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I alighted from the Grand Duke’s carriage.

Slowly turning around, I made eye contact with Grand Duke Lucian. It felt strange. I truly had persuaded Grand Duke Lucian to become my husband.

It happened very quickly and unexpectedly.

Grand Duke Lucian smiled coldly.

“Would you like to try something fun?”

His voice carried a hint of laughter. In contrast, Grand Duke Lucian’s deep-sea-like eyes clearly emitted hostility.

…Something fun…?

What on earth are you trying to say with such an expression?

“Please proceed with the preparations for your wedding with Frederick.”

“What are you thinking?”

“Aren’t you curious to see how Frederick will look when he sees that the bride has been switched?”

Grand Duke Lucian’s eyes sparkled.

It was apparent that something had happened between the imperial family and Grand Duke Lucian.

Even in my past life, I couldn’t figure out the details.

Judging from the fact that he seemed to have dismissed me when I asked about Frederick the other day, something terribly wrong must’ve occurred.

“…I am curious.”

I wanted to see that arrogant, laidback face of his twist. Also, Eleanor would be at the wedding instead of me.

Those vile trash suit each other very well.

“I know a very good bride.”

I laughed coldly.

The malicious intent of Grand Duke Lucian and I aligned.

Grand Duke Lucian bowed slightly to me.

He kissed the back of my hand as a courtesy to his lady and whispered softly.

“Someone is watching us from above.”

“I know.”

There was only one person here who would steal from others like a rat.

“Frederick will arrive soon. I look forward to witnessing the princess’ acting skills.”

I shrugged. Frederick wouldn’t even dream of our collusion, so deceiving him wouldn’t be difficult. Besides, I had learned a thing or two from Frederick in my previous life, so this much was nothing.

“Rest assured, Grand Duke.”

Grand Duke Lucian glanced at me and left.

I rested my hand on my left chest, breathing in and out.

I truly did it.

I had taken the first step toward Frederick, Medice, and escape from this empire.

My mouth curled up without me realizing it.

My heart beat so ferociously, my ribs were about to break.

I spun around and glanced up at her.

The stray cat that had been watching me through the curtain had disappeared.

Eleanor, fear not. I’ll find a suitable place for you.

* * *

Eleanor leaned against the wall.

“…What a shock.”

After all, Belissa had looked right at her, as if she knew Eleanor was there all along.

“What was that? Did she know I was watching?”

Eleanor pouted before glancing around and naturally treading down the hallway.

Even though she said she was ill, it turned out that she was wandering around somewhere.

Furthermore, that man is definitely Grand Duke Lucian, right?

Eleanor’s eyes twinkled. Two people who had no contact while on a boat together suddenly met?

She smiled sweetly.

Belissa was born with everything yet was never grateful or satisfied with anything. She was always so greedy. Eleanor hummed a little tune.

Although she didn’t know why Grand Duke Lucian and Belissa were growing closer, it might be her chance. Thus, Eleanor went to the kitchen.

“My sister seems to be tired these days.”

Eleanor spoke warmly to the chef.

“Teach me how to make my sister’s favorite madeleines.”

“Are you going to make it yourself?”

Eleanor’s eyes went round.

“Why? Is it difficult?”

“No. As always, Eleanor is so thoughtful toward Her Highness. It’s such a wonderful sight.”

“My sister means so much to me, this is nothing.”

Eleanor smiled sweetly—that much was sincere.

The Medice Royal Family didn’t have much interest in Eleanor herself. Thus Eleanor followed Belissa around, attended to her, and waited for an opportunity.
Without any effort on her part, Belissa could become the crown prince, whereas if Eleanor didn’t make any effort, she’d be the mistress of a suitable noble family.

I refuse to waste my life like that.

After all, Eleanor was also royalty. She planned to do her best to rise to the top.

In her joy, Eleanor rolled up her sleeves.

* * *

As soon as Lucian arrived at the mansion, a petite figure came running out. Her hair, woven into two braids, fluttered like wings. Hugging Lucian’s leg, Amelie muttered.

“Where have you been?”

Lucian let out a short sigh and placed a large hand on Amelie’s head, his sharp gaze softening slightly.

“Are you here with that sister?”

“Why? Do you not like her?”

Amelie took a deep breath and shook her head slightly.

“She’s pretty…”

“Didn’t you say she was ugly?”

Amelie pouted and punched Lucian’s leg, which didn’t hurt at all.

Lucian furrowed his brow.

Kids this age may or may not understand.


“S-shame on you! Lucian is so clueless!”

Amelie glared at Lucian with her face red and ran away to the mansion. Lucian tilted his head slightly.

Was she embarrassed that she called other people ugly to their face? What on earth was she on about?

Lucian asked the head deacon, who watched them with a serious look.

“Do you understand?”

The head deacon, Charon, smiled awkwardly.

Lucian was too emotionally unavailable to raise a child.

“She probably said something out of shame.”

“…I really don’t get it.”

Fortunately, the princess didn’t seem to be in a very bad mood at the time. Lucian lazily ran his fingers through his hair.

“Is the Grand Duchess’ room ready?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Charon bowed his head.

“…It’ll soon be time to go on regular patrol.”

“Indeed. Shall we make preparations to leave in advance?”

The Navy was obliged to patrol the sea once every three months for a month. It was to prevent monsters, including sirens, from disturbing the empire’s territorial waters.

The Navy’s biggest mission was to confront them and hunt the monsters that wreaked havoc.

Lucian narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“This time, I plan to go to war about three weeks early. Be sure to prepare rooms for Amelie and the Grand Duchess on the ship.”

Charon widened his eyes.

After all, no matter how much Amelie begged, Lucian always refused to bring her along.

What’s with the sudden change? Also, starting next week?

“Isn’t that when the Crown Prince’s wedding is?”

“We’ll depart that day.”

Lucian spoke firmly.

Charon gasped with a stupefied look on his face. Although he had served the Grand Duke all his life, he really didn’t know what the Grand Duke was thinking.

Who on earth is the Grand Duchess who was brought here out of nowhere?

The Grand Duke met the prospective Grand Duchess today and Amelie said she was a princess.

His head was pounding.

He couldn’t believe the Grand Duke would take the prospective Grand Duchess with him without marrying first.

What on earth are you thinking?

Charon sighed and quickly followed Lucian.

“What does Her Highness prefer? Is she allergic to certain foods? Do you know her favorite color or favorite style of furniture?”

Charon’s voice rose to the point of sounding like a mourning keen. His pride refused to allow him to hear that Lucian’s men were incapable. Lucian halted before the stairwell, forcing Charon to do the same. Charon corrected his leg, which he had stepped forward, with an incredulous look on his face.

“…Your Majesty?”

The Grand Duchess…

Lucian narrowed his eyes as he reflected. Princess Belissa appeared in his mind. Even though they had been sailing together for a month, they had never even held a proper conversation.
Princess Belissa always looked prim and proper. She seemed neat but sensible. He had no clue about the preferences of Princess Belissa, or the two maids who chased after their princess like a pair of gatekeepers.

Now that he thought about it, today was the first time he saw her look so relaxed.

“It doesn’t seem like she has any food allergies. Don’t worry too much, Charon. After all, we have a month to spare.”

Lucian smiled softly and tapped Charon on the shoulder.