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“Uung… Huht, uh…”

Andra was perched on the edge of the table with one leg resting on Dustin’s broad shoulder. She was lost in sensation with her eyes closed. Beneath her, Dustin was on his knees, eagerly pleasuring her with his tongue. The explicit sounds of water accompanied the red flesh that had been leaking clear fluid.

“Ah, Dustin, hu-uht, there, ah, ah!”

When Dustin flicked her clitoris with his tongue, Andra’s grip on his hair tightened as her body shook. Her abdomen and thighs twitched faintly. Her body, briefly elevated by a light orgasm, quickly became drowsy.

Moments later, Andra exhaled contentedly and struggled to open her eyes.

“Should I continue?”

As Dustin asked, he licked lips glistening with her arousal. Andra released his hair and shook her head no. It was time to stop.

After gently pushing Dustin away and grabbing a towel to dry the remaining wetness from her lower half, Andra picked up her underwear from the floor and stepped into it. She nearly lost her balance due to her shaky legs but managed to steady herself. She also gathered her tousled hair and tied it up.

Dustin watched her with a hint of disappointment.

Ignoring his gaze, Andra checked her clothing. There were no creases or wet spots…. she decided she was ready to go out. She picked up her previously prepared bag and reminded Dustin with a subtle smile.

“I said I was going to see the professor. Promises have to be kept. And we need to check on the dragon. We can’t spend all day like this.”

Having spent the previous day rolling with Dustin in bed, Andra cleared her throat. Her face was red.

The thought of doing it from morning till night seemed crazy now. Dustin had always been so intense, but the fact that she had been carried away too made her a bit embarrassed.

‘Even if it’s been a while…’

As Andra tried to shake off the memories of the previous day, Dustin picked up his shirt, put his arm through and shrugged it on.
“I know.”

Dustin approached her, taking her shoes nearby in hand. Sit down, I’ll put it on. Andra sat down obediently and extended her bare feet to him.

With skilled movements, Dustin began fitting her shoes, treating the task with a tender touch one might use for a precious artifact.

Andra couldn’t help but laugh inside. She found the image of a man known for wielding swords kneeling to help her with shoes amusing. Especially when that man was Lord Airak.

Airak and women’s shoes seemed like the most mismatched combination.

Observing Dustin’s hands as he neatly tied the laces, Andra was surprised by his meticulousness. She chuckled softly, and Dustin looked up.

“The knots.”


“You tie them nicely.”


Thinking her smile was approval of his skill, Dustin seemed a bit proud. Simple pleasures.

Seeing Dustin pleased, Andra felt a twist of discomfort. The old feelings of displeasure towards him surfaced. She blurted out, unable to hold back.

“You must have tied a lot like this. For all the women you’ve slept with.”


Dustin froze. He looked up at her with confusion.

Andra’s once-smiling face had turned cold. His heart sank. Had he done something wrong? The mood had been fine just moments ago. He merely opened his mouth without speaking while lost for words.

Realizing too late what she had said, Andra regretted it. But it was too late to take back the words. She thought she should have kept her anger to herself, suppressed it rather than spoken rashly.

“It was a joke, forget it.”


“It was just something I said. It didn’t mean anything.”

It was a lie. Andra had hoped, even if subtly, that Dustin would feel hurt by her remark and regret his past actions.

In truth, Andra had never deeply considered the women who had been with Dustin before. It was, after all, his private life, and she never imagined she’d become part of it. However, since she had started sleeping with him, resentment had slowly built up.

He had slept around so recklessly and now sought attachment with her? She felt like she was at a loss.

Occasionally, recalling the day of the coming-of-age ceremony, when he played the affectionate lover with the Lady Venetolia, Andra felt her stomach churn at the thought of how many women he might have charmed with that shameless face. Moreover, Dustin had never lasted more than a month with any woman he met. She wondered if Dustin would settle with her.

And she felt pathetic for even having such thoughts. What was the point now? She knew the best thing was to bury the past, yet she couldn’t help feeling petty from time to time.

“I’ll leave now.”

Andra got up and hurried towards the door. Dustin barely caught her. With a trembling voice, he finally spoke.

“I was wrong.”


