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Holly let out a scream that seemed to reach the clear sky above them. Cahill, moaning with satisfaction atop her, lowered himself to swallow their moans together.

Ha, uhp, ung!

Savoring her moans, he suddenly paused at an unfamiliar noise before pulling up Holly’s skirt that had bunched around her stomach. From behind, only her legs dangling in the air would have been visible.

Cahill lifted his torso and looked towards the source of the noise.

As she neared her climax and then stopped abruptly, Holly looked at him with a frustrated expression. However, he was focused on the approaching sound.

Finally, he locked eyes with Adam, who had been making a sled all night and just returned.

Adam, too, seemed taken aback by the suddenness of the scene and hesitated to move. When Cahill glared sternly at him, who stood frozen in place, Adam flinched as he tried to peek at Holly’s face visible behind him.


Apparently unable to wait any longer, Holly called out Cahill’s name in urgency and tightened around him.


A strong grip gave an involuntary moan from Cahill. With an awkward look at Holly, he turned to Adam and barely mouthed a word.


He only moved his lips, trying not to alert her that someone had seen them during their private moment. Then, turning back, Cahill covered Holly’s mouth with his hand and resumed moving his hips. Seeing that no sound came from behind, Adam seemed to have left the spot.

Cahill, still concerned, got up to personally ensure the intruder had departed.

Just then, a squelching sound came from below. With her hand on his wrist that covered her mouth, Holly was licking between his fingers. Her hazel eyes beneath half-lowered eyelids appeared unfocused.

Once again, tension shot through his lower abdomen. Hot se*en soaked into the member still inside her before it swelled again as it climaxed.

“So, full… heuk, Cahill!”

As his hips moved, the se*en inside her sloshed against her inner walls.

“Ah, good…”

Holly moaned, her waist twisting with each movement.


* * *


“It looks like a cradle.”

Seeing a sled for the first time, Holly thought it was huge enough for an adult to lie back comfortably.

“Why did you make it so unnecessarily long?”

After checking the sled for her safety, Cahill stood up straight and spat out his question gruffly. Only then did Holly realize that this wasn’t the usual size for a sled.

“It just turned out this way as I was building it. It’s not that big if four are to ride…”

Adam, looking like a scolded child, made his excuses with a gloomy expression.

“Why four?”

Hearing Adam’s explanation, Cahill tilted his head and wrapped his arm around Holly’s shoulder. With his other hand, he dragged the sled towards the edge of the cliff.

“It’s just Holly and me who will be riding the sled.”

He lifted Holly and set her down on the sled. Adam, who had misunderstood, looked shocked at his master.

“Yes? Then, we are…”

“How far did you plan to follow us?”

Cahill asked with a look of annoyance as he climbed behind Holly. He wrapped his thighs around her and made sure she was leaning fully against him.

“If you really want to follow, you might as well jump off. You have two good legs.”

He scanned Adam dismissively.

In the meanwhile, Holly was almost buried in his embrace. Cahill glanced at her face, which sparkled with anticipation, and lifted the edge of his robe to cover her.

“If you’ve understood, then start pushing the sled.”

Adam looked back at Holly with a face full of envy and reluctance. However, he seemed unable to ignore Cahill’s command and hesitantly stood behind the sled.

“We’re about to start, so get ready.”

Adam grumbled as he bent down to grip the sled, his face sulky. At his words, Cahill placed one arm over Holly’s belly and held onto the side of the sled with the other.

“Just relax. I’ll take care of holding Holly.”

He whispered, kissing the top of her head.


Relaxing at Cahill’s assurance, Holly had just raised her upper body when Adam kicked off the ground with a shout.

“Here we go!”

As Cahill pressed Holly’s shoulder to lean her back against his chest again, her body tilted forward. The force exerted made the veins on Cahill’s hands, which were gripping the sled, stand out prominently.

Holly was so shocked that she couldn’t even scream, just gaping open-mouthed. Cahill, sensing her fright, soothingly patted her stomach from behind.

“What, what…”

Their bodies lifted slightly into the air before dropping sharply down as the sled crashed onto the ground with a massive impact.


The landscape whirled past dizzyingly as the cold wind slapped her cheeks. It was almost too hard to keep her eyes open.

“We’re almost down, Holly.”

With her eyes tightly shut, leaning on Cahill’s arm, Holly slowly opened her eyes as the ground leveled out.

“What’s next?”

Watching her regain her composure, Cahill asked.

“Uh, what?”

“After we go down the waterfall.”

Holly, catching her breath, replied somewhat dazedly.

“Ah, it’s where lovers get hit by the waterfall together…”

As she responded to Cahill, a chill ran down her spine, halting her words.

“You mean getting hit by water?”

“Wait, Cahill!”

Holly tried to turn to Cahill as a wave of apprehension swept over her. Just then, it was as if someone had dumped a bucket of water over her head—the water cascaded down from above. The coldness was incomparable to the wind they’d faced.

‘Wasn’t he supposed to be bad at controlling this?’

Clearly, Cahill had used his powers to thaw the frozen waterfall. The water, once frozen and now melted, seeped into her clothes and pricked her skin like needles.







Meanwhile, Adam and Badin stood atop the cliff, watching the sled’s descent. The waterfall, previously frozen solid, had melted in an instant. It was an impressive sight.

“His Highness is truly remarkable.”

Adam exclaimed, his eyes sparkling.


Badin also looked at Cahill with happy eyes, though his satisfaction was brief.

All of a sudden, a surge of water engulfed Holly. After the water had swept over her, Adam’s eyes widened in shock. Holly had stiffened up, her face going pale.

“Your Highness! Holly! Are you all right?”

Before the sled even came to a stop, Adam had slid down the cliff to reach them. However, he descended too quickly, slipped, and missed Holly.

The sled was swept by the current to the opposite cliff.

Just before crashing, Cahill extended his hand out of the sled, and sharp icicles erupted from his palm and scrapped the ground. The friction with the ground slowed the sled down, and it soon came to a complete stop. Holly sat in the sled, huddled and shivering.

The cold air brushing against her wet body felt like cuts on her skin.

“Let’s get up first.”

Badin, who had started after Adam but arrived first, sighed and helped the crouching Holly up from the sled. Leaning on Badin’s arm, Holly staggered.


Cahill, who had been sitting behind her and unaware of her condition, finally saw her pale face.

“Why, why like this…”

He looked at Holly, his face a mix of confusion and distress.

“Ah, I’m fine…”

Holly finally spoke, her voice delayed from the shock of the icy water, though her trembling voice made it hard to continue.

“We need to warm her up first.”

Having had Holly taken from him, Badin looked at his empty hands despondently before speaking.