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“You seem to have become quite adept at holding a knife.”

As Edmund spoke, his eyes were fixed on the plate, and his tone was blunt and robotic.

“T-thank you.”

His aloofness was no joke. Seeing that his attitude had reverted back to what it was before, I opened my mouth and answered in the same manner.

‘So, what if we move forward slowly, bit by bit?’

It was less than a week since he said that. My heart fluttered still at his sweet words.

Now, I was extremely upset because Edmund still kept his distance from me.

Just a few days ago, he held the knife for me, causing our shoulders to brush against each other. During those times, he only gave me space once in a while. Now, he was reluctant to even do that.

‘It’s like a drawing of a rice cake! You can see it but you can’t eat it! It’s better not to get my hopes up.’

My lips twitched in frustration. Ahem, I cleared my parched throat while glancing at Edmund, but he didn’t bat an eye.

‘Okay, let’s not lose strength and just eat together. Like he said, let’s move slowly.’

Suppressing my burning stomach, I roughly moved the fork I was holding. As I chewed, my mouth full of well-cooked sausages, the sinking feeling seemed to improve a little, but only for a moment.

As long as there was unquenchable thirst, this discomfort would continue.

I ran my tongue over my lips to moisten them more evenly. In contrast, a faint smile spread across Edmund’s mouth.

Ahem, I think I’ll head out now.”

Clearing his own throat, he stood up and spoke.

Already? There’s still so much food left. We barely even spoke today.”

“There’s training scheduled at the training ground. Don’t worry about me and finish your meal.”

“But a couple needs to see each other often. In that case, shall I go to your office?”

I asked, winking my round eyes cutely.


He swiftly shook his head and left, leaving only a curt reply.

“He always acts as he pleases.”

As I watched him disappear, I lost my appetite.

The journey to winning a handsome man was long, arduous, and lonely.


A groan rose behind me along with a rustle of movement. Edmund had obviously returned.


I cheerfully turned around and standing there was…

“Haha, Madam… It’s me, Sasha. The duke has already gone to the training ground. I came here because I thought you’d be lonely. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the one you were waiting for. Whatever shall I do?”

I wanted to dig a hole from sheer embarrassment. I could feel my cheeks heating up. Despite the intense gaze, I maintained my indifference.

“S-so what?”

“I was unaware that the madam could be so charming. Was the carriage you rode in enchanted with some bizarre spell? If not, how could a person change so drastically?”

I sharply opened my eyes and glared at Sasha.

Sensing the potential crisis, Sasha immediately changed her stance.

“Ahaha! The two of you look great together! ‘Honey,’ what a nickname! I’m sure it never occurred to other noble ladies. Seriously, it’s so nice to see you two these days. Even though the duke doesn’t say anything, I’m sure he’s really happy on the inside! Nowadays, his impression of the Madam has certainly changed! Sasha can feel it!”

‘Thanks for thinking so highly of me, I feel like I’m aging and dying in solitary confinement.’

I continued to chew the food in my mouth and nodded half-heartedly.

* * *

After the rainy season, the eastern continent experienced record-breaking scorching heat.

Just sitting made me sweat like rain, and naturally my discomfort level rose in equal measure.

‘Maybe even Great Africa will be better than this…’

Huff, I wiped at the rivulets and let out a sigh. This place, without air conditioning or at least a fan, was akin to a sauna.

‘Is this how it feels to be a dumpling?’

I wandered around full of unpoetic thoughts. It was so hot, I almost escaped from reality.

Since it was a fantasy world, it should be possible to cast a spell to relieve the heat, but there was no such magic-user in this mansion.

“Madam… What is wrong with the weather? This heat is simply next level.”

Sasha, sitting next to me, spoke in a tired voice. It was so hot right now, and with the feather fan flapping next to me all day, she was going to lose all her energy.

“Are you hot? Well, I am, too.”

I blinked, my gaze hollow, as I offered a consolation that wasn’t really a consolation.

Haa… I want to eat mango shaved ice until I get a brain freeze.’