“It won’t happen again. You know that, Andra.”

The man knelt while pleading earnestly. Andra looked down at her skirt, which Dustin was holding. His hands, larger than hers, trembled as they clung to the thin fabric.

It was then that Andra managed to calm her petty feelings.

She felt foolish about many things, but most of all, she was ashamed of herself for needing to verify Dustin’s feelings in such a manner.

Andra turned her head and spoke in a softer tone.

“…..It shouldn’t be ‘it won’t happen again,’ it has to not happen.”

“I only want you. I can’t be without you now. Please, Andra.”

Hearing Dustin’s words, Andra let out a light sigh. That was what made it all the more frustrating.

Because for Dustin Airak, it had to be Andra Avelin or no one. But Andra chose not to stay angry with him. The sight of a man so worried about being abandoned softened her heart. Including the parts of her that couldn’t stay mad at him.

Andra crouched down and gently stroked Dustin’s pale cheek, then whispered softly,

“I know. Get dressed. We agreed to go together.”

* * *

Andra was awestruck at the sight of the library before her. Could this be even grander than the imperial library?

Hezel’s library, built in multiple layers filled to the brim with all kinds of books, seemed like God’s library itself. The building itself soared high like a tower to the sky. Even when Andra looked up, her face showed sheer wonder.

“Amazing, isn’t it? This is Hezel.”

“It’s like all the knowledge in the world is gathered here.”

“I can’t deny that. It’s quite close.”

At Bonn’s explanation, Andra blinked in disbelief. Bonn smiled in response and hurried them along, saying they had someone to meet. He led Andra and Dustin to a small door and knocked gently with the back of his hand, smiling.

Soon, the door opened to reveal a young man with deep gray hair and a monocle on one eye. Despite his refined appearance, he exuded a serious aura. Bonn reached out for a handshake as a greeting and introduced the man to Andra and Dustin.

“Sir Helic, these are the newcomers I mentioned. Miss Andra and Sir Dustin. Miss Andra, and Sir Dustin, this is Sir Helic, who oversees our library in Hezel.”

“Hello, I’m Helic, the librarian.”

Helic released Bonn’s hand and extended his own to Andra, not in a gesture for a handshake but more akin to how a knight would greet a lady. Dustin’s brow furrowed for a moment. As a knight, he recognized the significance of Helic’s gesture.

After a brief hesitation, Andra boldly placed her hand in Helic’s. He then smiled warmly and brought Andra’s hand to his lips for a polite kiss.

When Andra felt the soft touch of his lips, she unknowingly shivered slightly. It was uncommon for her to accept such a greeting without gloves, making this direct contact with a man rather unusual for her.

Stealing a glance to the side, she noticed Dustin’s face had tensed up. He seemed to be trying his best not to attach any significance to Andra’s actions. Yet, he couldn’t take his eyes off their joined hands. Andra felt a prickling sensation on the back of her hand under his gaze and smiled at Helic.

“I’m Andra. Please, feel free to call my first bane.”

Since surnames weren’t introduced in Hezel, Andra stuck to her first name, which didn’t seem to sit well with Dustin. Regardless, Helic returned the smile and responded,

“Andra… Yes, I’ll remember your name.”

As their hands parted, Helic then extended his hand to Dustin for a handshake.

“Pleased to meet you.”

“I’m Dustin.”

Dustin took Helic’s hand and gave it a firm shake. The strength in his handshake made Helic momentarily look puzzled. He then glances between Andra and him, seemingly understanding the situation. With age comes wisdom. He stepped back, subtly hiding his hand behind him.

“I’ve heard from Bonn. You’re looking for ways to go up and information on the myth.”

Andra glanced at Bonn.

“Librarian Helic knows every book in this place inside out. His help is the quickest and most accurate. He knows far more than I do.”

“Excuse me, Sir Helic, but how long have you been here…?”

“Let’s see. I stopped counting after 500 years.”

Helic shook his head at Andra’s question.

“Wow… That’s a long time. So, have you been managing this place for over 500 years?”

“The first 100 years were spent in training. Before coming to Hezel, I was a wandering knight. Then, with plenty of time and a desire to discover greater truths, I settled in the library, and before I knew it, I became its librarian.”