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‘Once you earn a bad reputation in the social world, it doesn’t disappear easily.’

Now that the series of things Lilika did has been revealed, would people realize Yuria’s innocence?

No way.
Humans are not ones to readily admit that they are wrong.
It was a good thing that it was quieter now than before, but if she did something that would get a little more attention, everyone’s gaze would immediately turn to her.

“Of course, there are some calculating nobles. But maybe with their help, it will help you get adjusted to the social world…”
“Hmm, then I should bend the social world.”
“Isn’t there a reason why Lady Yuria is so harsh with herself? I should stop people from talking.”

Yuria paused for a moment at the unthinkable words.

“A person who was so unhindered even as a child… Hmm, ahem. Anyway, I’ll make sure you don’t get accused of anything more, even if you make a mistake. Never again!”

Things would be a little better if Duchess Primrose came to social gatherings more often than before, but it was said that the realm of the young unmarried ladies was a little different.
Spreading her shoulders, Vivian let out a loud voice.

“Going that far for me…”
“Aah, I even asked the Duchess of Primrose to be my chaperone today. I owe you that too!”
“No, I’m also thankful that you talked about the cosmetics today. Also, how you told the nobles earlier that you wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t something like Yunette…”
“Incorrect. I think I got more help. I was just being honest. It’s thanks to Yunette. You have to share the good things with each other.”
“If you say it like that, being Your Highness’ chaperone was an honor to my mother!”

As both of them raised their voices, they soon smiled faintly.
It was Princess Vivian who pouted playfully again.

“I think Lady Yuria is mistaken! Taking control of the social world is something that helps not only the Lady but also my brother. It’s not just for the Lady, is it?”

She purposely used a tone of voice that was telling Yuria not to be stubborn.

“I’m more ambitious than you think.”
“Yes, I see. I didn’t know Your Highness’ great intentions.”
“You know now, so it’s fine.”

Princess Vivian replied calmly, then shrugged.

“Really, it’s no big deal. My brother has met more people than I have. He must have had it harder than me all this time. As much as I ran away saying I couldn’t meet people with this skin.”
“Wouldn’t it be helpful for my brother if I was more active in the social world as the princess?”

Princess Vivian’s cheerful voice quieted a little.
Even Yuria vaguely knew how much effort one man named Enoch had put into becoming the prince at a young age.

“My brother can’t even sleep these days…”
“He can’t sleep?”
“Ah, I guess… Can the Lady sleep?”
“It’s true that I’m tired enough to fall asleep as soon as I lay down, but I’m okay. I wonder if His Highness’ work is too much. I should talk…”
“No, he just can’t sleep.”

From the nuances of Princess Vivian’s words, rather than having no time, Crown Prince Enoch seemed to be unable to sleep even when lying down.

“Well, he has a lot to worry about.”
“Did His Highness mention what is troubling him?”
“… Of course not. He doesn’t say anything. He’s trying to hide it, but the aides come to me and tell me.”

She could feel how worried Vivian was for her brother. Unlike Jiksen and Yuria, they were truly a brother and sister who stood up for each other.

“Especially now that it’s summer…”
“Ah, it’s nothing. It’s just that… Neither I nor my brother like summer.”

Yuria didn’t ask, even though she must have felt there was something else. She just listened to Vivian carefully.
Vivian, who stopped talking when she was about to say it was the season when her mother and brother died, liked that.

‘She’s a good person, after all.’

It wasn’t just one or two ladies who approached Vivian with the crown prince as their goal.
And what did they have in common?
They just listened to her without much interest when they were together, but their eyes changed when she mentioned the crown prince.

“What are you talking about?”

At that moment, Crown Prince Enoch interrupted them.
Submerged in thought, Vivian narrowed her eyes at the sudden appearance of Crown Prince Enoch.

“You’re showing up too suddenly.”
“Aren’t you the one who is too absorbed in your own thoughts? Lady Primrose, did I surprise you?”

Yuria, who was suddenly caught between the two siblings, immediately changed the topic.

“Is the ceremony of the foundation of the empire now over?”
“Yes. Both the first and second rounds are now complete.”

It wasn’t that he wasn’t busy with other social gatherings, but especially during the celebration of the founding of the empire, he couldn’t stay by Vivian’s side since there were many things he had to organize.
And it would be another feeling for her to have a young lady of her age.

“Thank you for staying with Vivian.”
“I was the one who got help.”

If Yuria helped Princess Vivian return, the princess helped draw attention to Yunette. It was a structure that benefited each other.
Enoch laughed softly upon hearing Yuria’s reply.

“Do you mind if I stay here?”

Yuria realized that Crown Prince Enoch remembered their conversation from the other day.
She was having a hard time staying by Crown Prince Enoch’s side because of her reputation, so she was considerate…

‘I’m sure it will be fine since it’s not just the two of us. Anyone can see that he came here to see his sister.’

As Yuria nodded, Crown Prince Enoch sighed in relief inwardly.
He also thought it was fortunate that he wasn’t alone with Yuria right now.

‘I’ll have to ask and check first in the future.’

When he tried to sweep back her hair, Yuria looked very bewildered even though he didn’t even touch her.
He apologized, and even though she accepted that apology…
For some reason, the look of surprise was still vivid in his memory.
And the fact that he felt a little bit of sadness… was strange for him too.

“Oh my, are you even asking that?”

It was fortunate that Vivian had become acquainted with Yuria. The atmosphere would not be as awkward as last time, after all.

‘… It used to be more awkward when Vivian and Lady Primrose were alone.’

When he was on his way to talk with them, the two seemed to be in a cheerful mood as if they had never been awkward around each other.

‘They looked more intimate than the last time I saw them together.’

Even though the one he often saw with Yuria was himself.
Counting how much he had met Yuria and how deeply he had talked with her as they prepared for the business, Crown Prince Enoch calmed down.

‘Useless thoughts.’

Just then, Duchess Primrose, who had gone to greet another lady for a moment, came back.

“Yuria is here. Did you help the Princess while I was away?”

Duchess Primrose had spoken with Crown Prince Enoch earlier.
The only difference was that Yuria was with her now.

“Your Highness. How is it? Is my Yuria doing well in the business?”

While the Duchess of Primrose was away for a while and then came to them, she asked lightly how things were going.

“She couldn’t be better. I’m learning a lot thanks to her.”

Crown Prince Enoch answered right away. In a serious tone, without any hesitation.

“It’s all thanks to Lady Primrose that Yunette is doing well right now.”

“Oh my, Yuria seems to have an important role.”
“I am always amazed by her ideas and her passion for research.”

She didn’t think he would say this much. Yuria blankly looked up at the crown prince.
Duchess Primrose was equally bewildered. She belatedly came to her senses and brought her hands to her flushed cheeks.

‘Well, I can’t help but feel good when I hear my daughter being complimented. I was too openly pleased.’

Though parents want their children to be more valued than they are, it was not recommended for the nobles to openly reveal their dramatic emotions.
She couldn’t believe that her expression faltered like this when she had been a duchess for decades.

‘… It’s been so long since Yuria heard something nice from someone.’

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Yuria was greatly criticized. Even though she didn’t tend to neglect discipline.
Duchess Primrose opened her mouth, trying not to show her pride too much.

“Your compliments are generous, Your Highness. I know you’re saying this to make me satisfied as her mother, but it feels good.”
“No, sincerely, Lady Primrose is an admirable person.”

Duchess Primrose was speechless. She reflected again on what she had just heard.

‘Did he just say he admires my child…?’