Humans are fickle; suddenly, I missed my life in Korea.
A mango shaved ice with sweet condensed milk drizzled on top of milky white shaved ice and thinly sliced mango was all that I needed to survive the summer… Or Iced Americano, which I drank while shivering under the cool air conditioner, or the chilly, almost freezing subway interior.

“The bank is definitely the coldest…”

Immersed in nostalgia, I muttered to myself while squeezing a wet towel.

Quick on the uptake, Sasha wiped my hands and feet with the lukewarm towel.

“Is a bank cold, I wonder? I’m sure the nearby Mermeom Bank is searing hot because of the blazing sun.”

Hearing the extremely localized response, I lost the energy to even reply. I stretched my body, which was as slimy as slime. My feet were not only hot, but also stung. Meanwhile, the high dress that was fastened tightly above my neck was a massive hassle.

“Sasha… Can you please remove this?”

In response to my next question, Sasha slowly shook her head. She then spoke slowly.

“You know very well that’s not possible. I’ll go to the ice storage room to at least get a cool compress.”

As if to escape, Sasha awkwardly walked away.
Left alone, I was on the brink of tears.

A lady’s reputation and dignity were obviously important, but how could everything be so inflexible? I started to harbor some resentments.

“This is my house… Can’t I let loose, if only a little bit? At this rate, this heat will be the death of me.”

I stomped my feet and squirmed around. I was expressing my irritation with my entire body, which only led to more sweating. My head pounded from the heat. I was about to reach my limit.

Ugh… The whole house is so steamy.”

When it was time to eat, I swiftly rose to my feet. As I got closer to the restaurant, I caught a whiff of some delicious aroma, which whetted my appetite.

‘I recognize this smell…’

It wasn’t the smell of the scraps of food I always ate, for sure.

Deep, rich garlic flavor.

Not only did it whet my appetite, but thanks to the hot weather, I couldn’t get enough of it.


When I saw the familiar sight before me, I hurriedly opened the door. With bated breath, I made my last step, and the light vapor from the kitchen enveloped my body.

‘D*mn it.’

As the humidity increased, so did my sweat production. I wanted to throw away the rags right away, but I held back.

“You’re here. Come sit down.”

Edmund faintly narrowed his eyes at the sound of my arrival.

In return, I forcefully pulled up the drooping corners of my mouth, before sitting across from him.

‘Isn’t he hot?’

A well-dressed Edmund entered my bleak focus. As expected, the man whose ruthlessness was comparable to iron was unfazed by the heat.

Shirt, vest and robe.

At first glance, there were roughly three layers. Since there was nothing showing, he must be wearing something underneath…

Just how did he manage to stay calm in such stuffy clothes?

“A-aren’t you hot…?”

“What? I caught a fire dragon in the desert. This level of heat is nothing.”

I was rendered speechless by the shocking answer, I couldn’t even laugh. Once again, I was reminded of the fact that my husband, Edmund, was a legendary figure.

‘Right… You were the one who led the expedition and subjugated the Omani Dragon. Thanks to that, you received a title.’

After reminiscing for a moment, I closed my eyes and lamented.

‘This darn original work is making it impossible for me!’

‘No matter how perfect he is, he should still be able to sweat!’

Just when I wondered if I should say what I had in mind, Chef Rettin appeared with a smile on his face.

“A very special dish has been prepared today, Madam. It’s a healthy food prepared by the duke himself. Of course, I was there to help. However, the duke did most of it.”

I turned my round eyes to Edmund, as if to confirm the truth. Out of embarrassment, Edward scratched his neck and averted his gaze.

“I heard that you lack energy these days, so I prepared it for you. It’s something that I enjoyed eating with my team members during expeditions, and I thought you might like it, too. This alone will help you get through the summer.”

“W-wow, I’m really excited.”

Contrary to my words, my voice was lifeless. In an attempt to live up to the hype, I kept hitting a wall, but my movements were awkward, like a broken puppet.

“I guarantee the taste. Look forward to it.”

Edmund grinned, speaking confidently.

Soon, a large dome tray was brought to the table.

The silver food cover was lifted, and a hint of steam rose from the enclosed space. I rubbed my bleary eyes and scrunched my face.

‘This? Here? Right now?’