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“Is it really you, Your Majesty?”




“But just last night…”

“I slept soundly and woke up to this.”

“Oh dear. Did I provoke the emperor?!”

Eve tore at her hair.

“I apologize, Your Majesty! I really, really didn’t mean to…!”

“No, it’s understandable. It’s the first time I’ve been doused with water since I was born.”

Eve just collapsed. She wished for a hole where she could hide. What if the Laurent family really falls apart? She was suddenly afraid.

Charles was surprised, but also found the situation somewhat amusing. After all, what woman would dare provoke him?

“I’m fine, Eve. More importantly… I’m sorry your plans are interrupted.”


Eve was slowly coming back to reality. Her dream of a divorce had once again become a fantasy.

Charles was annoyed as well. This wasn’’t a joke, taking away what was given.

They exhaled a simultaneous sigh.

“What now?”

“That is up to you. But I will reclaim the throne without you.”

“Is that possible?”

“It must be. I can’t risk this country as Emperor.”

Charles explained in a cold tone.

“Yesterday, the false emperor increased the palace budget and ordered an expansion. A massive one at that. It seems he’s going to move into the Saint-Michel Palace until the expansion is completed.”

“What? That’s absurd!”

The Tournai Empire had long regarded the Roseore Palace as its imperial palace. All the important facilities and noble residences had been moved there. Now, Charles was going to reverse everything and expand a perfectly good palace?

And the money for it would come from the blood-like taxes of the Imperial citizens. It was a decision Eve found hard to accept.

“He would have done more if he could. But Laurent’s report was ignored. He’s tied to Bonaparte’s power. The appearance of this woman has changed everything.”

At the mention of “that woman,” Eve’s expression turned grim.

“If it is she…”

“Get ready, Eve. The forger has something important to announce this morning.”

“I understand.”

After Charles left, Eve felt anxious and called for Emma to help her dress. In fact, Arsen had an important announcement to make to the remaining nobles in the palace.

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

Eve said quietly, holding the pendant around her neck. When she stepped out into the corridor, she was greeted by Charles, who had changed his clothes.

“Let’s go, Eve.”

He resumed his formal tone. Eve nodded and took his arm.

Entering the Grand Ballroom, they saw Emperor Arsen seated on the imperial throne. Eve stared at his arrogant expression and bit her lip. She felt the pressure of Charles’ arm.

Arsen stood and began to speak.

“Thank you all for coming so early. I have called you here because I have something important to announce.”

The nobles murmured.

Beside him, Bonaparte’s expression was grim. Suddenly, Charles, standing among the nobles, met Eve’s eyes with a grave expression.

Then Arsen continued.

“Come forward.”

A woman appeared from behind a pillar. Eve was shocked. It was none other than… Cecilia.

But the shock didn’t end there.

“This woman is Cecilia de Girard. She will be my Empress.”


The nobles gasped in surprise. The Emperor, who had shown no interest in women, was suddenly placing a woman no one knew in the Empress’ seat. The palace insiders knew of Cecilia’s existence, but she was still unknown to the public, so the nobles couldn’t help but be taken aback.

But Arsen was undaunted.

“She is the daughter of a minor noble family who saved my life. I hereby proclaim her Empress.”

“Is he crazy?!”

Eve clenched her fists. Cecilia, dressed in luxurious jewelry and a gown, smiled innocently. Eve’s anger grew as she saw Cecilia’s fake smile. The blood in her head felt like it was boiling.

‘Empress? Empress?! Not even a duchess, but an empress? How dare this woman who murdered me?’

“Arsen, you seemed quite eager to appease that woman earlier. Are you trying to make me jealous?”

“Everything has a limit. Even as a man, it wouldn’t be fun if I was too predictable.”

“Why should that matter to you? Arsen, you don’t intend to divorce me, do you? That’s what I thought. You need the power of the Laurent family. But I’m not. Waiting for you to die? I can’t do it anymore.”

The memories of impending death briefly crossed Eve’s mind. With them, the weakly suppressed hatred surged like a raging fire.


Charles called to her, startled to see Eve shaking all over. Eve tried desperately to control her anger. If she lost control here, everything would be ruined.

Blood oozed from her trembling lips. Charles gently wiped her mouth.

“Eve, don’t do this.”


As soon as she spoke, tears flowed uncontrollably. In front of the imperial throne, where two lovers smiled happily, Eve saw only her continuing misery. How could they be happy while she was in torment? How could they be so indifferent as they trampled and ravaged her? She couldn’t even dream of happiness anymore.


Charles took her hand and hurriedly led her from the Grand Ballroom. He hurried into a room and hugged Eve tightly.

“Eve, calm down.”

“I… I…!”

“I know. I understand everything. Just calm down.”

“What do you know! You don’t know anything! No one knows…”

Nobody knew how much she had suffered. No one knew how…

*sob*, *sob*…

Finally, Eve’s painful cries broke free. She had thought she was fine. But it was just avoidance. Without facing them, she had convinced herself that it was okay.

It was not just avoidance; it was fear of facing her own unhappiness and foolishness.

“Eve, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Though it was not his fault, Charles apologized repeatedly as he comforted Eve.

Eve cried until all her suppressed emotions were released. Her throat was sore, her eyes swollen red.

After some time had passed…

Calming down, Eve wiped away her tears and stepped from Charles’ embrace. Her lashes were still wet.

Seeing her like this, Charles felt an inexplicable pity. He handed her a handkerchief.

“Thank you.”

Eve took the cloth and wiped her damp cheeks and eyes. Then she took a deep breath and exhaled.

Looking at Charles with her azure eyes, Eve spoke.

“Let’s do this together. Whether it’s rebellion or reclaiming our bodies.”


“It’s not a rash decision.”

Although Eve said this, Charles was skeptical, given her recent outburst. Eve rummaged through a drawer in the room, pulled out a pen and paper, and sat down at the table.

“Let’s start with a contract.”

“A contract?”

“Postpone divorce indefinitely until our goals are met. Means and methods for our goals are unrestricted. The day our goals are achieved, you will pay me a dowry of 9.99 million gold coins and divorce me immediately.”

As if she had prepared for this, Eve’s terms flowed smoothly. Charles was momentarily stunned. No matter what Charles said or did, Eve added another condition.

“And one more thing. Unless absolutely necessary, the Laurent family will not be involved in this matter.”

Charles furrowed his brow.

“Eve, you know that’s a difficult request.”

“It’s not stubbornness. I will handle it myself. Revenge or rebellion, I’ll do it. If I fail after taking action, the Laurent family will be implicated as traitors. I just… want to keep my parents in the dark about this.”


“When the time comes, I’ll cooperate militarily and politically. But I can’t ask for help with Emperor Arsen at the helm. It would implicate the Laurent family as traitors. I just… need a reason my parents can accept, or at least a plausible excuse.”

Eve’s reasoning made sense. After crying so much, was she really done with those thoughts? Charles wondered inwardly and nodded in agreement.

“Alright, that’s fine. But I also have a condition.”

Charles added another condition to Eve’s list.

“Yvonne de Laurent will not be put in any life-threatening situations.”

“This is…”

“You are also one of my imperial subjects to be protected. After all, it is my responsibility to regain the throne. Your goal is revenge. So please don’t take any risks. I don’t want to see you get hurt because of me.”