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After rubbing his shaft against her folds and scratching her cli* a few more times, he gripped her pelvis and slowly started to push into her. Even just inserting the tip, it was tight inside. The wet inner walls welcomed his pillar, but swallowing it whole was hard due to its size. Despite stretching her out all of yesterday, the entrance had already tightened significantly.

“Ahh, ah, Du, Dustin…”

“Ha, you’re driving me crazy on purpose. Why is it so tight…”

Looking down at the entrance that had enveloped his tip, Dustin grumbled in a restrained voice. Then, he exerted more force, further parting the flesh and invading deeper. Yet, only about half of his member had entered.

As he penetrated her, Andra involuntarily exhaled the breath she had been holding and twisted her waist. Her stomach felt full inside. Something heavy had definitely settled within her.

“…Kuht, are you okay?”

“Ah… hu, yes…”

“Can I put in more?”

“Heuk, I, I don’t know… Ah, hu-uht…”

After not having it inside her for almost half a day, Andra struggled to swallow Dustin entirely, managing only half. Thankfully, it wasn’t as painfully tearing as the first time, but it was still difficult. She could only hope he’d move quickly to bring out the pleasure.

“Hurry, hu-ung, mo, move…. ahht…”

“Hoo, just hold on a bit longer, it seems like more can go in.”

“I get it, heuk, so just hurry… Ah!”

When Dustin thrust his hips, the other half went deeply inside her. Andra gasped, gripping the desk tighter. Her stomach and thighs quivered, and the inner walls tightly clenched around the thick lump of flesh that suddenly intruded.

Dustin gently rubbed Andra’s swollen belly and helped her take deep breaths.

So, the two remained close to each other, breathing heavily for a moment.

Dustin moved first. He carefully handled the pitifully stretched entrance, slowly withdrawing his member halfway. The red flesh clung to him, coming out slightly with the motion. Andra grimaced, her cheeks flushing red. The feeling of the massive intrusion that had pushed up her stomach being pulled out was always strange, no matter how many times she experienced it.


“Is it very hard?”

“Don’t, don’t talk, just, uht, just move, ah, ha, aht!”

Thrust, Dustin pushed himself back in. The recoil made Andra bend over the desk, shaking her buttocks. Ahng! The blunt object prodding inside made a rush of pleasure.

Dustin lightly kneaded her pale buttocks. The small entrance gripping his sizable girth was clearly visible. He couldn’t help but admire it.

“It drives me crazy how it tightens and grips me like this, despite all the stretching…..”

Suddenly, Dustin grabbed Andra’s buttocks and began thrusting. Slap, slap. The sound of his groin against her buttocks echoed obscenely.

“Ah, uh, ung, ah! Du, st, , hunt, ah, uht!”

Any concern of Helic overhearing vanished into the distance. Andra had no choice but to rely on the room’s soundproofing and surrender to the overwhelming sensations that came crashing like waves.

During these moments with Dustin, it became hard to think about anything else. Lately, s*x with Dustin might have been an escape from her thoughts that were complicated.

“Ah, ung! Go, good, uht, ah!”

The flesh that filled her completely, selectively scraping the sensitive spots inside her. Andra cried out, twisting her waist and moving her buttocks in rhythm with Dustin’s thrusts.

In response, Dustin ramped up, plunging into her more roughly. It felt as if all her insides were being pushed aside. Overwhelmed by pleasure, Andra clenched her eyes shut.

“Dus, hunt, ung, tin, more… Ha-uhht!”

“Ha, don’t rush me, I’m barely….holding on.”

When Dustin thrusted all the way, Andra gasped for air. The increasingly vigorous thrusting and the intensifying stimulation made it hard for her to keep standing on tiptoe as the strength kept disappearing from her legs.

Dustin lifted one of Andra’s legs, supporting her as she struggled to stay upright.

“Ah! Hu-unh!”

With one hand on her pelvis and the other holding a leg, he thrusted. The woman, receiving his forearm-sized pillar, could barely open her eyes, overwhelmed by the sensations exploding in her head. She barely managed to prop herself up further on the desk.

“Hu, uhng, uht… Ah, ung!”

Between her spread legs, the weapon-like pillar rapidly entered and exited the red, swollen entrance. The firm t*******s crashed against the joining. Even that impact was another source of stimulation, causing tears to well up the corner of her eyes. She was shaken by the unbearable sensations, every part of her body flooded with acute excitement.

“Du, hu-ugh, Du… Ung! Ah, heuk…”

“Kuht, my name. Andra, you have to say my name…”

“Ahng, Dustin!”

As soon as Andra called his name, Dustin nibbled on her nape, leaving kisses.

