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Chapter 29

At the sudden presence, Leopold pulled Regina behind him in order to protect her.

At the same time, footsteps could be heard from within the darkness of the garden.

Just as Leopold was about to warn his opponent by placing his hand on the sword on his waist, Regina came forward.

She grabbed Leopold’s arm to stop him and shook her head.

“Emilia, what are you doing there?”


Emilia appeared under the yellow lights of the sunlit moonstone.

Leopold relaxed while Regina swallowed a disappointed sigh.

Seeing how disheveled Emilia was, she must’ve just returned from her job at the Magic Tower.

What in the world was she up to?

Once again, Regina found herself angry at Emilia, who had quit her conventional laboratory job to follow Regina to the empire.

Caught between the cold sisters, Leopold glanced around for a moment before greeting Emilia first.

“Hello. I heard that you went to work in the Magic Tower. You seem to be having it rough this past week.”

“It’s the usual. How have you been?”

“I-I’ve been fine, but what brought you into the garden?”

“I’m looking for experiment materials. They said I need Gorgon Tree Sap and White Rose Thorns… I have a collection permit.”

To prove that, a few small pouches dangled from Emilia’s hands. Emilia glanced at Regina and Leopold before awkwardly clearing her throat.

In the past month, the twin sisters had been cold toward each other.

“I was worried because I couldn’t see your face properly for a while. How’s work going?”


They each had stubborn personalities, but Regina was the first to smile wryly and hold out her hand.

Prolonging the fight wouldn’t change the situation, and she wanted to make up now.

“Both Liliana and you, let’s eat together with Eldest Sister sometime.”

“I can’t make time until this weekend, so how about next week?”

“What time do you usually finish work at night? It seems like you only come home at dawn. Isn’t it dangerous to work so late?”

“You, too, at this time… Can I borrow her for a moment? I have something to discuss with my sister.”

Emilia checked her wristwatch, grabbed Regina, and went to the corner.

Only after they reached a distance where Leopold couldn’t hear them did Emilia start talking.

“That guy is a duke. I don’t know anything about him, but he seems to have taken a fancy to you. Let’s get this sorted out quickly before any trouble can arise.”

“In case things don’t work out, I’ll be sure not to leave any loose ends and won’t make an issue of it, because that’s just who I am. If everything goes well, even better. Are you afraid I didn’t take that into account?”

“Regina, it’s because of your special ability.”

Emilia frowned in frustration, and after checking her surroundings, she whispered very softly.

“It’s more than just a relationship. You could get involved in political issues. If that guy changes after hearing of your special ability, what then? Not only will you be hurt, Eldest Sister will also get into trouble.”

Regina took a deep breath.

Although it was never her intention to hurt Regina, Emilia still felt sorry for poking her sore spot.

However, since Regina was seeing a great nobleman of the empire—who also wasn’t a Trovanza—she had no choice but to point it out at least once.


Regina hesitated, averting her gaze.

Regina’s superpower was mind control.

She could influence people’s minds through hypnosis, hallucinations, and emotional control. More often than not, those who came to know about her special ability ended up shunning her. Some of her friends and lovers even suspected her of tampering with their minds, whether consciously or not.

Even her best friend was no exception. As soon as Regina revealed her superpower, she became afraid and left her.

The girl said, ‘Did you use your power to make me like you?’

Having fallen out of love and wanting to break up, her lover hurt her terribly by claiming, ‘You used your supernatural ability to manipulate my emotions as you please!’ It made her cry.

Then, Regina hesitantly replied.

“I just want a normal relationship.”

“I know, I know…”

“He seems like a man who could understand and accept me. I’m aware what kind of situation I’m getting myself into… but still, I feel this is someone I can’t afford to lose.”


Tears rolled down her cheeks and fell to the ground.

Feeling that she had inevitably made someone cry, Emilia sighed heavily.

She felt awful because she knew full well how hurt Regina had been in her previous relationships.

Emilia’s heart sank as she couldn’t allow not just Regina, but also her eldest sister and youngest sibling, to be in danger.

Eyes reddened with guilt, Emilia opened her arms and hugged Regina.

“Why are you crying? Don’t cry. None of it is your fault.”


“It’s the fault of those who approached you and then ran away out of fear. What’s wrong?”

“…Ever since we first met, I’ve caused him trouble, but he still likes me. Isn’t that enough proof that he will understand me?”

Regina mumbled and hoped that her twin sister would affirm her thoughts, but Emilia was unable to give any answer.

“Regina, Emilia! Are you there?”

She hugged and comforted Regina until Leopold, who was worried, came to find them.

As Leopold approached, Regina changed her expression, wiping away the traces of her tears.

She smiled lovingly as if her crying was a lie.

Unable to bear her distraught state, Emilia ruffled her hair and bowed to Leopold.

“Please take Regina to the imperial palace. I have to go back now.”

“Don’t worry about me, just go quickly, Emilia.”

“Regina, I didn’t say that because I wanted you to suffer.”

“Don’t worry, just go. We’ll talk later.”


Despite her uneaset, Emilia had to leave.

Leopold stared anxiously at Regina, who followed her twin sister’s back with a hollow gaze.

