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I suddenly remembered her presence and rushed toward her, hanging from the wall, trapped in the spider’s web.

I ripped away the webbing covering her mouth.

“Felicia, Felicia. Wake up.”

I tapped her cheek gently. She still didn’t regain consciousness.

“Look at me.”

Claude had approached unnoticed and cut through the remaining web holding her with his sword.

He carried her and sat her next to Reedmore. Her weak head fell heavily on Ridim’s shoulder.

“She probably wasn’t poisoned. She was just caught in the spider’s web. She’ll be fine.”

“Do you think so?”

“I do.”

As he said, although she had lost consciousness, her breathing seemed steady, and there was no sign of pallor or cold sweat. She wasn’t sweating profusely either.

I finally felt a little relieved. I put my hand on my knee and stood up.

Drenched in blood, Claude looked terrible. The drying blood stuck to his beautiful blond hair.

I snapped my fingers to summon Undine, who washed away the dirt that covered him and me. Now his beautiful blond hair and smooth complexion were visible again.

“Thank you.”

He politely expressed his gratitude. Even though he had reached the level of a swordmaster, he still seemed inexperienced and exhausted, as he had mentioned before, because the use of Aura had drained him several times.

“I don’t want to go through dungeon trials like this again.”

I muttered with a groan.

“Shouldn’t we close this academy for good?”

“I strongly agree.”

The unprecedented terror of the dungeon, filled with monsters too powerful for lower dungeons, made it incredibly dangerous.

“Let’s go back…”

Still, it was finally over.

I did not want to think about who was behind all this or what conspiracy might be lurking. Right now all I wanted was a warm bath in my room at the Ducal Estate.

I carried Felicia,*- and Claude carried Reedmore. Step by step we made our way to the passage hidden behind the plants.


Suddenly, the vibrations we had heard during the massacre of the spider horde resonated again. The ground shook ominously.

I raised my head abruptly. One, two, then tiny boulders fell from the high ceiling.

Clack, clack, thud!

The collapsing pillar soon fell. The cave, unable to withstand repeated blows since we faced the sidrothia horde, began to crumble. The dungeon collapsed.


Claude had grasped the situation as well as I had and shouted. We gathered what strength we had left and sprinted.

Thud, thud, thud!

The ground, already weakened, began to shake more violently. Rocks fell dangerously close to us. The ground we had crossed crumbled and sank beneath us.


We were almost there. Claude’s eyes sparkled with hope. He rushed forward and tried to pull me along.

I eagerly held out my hand. We were almost within reach.

Just then I noticed a large boulder falling from above.

Claude didn’t seem to notice. He was concentrating on me and reaching out his hand.

Oh no.

My body moved before my mind. I pushed him aside. Caught off guard, Claude stumbled into the entryway.


He didn’t even scream. I felt a terrible, unbearable pain that I hadn’t felt even in death.

Claude’s face was filled with despair. He seemed incredible as he reached out to me, the only thing he could do.

Body crumbled. Vision blurred. The sound of the cave collapsing enveloped the ears like a sweet melody.

Eyelids blinked. That was all I could do.

My mind drifted far away and I felt warm blood leave my body. There was no sensation below the waist.

Through my blurred vision I saw Claude running toward me. Tears seemed to flow from his eyes.

I blinked. My eyelids fell heavily once.

“I hope I’m not crying.”

I wanted to say something. This could be our last moment.

Don’t blame yourself. You haven’t done anything wrong.

I wish you happiness. I hope you live happily, not in death.

Please don’t blame me too much.

And maybe, if it’s possible… if I dare to make one last wish.

I hope to occupy even a tiny corner of your memories.


But none of those words escaped my lips.

There was a wailing voice, and then my eyes closed. It felt like a faint warmth touched the tip of my fingers reaching out to hold his hand.

I couldn’t be sure. My senses seemed to deceive me. And with that, my consciousness was cut off for the last time.

Death greeted me warmly once more.

* * *

My nose tingled.

I moved my fingers with effort. Something seemed to be wrapped around them. There was a lukewarm sensation and a firm grip.

My eyelids twitched. After a while I opened my eyes.

Blinding sunlight. I rolled my eyes around. They were too stiff and dry. After a few blinks, some moisture returned.

“Oh, miss?”

Surely this activity caught someone’s attention. I heard a familiar voice.

Turning my eyes, I saw Aila’s dark brown hair first.

She sat on the chair next to the bed and looked at me incredulously. She held my hand.


Transparent moisture gathered in her clear eyes. Her lips trembled. With a swoosh, she enveloped me.

“You should… be gone…”

She hugged me tightly, as if unable to control her intense emotions, then relaxed after a while.

Her cheek against mine was damp. Aila sobbed loudly, like a child. For some reason, it brought a small smile to my face.

I must be alive again. This time, too.

Fortunately, there was no going back to five years ago or further into the past.

For the first time in my life, I was grateful to God.

I weakly raised my arm and patted my loving maid on the back. My slight movements made Aila stop, freeze for a moment, then begin to cry even harder.

“Don’t cry like that.”

My voice came out hoarsely. I cleared my throat.

It seemed as if my throat had been closed for a long time without speaking.

“Khalia? Khalia, are you awake?!”

Voices were heard from outside and the door opened with a bang. A group of people rushed in.


The first thing I noticed was Reedmore. He stood at the front, his black hair fluttering as he rushed in.

His eyes, a mixture of red and crimson, were beautiful. Unlike the last time I saw them, hidden behind eyelids, his eyes were now full of vitality.

Soon his tears flowed as well. He wiped them roughly and choked.

“You, you are… really…”

Unable to continue, he swallowed his sobs.


Aila stood up with a sob. Then she came to my bed and hugged me tightly.


Seeing her alive brought me joy. There was no trace of the pale unconsciousness tangled in cobwebs.

Her arms around me were strong, and she seemed healthy, with no injuries.

“I was so worried about you. I thought you’d never… open your eyes again. I couldn’t find consciousness for days, even after I regained my senses, so I was so… so…”

Her words were lost in tears. She tightened her grip on my arms and sniffled.

“I apologize.”

As she spoke, the door opened again and a group of people entered.

Priests in clean white robes, healers with various medical tools and medicines.

My friends surrounding me stepped back.

The oldest priest drew near and held my hand. As he closed his eyes and prayed, a warm light radiated out.

After a while, the priest opened his eyes and announced.

“The life force has returned.”

“Oh, God…”

Aila prayed in awe. Felicia also sniffled loudly, hiding tears of joy.

Next, a healer took my hand. Using what looked like a stethoscope, he checked my heartbeat, opened my eyelids, and asked me to stick out my tongue for examination.

When he asked me to move the blanket and wiggle my arms and legs, and when I wiggled my toes one by one, he watched carefully and declared.

“All external wounds are healed, and internal injuries appear to be clean as well. Your strength may have waned from lying down for so long, but with proper rest you’ll recover.”

“Thank you.”

Reedmore expressed his gratitude.

As the healer packed up, he suddenly looked around the bustling room and said with a troubled expression.

“While I understand the warm feelings, Miss Estelle here is a patient and needs rest.”

“I’ll be leaving soon.”

Felicia stepped forward and pleaded.

“Just a few words before I go.”

Pogos added. The healer seemed reluctant.

However, with continued pleading, he seemed to decide it was okay to allow a few words and urged not to take too long, then left the room. The priests followed.

Only friends remained. As the atmosphere settled, Felicia and Aila sat on either side of the bed, each holding one of my hands.


As Felicia stepped aside, the figure behind her came into view.