Only when Andra continuously called his name during their lovemaking did Dustin feel reassured. It was uncertain what this reassurance was about, but at that moment, he felt needed by Andra.

“Ah, hu-uht! Dustin!”

“Haa, Andra…”

Hearing her voice drenched in pleasure always pleased him. He wished she would keep calling his name, that her lips would hold nothing but his name.

As he continued, Dustin thought of Helic, the librarian he had met earlier.

Jealousy bubbled up deep within when he saw Helic kissing Andra’s hand and calling her name. He barely restrained himself from confronting Helic right then.

‘What right does he have to casually hold her hand?’

Dustin had known Andra for decades, but it hadn’t been long since he could kiss her and hold her hand. Yet, the librarian, within just a few minutes of meeting her, had taken her hand, kissed the back of it, and affectionately called her by name.

And how did Andra react to this?

She was smiling. She exchanged playful banter with Helic in front of Dustin, a smile she seldom showed him.

This left Dustin feeling both miserable and enraged. It was infuriating to him that she could show such kindness and smiles to a man she had just met today, when she seemed so reserved around him.

The librarian, before coming to Hezel, must have been a courtesan rather than a knight. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to charm Andra so quickly.

‘This woman is mine.’

Dustin couldn’t give up on Andra. She had taken everything from him yet she was capable of giving him everything. He couldn’t let her go.

Therefore, he deliberately disturbed Andra while she was focused on her book and began to pleasure her with his mouth. He wanted to reaffirm his worth to her. He needed assurance that she wouldn’t abandon him.

While refusing at first, Andra eventually closed her book and presented her back to him when Dustin persisted. He understood this as silent consent. Had she truly disliked it, she would have coldly pushed him away.

In the silence of her acceptance, Dustin joyously lavished attention on her bottom, licking like a dog. And when there was a noise outside the room, he mischievously inserted his fingers into her, stirring her further.

The noise outside didn’t immediately fade. Knowing it was Helic, the librarian, Dustin deliberately intensified his actions to make Andra even more desperate. He then made her let out a sound.

Despite being slightly displeased with Dustin’s behavior, Andra was familiar with the pleasure he could provide and eventually spread her legs to welcome him as he wished.

Helic’s presence faded after Andra moaned as he thrusted. But Dustin had no intention of stopping. Once he had entered her, his role was to continue to the end, satisfying her fully and proving his worth.

He couldn’t bear the thought of being abandoned by Andra.

“Ahh, ung! Ah, ah, aht Dustin, huk…”

When Andra’s legs began to weaken from the overwhelming pleasure, Dustin quickly cleared the desk of the items to the floor and laid her down. During this, his member slipped out with a distinct popping sound, but not for long.

Dustin spread Andra’s legs again and thrust back into her hole again.


Her inner walls clenched tightly around him. Dustin paused to catch his breath as the inside felt like chewing on him. He knew he couldn’t climax yet. Especially since Andra herself hadn’t come yet, so he couldn’t.

Andra’s pleasure was a priority. If he focuses solely on his desire, it might risk Andra denying him in the future. After taking a deep breath, Dustin resumed with a rhythmic motion, his hands securing her hips.

Andra wrapped her shaky legs around Dustin’s waist, feeling the sensation of his thrusts. She hoped he would lift her up. The electrifying stimulation was unforgettable.

“Uhng… ha, harder…”


Dustin reached his arm under Andra’s unremoved top. He found her n*pples hardened with arousal atop the thin negligee. He pinched them suddenly, causing Andra to arch her back and bite her lower lip as her body responded to the tingling pain. Her hole also twitched and clung even more eagerly to him.

Shifting the negligee aside, Dustin grasped Andra’s full breasts. His hands were filled with their warm and soft texture. His somewhat rough handling caused Andra to stir, but as he intensified his movements, she couldn’t help but cover her face with her hands, overwhelmed by the sensations.

“I heard that milk comes from here if you have a child…”

“Uhng, hunt, what, ah, ung!”

“Then, I would want to suck every last drop of it.”

“What, ah, hu, ung…..strange, things, ah, hu-uht!”

Although she hadn’t had a child and thus wouldn’t produce milk, Dustin massaged Andra’s breasts as if to coax milk from them. Unaware of his intentions, Andra was still overwhelmed by the sensation below. Dustin then took one of Andra’s hands, which had been covering her face, and placed it on her stomach.

“Touch this.”

“Hu… Wh, what…?”

“The thing inside you.”

As Dustin pressed his bulge inside her, Andra felt her lower abdomen protrude. It was the presence of his member occupying her, a sensation quite different from the flatness of her usual abdomen, even if it was indeed just a man’s penis inside.