The area around her eyes is red and swollen. Something must’ve happened…

It immediately was apparent to him that the conversation between the two was far from lighthearted.

Regina smiled when she realized belatedly that Leopold was by her side. Her smile was brighter, making her look even more pitiful.

“Later, when we have time, why don’t we have a picnic together? I’ll also invite Liliana. It’s so lovely here.”

“Okay, I’ll find some time before summer arrives.”

Regina didn’t seem to want to talk about it, so Leopold pretended not to notice and readily answered the topic she brought up.

As time went by and their relationship deepened, he believed that if he worked harder, Regina would reciprocate his feelings.

Leopold decided to believe that such a future would definitely come.

* * *

Didn’t I tell my sisters a few days ago that I refused to play with Edgar until he became my subordinate…?

Before I knew it, I was exploring the imperial palace with him


As Edgar and I ran through the imperial palace, we called out with dolphin sounds.

Edgar glanced at me and smiled with satisfaction.

As a result of sneaking into the stables of the imperial palace, our hair and clothes were full of straws.

We weren’t at the age to care.

“Edgar, did you see? The horse ate the carrot I gave him earlier!”

“I saw it! Next time, why don’t we go to the Knights’ stable? There are dogs there, too!”


Somehow, filling an empty manger with food without the knowledge of the stable keepers was so much fun!

We ran away to the garden, sat on the ground and burst out laughing at the same time.

Meanwhile, Edgar seemed to suddenly remember something and jumped up, grabbing my hand and pulling me to my feet.

“The garden should be ready today! Let’s go and see if we find the olive and lemon trees you were looking for.”

Last time, I mentioned in passing that it would be nice to have some olive trees and lemon trees. Apparently, Edgar didn’t forget about that.

We confidently walked toward the entrance, saying that we would go to the garden today, but…

“We’re planting flowers, so you cannot enter today.”

This time, the garden manager blocked our path.

“It’s not even winter or early spring, but you’re already planting flowers?”

Edgar narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

I was sure that my mental age was higher, but Edgar, who outright pointed that out, didn’t seem like your average six-year-old.

If I grow up in the imperial palace, will I become a keen child like Edgar?

The gardener replied, “Because we planted a lot of flowers this time, the work took longer.”

“Then, can we come in tomorrow?”

“Huh? That’s…”

The gardener averted her gaze and apologetically shrugged her shoulders.

She then lowered her head and repeated that we couldn’t enter.

I was somewhat dejected that we still couldn’t go into the garden.

Well, it was nothing to be depressed about since I still had a lot to explore in the imperial palace.

“It’s fine! Let’s go somewhere else.”

“But you said you wanted to see the olive trees… Alright, why don’t we go there?”


“I know of a place that you might like.”

“Where? Where is it?”

“You’ll find out when we get there.”

Edgar tried to run away quickly, so I let go of our joined hands.

A minute later…

…I was out of breath and sick of running.

Edgar frowned and turned to me.

He took my hand again.

When I tried to pry it loose, he used too much force to prevent me from getting away.

“Let go, my hand hurts.”

“…The imperial palace is complicated. What if you get lost?”

“Then let’s walk. I’m out of breath.”

“Okay, it can’t be helped.”

Edgar obediently went along with my request, which was unexpected.

Still, I couldn’t understand Edgar at all.

Even though the imperial palace was complicated, it wasn’t crowded like the market, so was there any need to hold hands?

In discomfort, I fidgeted, but Edgar didn’t seem to have any intention of letting go of my hand.

I guess he doesn’t want to lose sight of his playmate.

“Hey, Liliana, why do you want to become a warrior?”

“Because a warrior is strong.”

“Isn’t a dragon stronger?”

“Dragons are evil, so being a warrior is better.”

“What do you want to pursue once you become a warrior?”


I hadn’t thought about that.

I’d always wanted to become a warrior for a long time.

A warrior who rescues a princess locked away in a tower.

“I guess it’s because my sister is a warrior.”


“Yes. My Eldest Sister is so strong, she can even defeat pirates.”

“Then why are you so weak?”

“Just wait ten years. I’ll have a hammer fist, just like my Eldest Sister.”

I fumed while puffing my cheeks, and unlike me, Edgar merely giggled.

What’s so funny?

While the two of us were arguing, Edgar suddenly stopped. It seemed that we had arrived at our destination.

“Isn’t it awesome?”

Edgar pointed at a tower.

The tower had a spire that rose high into the sky.
Unlike all the buildings in the imperial palace that I had seen so far, which boasted extreme beauty, the spire was extremely crude.

I stared at the top of the tower, dumbfounded.

Unlike the floors below, it had a small window, but due to its height, it still received the noon sun.

“Usually, a princess is locked in a tower, not a castle. This is the West Tower. There’s a laboratory for the wizards of the imperial palace.”

I felt sick.

I felt like I was going to vomit due to a strange feeling that could be either fear or déjà vu.

“Are you alright?”

As I suddenly sat down and started gagging, Edgar next to me asked with concern.

As much as I wanted to reply that I was okay, my mouth wouldn’t budge.

The West Tower was the place where François Cassel imprisoned the original heroine, Rebecca Marquione, as well as Rebecca’s maid, me.