving again, but then Archen turned towards her.


“What now?”

“You’re beautiful.”

“Go to sleep.”

He must be somewhat sober now, judging by the nonsense he was spouting.

“I mean it. Even if a saintess descended from heaven, she wouldn’t be as beautiful as you.”

However, he didn’t stop there.

He reached for her lips. Carinne blocked his approaching face with her hand.

‘My father used to try to kiss me whenever he drank too…’

Are all men like this when they’re drunk? Carinne held his head with both hands and placed it on the pillow. He didn’t resist, probably because he was completely drunk.

“Go to sleep now.”

She patted his shoulder as if putting a child to sleep, and when she was sure he was asleep, she got up. Although she thought he would fall asleep quietly, he suddenly sat up and pulled at his tie.

“What are you doing?”

The hand that had loosened his tie moved towards the buttons of his shirt. Drunk and barely able to control his body, he managed to unbutton one by one.

“It’s hot.”

“That’s because you’re drunk, Archen… Now, wait!”

She hurriedly grabbed his arm as he unbuttoned all the buttons and was about to throw off his shirt. It was spring, but the early morning was still cold. If he fell asleep completely undressed, he would catch a cold.

“Don’t take it off. You’ll catch a cold.”


He was adamant. Seeing him pull down his shirt collar, she became anxious that he would really throw off his shirt.

“If you keep it on….”

Her voice must have betrayed her emotions. Archen, who had been looking down, raised his head and met Carinne’s eyes. A reckless light flashed in his half-closed blue eyes.

“Then, will you kiss me?”


Speechless, Carinne froze like a statue with her mouth open. Seeing her motionless, he reached for his shirt collar.

“If not, I’ll take it off.”

“I’ll do it! I will!”

‘You… just wait until tomorrow.’

Carinne closed her eyes tightly and quickly placed her lips on his, then pulled away. It was just a fleeting touch, but she could taste the wine on his lips.

“That was too short…”

Archen drawled as if he was disappointed.

Regardless, Carinne had no intention of giving him a deep kiss while he was drunk. She coaxed and soothed him back onto the pillow.

“I’ll do it tomorrow, tomorrow. You’re sleepy, right? Sleep soundly and wake up, and we’ll do it tomorrow. Now, sleep…”

He obediently did as she told him.

And so, after confirming that he was asleep, she tried to slip out of bed before he made any more strange noises, but he turned towards her. Carinne quickly lay down and pretended to be asleep.









‘If I give him more alcohol, I’m a dog, a dog.’

She would never give Archen alcohol again. He doesn’t get drunk even when he drinks? If he says that again, she’ll bite his lips with pliers.

“I’m going to sleep, so don’t talk to me.”

She turned her back on him, fearing he would ask for another kiss.


However, he continued to call her name, oblivious. It seemed she had heard enough ‘Princess’ for a lifetime tonight.

“I love you very much.”

She thought he was going to say more nonsense, but this time, it was a confession of love, as if she didn’t already know.

“I know.”

“I’m not lying. I really do.”

“I said I know.”


His whispering voice continued.

What was the problem when she had already answered him? It seemed that she would have to put him to sleep first if she wanted to have a peaceful night. She turned around with determination, but Archen’s face was right in front of her.

His slowly blinking eyes met Carinne’s and curved as if to greet her. A gentle smile spread across his face like ink on rice paper.

“I love you, Princess…”

His pale fingers, like birch branches, cupped Carinne’s cheek.

Feeling the soft warmth against her cheek, Carinne forgot about putting Archen to sleep and gazed at his face before her, insatiable.

His smile, faintly visible in the moonlight, was that of the happiest person in the world. But she knew all too well that the inner self hidden behind that smile was not so. That’s why she couldn’t smile back at him.

“So please stay by my side until the end…”

He muttered words that seemed to know and not know and then hugged Carinne tightly as if she were a body pillow. At the same time, Carinne felt her life being threatened.

His arms were so strong that she couldn’t breathe.

“Wait, loosen your grip! I can’t breathe!”

After struggling hard, she managed to secure some breathing space.

“Can’t you just sleep quietly? If you ask me to kiss you, I’ll kiss you. I won’t run away, so please…”


“Oh, Archen?”

He had finally fallen asleep.

With his eyes closed, he looked more relaxed than ever, and there was not a shadow to be found on his face.

Carinne tilted her head back and looked up at Archen’s sleeping face, making up her mind. Considering what she had heard earlier, she would just watch over him for today. She had intended to torment him mercilessly tomorrow, but she decided to put that thought aside as well.

After a long struggle, she managed to get out of bed without waking him up, and she sat by the bed, listening to his regular breathing until it was time for her to close her eyes and leave the room.