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“Have you really never worn anything but priest robes?”

“Yes. Our god rarely demands appearances from those without divine powers.”

Phileal spoke with a cheerful face, but the reality behind his words was serious. He implied having infiltrated other temples in different priest robes and sacrificed those priests to his God, similar to what had happened at the Temple of Goddess Meviar.

Anais’s mind raced with various thoughts.

“Temple of Light?”


“And the Temple of Earth?”


Anais felt increasingly apprehensive as she continued to inquire.

“Temple of Jewels?”


“Temples of the Moon, Water, Fire, Wind…”

With each name she mentioned, he nodded in affirmation.

“You’re insane.”

“Yes. I’m extremely capable.”

Phileal patted his chest with a grin. Anais chuckled in disbelief at his absurd response and then genuinely laughed.

“You really are purely wicked.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

He smiled warmly and met Anais’s eyes. She realized he was probably acting shamelessly on purpose to put her at ease and truly appreciated it.

“Let’s go. Pay now.”


Phileal then clapped his hands together and opened them, causing gold coins to spill out.

“This should cover it, right? And a little extra to keep your mouth shut.”

“Yes! That’s more than enough!”

The shop owner’s face brightened. He was relieved that they were just conversing amongst themselves and preparing to leave without causing any harm. Just moments before, he had been stuttering out of fear.



“God must really favor me.”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

For a moment, Anais’s hair appeared black, not just to him but as if the body she inhabited—Lilith Isadora’s—had reverted to its original form.

Yet, in his eyes, Anais had returned to her true appearance. It was as if he had acquired the divine ability to see souls.

“I haven’t offered anything this time… it’s strange.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, I saved you, right.”

Phileal reassured himself with that thought and took Anais’s hand. He felt that perhaps the god of death had granted him this vision of Anais’s true essence, hoping he wouldn’t forget who she really was.

“Let’s go.”


Behind them, the shopkeeper shouted.

“Please, come again!”

“Just keep your mouth shut.”


The shopkeeper nodded happily, looking at the money Phileal had given him.

They walked lightly towards the dock.

Phileal gently held Anais’s hand. Looking at her now, he felt a strange elation. The Anais he had seen in the body of the Empress had been unpleasant, often cold and seemingly enjoying tormenting her maids.

But now, she seems different. Although it was the same face, her expressions had changed, making her seem like a different person.


“You really are beautiful.”

“Thank you. You’re beautiful too. Let’s hurry.”


He didn’t initially understand why he had said that, but looking at her again, it made sense. Anais looked more beautiful now in simple attire than when dressed flamboyantly. Indeed, he thought she would look stunning in anything.

He remembered the dress he had stored away in a dimensional space from the shop. She had promised to wear it when she felt like it.

“My hair looks platinum blonde to me, what does it look like to you?”

“It looks black to me. Are your eyes okay?”

Phileal asked deliberately to check on any magic affecting her, then he reassured her.

“Must be because my eyes are too good. Platinum blonde suits you better.”

“I don’t like my blue hair either.”

After saying that, she continued towards the dock.

The dock was fairly empty. Luckily, the boat to Ensest Island, which only sailed once a month, was scheduled to leave today.
Anais, initially suspecting it was mere coincidence, realized from Phileal’s expression that it wasn’t.

Ensest Island wasn’t ideal for tourism but was known for its abundant underground resources, making it a destination for routine maritime transport, which was cheaper than using the gate.

Before boarding the ship, Anais, seated at the edge of the dock, turned to Phileal, then back to gaze at the sea. Her curiosity piqued, she decided to ask him the question that had been on her mind.

“How do you create those jewels?”


Phileal asked, showing off as he clenched and unclenched his hand. A sapphire appeared.

“The Temple of Jewels.”

“I shouldn’t have asked.”

Phileal chuckled.

The High Priest of the Temple of Jewels was one of those who had mysteriously disappeared. Considering Phileal’s abilities, it was clear he had been sacrificed to the god of death.

“What about money?”

“The Temple of Gold.”

“You’re insane.”

“I can make silver too.”

“Isn’t the Temple of Silver the only one in the world?”

“Yes, that’s why God Decarve liked it more.”

