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Even if they weren’t interested in cosmetics, there was no way they wouldn’t have known about Yunette, the hot topic of the capital.
Princess Vivian was clearly drawing a line right now that they should know that much!

“Don’t be disappointed. Of course, if your business is really great, it will be known someday.”

Which, of course, meant that she wouldn’t be the one to recognize it. They didn’t expect the princess to beat around the bush so nobly, but they could understand right away.
This was a clear refusal.


It seems that the business conversation wasn’t going to work.
But it was a pity to step back like this.
An important figure like Princess Vivian came out to the social world, and she didn’t have a clear relationship with anyone.

‘Could an opportunity like this come again?’

Their goal of working with the Imperial Merchant Guild was not achieved, but even so, they could not leave like this.
After a few moments of caution, they deliberately burst into a hearty laugh.

“Haha, as expected! You are clever, Your Highness. As the Princess of a country, of course, you should have such discretion.”

They completely changed the topic, as if it were a passing word.

‘We can’t just say that. We need something that will get us closer to Princess Vivian. We have to give the impression that we are different from other nobles!’

And just then, Yuria, who had been next to Vivian up until now, was having a conversation with an attendant.
Now was the chance to get her attention!

After confirming that Yuria would not listen to what he was saying, the nobleman spoke in a prudent voice, unlike before.

“By the way… Besides the Duchess, does the Princess have any relationship with Lady Yuria Primrose?”
“I don’t think anyone else would say this.”

The meaningful words of pretending to think of Princess Vivian.

“You seem to be close to each other… So, I asked just in case. Haha.”
“‘Just in case’?”

But at that moment, the princess’ expression grew numb.

“Sorry? W-well… Lady Yuria Primrose is smart, but…”
“I’m curious about what you’re going to say. Alright, go on.”

She spoke in a low voice, but for some reason, they felt a heavy sense of intimidation unlike when she was greeting people.

“Ah, it’s nothing.”

They tried to retreat when they noticed the atmosphere.

“What were your names?”
“Was it Baron Beniat and Viscount Trinh? I’ll remember your names.”

When someone says that… it never means a good thing!

‘I think it would be better if she just congratulated us and forgot about it!’

The smiles that were pretending to be relaxed collapsed in an instant. Failing to control their expressions, they fled in a hurry.

“Well t-then, we’ll step back!”

Vivian gazed at them with satisfaction.

“Did your conversation go well?”
“It was interesting.”

Then, when Yuria, who had gone to the attendant for a while, returned, she babbled happily.

“They tried to scam me, saying it was great that I knew the names of sages that even a child would know.”
“Oh my.”
“But I guess they didn’t know the details. Sage Orynafen’s son fell into the sea and drowned. He trembled at the mention of the sea all his life, how could he be interested in some island?”

Princess Vivian then clicked her tongue, saying that sage Jenerals was also a native of the capital.
It was funny how people tried to scam others mainly because they only remembered the achievements they made when they were young.
It was an obvious scam.

“That’s why I said no and mentioned Yunette.”
“Oh my.”

Yuria smirked and handed over the glass of juice she was holding.

“You worked hard, Your Highness. Have a glass of this juice first and then let’s talk about it.”
“Ah, did you notice that my voice was dry?”

The nobles with impure objectives fled, and after seeing how good the relationship between Yuria and Princess Vivian was, some people had a bitter smile on their lips.

“Duchess Primrose became Her Highness’ chaperone because she was her daughter’s friend rather than her status…”
“It’s embarrassing that they couldn’t understand that and tried to play petty tricks.”

And the words reached the ears of the nobles who were running away.

“I mean, since when were the two of them close to each other?!”

They broke out in a cold sweat thinking about what they had said. Had the conversation continued for just a little longer, they would have really crossed the line.
They were devastated and fell into despair once again.

As Yuria and Princess Vivian were talking, the friendship between the duke’s family and the princess naturally became a topic of conversation.
Even if she wasn’t next to her the moment Princess Vivian entered the room or when the nobles came to greet her, she showed the most comfortable attitude towards Yuria.

“Lady Yuria Primrose was invited to the Princess’ palace? Really?”
“My acquaintance told me that she had been told by someone who worked as an imperial knight.”
“Lady Yuria Primrose. In the past, people used to say that an accident occurred every time she showed up… But she looks quite prudent these days.”
“Yes, I was thinking the same. If she is here to look after Her Highness, she is loyal. If she asked her mother to be her chaperone as people speculate, they must not simply be on good terms, right?”

And Yuria’s appearance caused an even bigger impact, especially among the male nobles.
The female nobles encountered Yuria a little more often, and although there was a misunderstanding because of Lilika, it was difficult for them to come up and talk to her first.
However, unmarried noble gentlemen rarely interacted with Yuria, because she used to only have eyes for her fiancé before.

“Is it true that Lady Yuria and Sir Vieira broke up?”
“Then, is the seat next to her vacant?”

Yuria used to be really devoted to Vieira, a new nobleman who had nothing to show.
There was a strange tension between the noble gentlemen.

“It bothers me that she liked another gentleman for a long time, but… Isn’t it better than having a scandal?”
“That type of person is rather pure when it comes to love. In fact, she looks cold, so her face… If she smiles more than she does now, she’ll be much more popular.”

Jiksen frowned as he watched the young men expressing interest in Yuria and looking for an opportunity to talk to her.

‘These bastards?’

It was a very different atmosphere than before.
Back then, no matter what she did, the unmarried noble young men didn’t even pay attention to her and criticized her for being a villainess.

There were a lot of people who just wanted to approach Lilika, who was the flower of the social world, in some way or another, and hung around her brother Jiksen while hoping that he would put in a good word for them.
Although Jiksen was the young master of the duchy, he didn’t have a good reputation due to his angsty nature. Nevertheless, Lilika’s existence did not condemn him like Yuria’s.

‘Is she going to become Cinderella or what? What is this atmosphere?’

Even the men who would have been snooping around Lilika had it been like before, they were all watching Princess Vivian and Yuria.
Jiksen approached the people who were normally interested in Lilika and wanted to look good for him, who was her brother.
Then, he cleared his throat once to make his presence known.

“Ah, Sir Primrose, you’re here.”

But that was all.


When he appeared, the person who would smoothly continue the conversation immediately turned his head.

‘Is it just my feeling?’

Thanks to this, Jiksen had to make an effort to continue the conversation for the first time.

“L-last time… Didn’t you ask about Lilika? What about asking her in person?”

He immediately brought Lilika, awkwardly.
It would be embarrassing to be added to a conversation without hesitation, but despite being suddenly dragged into it, Lilika smiled brightly. It was the smile that made people call her the lily of the social world.

“Oh, Lady Primrose. I’m glad you seem to be doing well.”

However, even though he had the opportunity to have a direct conversation with the person whom he had asked about,

“Sir. I heard you went down to Neminat Island the other day.”
“Thank you for your concern.”
“It is a long way. Did you have a hard time?”
“It was fine.”

The conversation didn’t go well and kept being cut off.


Even if he was the clueless Jiksen, he could tell. The other young man was only treating Lilika to the extent that he did not go against courtesy.
In short, there was no sincerity.


Lilika didn’t give in and greeted the other young man next to her.

“I heard you accompanied him, Sir Philian.”

Lilika’s specialty was displayed without reservation.
Remembering what happened to other people in detail, and praising how great they were…

“Neminat Island is far from the capital, so wasn’t it scary? How could someone have such courage…”

Jiksen tried to pass it off as it being just his feeling.
That maybe they ate something bad, or they were feeling unwell today.
That others would be grateful for facing Lilika.