Phileal pressed his hands together tightly and then slowly separated them to show Anais.

“It looks crafted.”

“I can’t do it with gold yet, but I can manage silver.”

He produced a bracelet. Anais extended her arm. Phileal smiled broadly as he prepared to slip the bracelet he had made onto her wrist.

“Hold on.”


He paused, then clenched and unclenched his hand again.

“How about using this talent to make a living?”

“Why? Would you be happy if I did this?”

“No. It’s just a waste not to use your talent.”

“So, you’re not happy.”

Phileal placed the bracelet centered with a glittering sapphire on her wrist.

“It suits you well.”

He admired her arm for a moment and then looked into her eyes. The sky-blue of her irises matched the sapphire perfectly.

Phileal felt incredibly fortunate that he could see her soul. It pleased him that this radiant version of her, visible only to him, remained hidden from others.

“Make one for yourself too.”


“Make yours with garnet or ruby.”

“Got it.”

He created a bracelet similar to the one before and handed it to Anais.

“Put it on for me.”

Anais, amused by Phileal’s child-like request, lightly laughed and slid the bracelet onto his wrist.

She hadn’t noticed before due to his usual loose ceremonial robes, but his wrists were quite thick. His skin was very pale, which didn’t seem to match the muscularity his physique suggested, but up close, his robust build actually seemed fitting.

“Your ceremonial robes really are loose.”


“Never mind.”

Anais realized that when he wore his ceremonial robes, she couldn’t see the contours of his body. Now that he was in a suit, his broad shoulders and well-toned chest muscles were distinctly visible.

His arms were also thick. It was a different image from the fragile impression he usually gave. His face was still the one she knew.

“You’re strange.”

He always felt pleased when Anais looked at him with concern.

“You know, I’m really happy and enjoy being with you.”

“That’s good. Thanks to you, I’m feeling less down too.”


Phileal beamed happily, looking directly into Anais’s eyes. He truly enjoyed this moment. They hadn’t yet reached a safe haven or arrived at Ensest island. Yet, he just loved just walking, talking, and laughing with Anais, letting his guard down.

No worries about who might be targeting him, who might challenge his authority, or what mishap occurred in the temple today. Being truly himself without these concerns felt liberating.

It was his first time feeling this free and joyful. He was like a child at his first festival, and his excitement helped Anais gradually forget her sorrows and feel better.

He was quick to notice changes in mood. He could see Anais becoming more relaxed and comfortable by his side.

“I’d love to see you smile more.”

“Like this?”

Anais forced a smile at Phileal. He then unconsciously furrowed his brow.

“No, a real smile. Like this.”


Phileal playfully put his fingers inside Anais’s mouth, stretching it wide. As her mouth was stretched, he laughed mischievously, and Anais did the same to him.


“Ye, la tat.”

Phileal let go first, and Anais followed.


She laughed, wondering what they were doing at their age. Playing such childish games.


Seeing her laugh, Phileal felt relieved and smiled warmly.

* * *

“Lilith Isadora has disappeared.”

“Did you really try to sacrifice Lilith?”

Lewarren was in the audience chamber. Kylian had dismissed everyone else, so there were no other listeners. Kylian was gazing indifferently through the blue stained glass window.

He had intentionally covered the window in that color. It was the color of his wife’s eyes. He had made it to remember that color, hoping she would open her eyes again.


“Are you mad?”

“If it means Anais could live, you know there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.”

Kylian finally turned to look at Lewarren. Lewarren looked back at him, looking disappointed, even though there seemed to be nothing left to disappoint.

“How did you…end up like this?”

Kylian was reminded of what the saint had said to him before she left.

“I’m sorry. If it’s because of me that Kylian has changed like this, I really am sorry.”

Perhaps because of her desperate words, Kylian unknowingly asked Lewarren a question he had been harboring.

“Can you really guarantee that it was the saint who attempted to assassinate the priest of death?”


Lewarren found it uncomfortable to lie, and he inadvertently averted his gaze. Seeing Lewarren’s eyes drop to the floor made Kylian feel a chill.

“Swear on the Goddess Roseraine. Can you really vouch for the words of the High Priest of Death?”


“Bet your life on your answer, Lewarren Iphigenia.”