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Rette could never understand Ravia.

Maybe she was cynical to begin with? Or she had a tendency to laugh in the face of optimism?

Ravia said she needed Tidwell, and for that she would make herself collateral.

There was a lot she wanted to achieve through her death.

She wanted the spring user whose identity had not yet been revealed to find their happiness. And for Herod to not suffer because of his own power anymore. And for Rette to reach her goal through the winter user.

Why would she think of others when she herself hung by a thread?

Seriously, why?

Rette knew there was more to it.

“Why are you being so kind?”

It was a question that she couldn’t hold back regardless of her intention.

After realizing that her question sounded a bit judgmental, Rette had the urge to cover her mouth with hand.

She would, if she had the chance. But before Rette could take the action, Ravia spoke, tilting her head.

“I don’t understand your question. Why would people need a reason to be kind?”

“…But that isn’t obligatory, right?”

Why were you so selfless when there was no requirement for it?

Ravia parted her lips slightly, as if showing she had just processed what Rette meant.

But her answer didn’t come immediately.

Ravia leaned back in the chair with her fingers busily tapping the armrest as if her mind raced with thoughts.

After giving it some thought, she answered.

“Do you know the saying that altruism is selfish?”

She threw a stone at Rette. A very simple universal law.

Once again, in a form of question.

“This is how Leontine teaches etiquette. These empty formalities are all an act to earn respect for myself.”

The most basic manner is to respect the other person, but to go further than that implies that you made the other person to respect you.

If the other person spits on you, and you repay them with kindness, it will reward you with the mental vanity that you are a much bigger person between them.

It was the most selfish thing a person can do.

That was exactly what altruism was.

“So I’m doing this for myself. Maybe you can call it self-defense.”

She tapped the armrest again as her mind fell deep in thought again, and then said.

“My teacher told me this. When you get caught in the waves, don’t forget to breathe.”

I just want to live like that.

Ravia looked both exhausted and hopeful as she said that.

It was an oddity where two opposing expressions could coexist.

But there was nothing more fitting to express the calm waves reflected in those purple eyes.

The dim flicker in her eyes seemed to wash away at any moment. Rette realized that no words would be able to change her mind.

Maybe the future where she’ll lose Ravia is unavoidable, after all.

“…You have a great teacher.”

“She was a great person. I always knew that people like that are rare.”

“I have a feeling that her eyes were green.”

“Ah, right. How do you know?”

“No idea. Just my feelings?”

“Do your feelings get sharper the more you use your summer ability?”

“Maybe.” Rette replied, pulling the corners of her mouth up.

After that, the two began to make small talk; anything as unimportant and unnecessary as the flavor of black tea.

It was an effort to avoid the topic of Ravia’s looming demise.

Time passed, and it was time for Ravia to give Rette the promised information.

Information about the spring user, and a request.

“I have a request in exchange for giving you this.”

“You wanted me to help the spring user, I mean, Primadonna Laricia, to attain happiness?”

“That’s a given.”

“No matter how I think about it, I feel like I’m at a disadvantage here…”

“I trust that you will listen.”

Ravia sounded serious, so Rette stopped teasing.

“Of course, what is it?”

“There are steps that must be taken, and the steps have to be upheld. Nothing can go wrong at all.”

What kind of request is it? Why are you mentioning steps and all that?

While Rette pondered, Ravia began speaking.

The first step was simple.

“Something will happen to me…and when Tidwell leaves the house, bring the spring user to me.”

Rette recited Ravia’s request word by word.

And Crow remembered what had been said in the letter that Rette had sent through her lackey.

[Bring Primadonna Laricia to the Leontine residence right now. If necessary, make it seem like Ravia Leontine invited her and do not let Dark Flower know.]

* * *

Rattle, rattle–

In a rattling carriage, an anxious woman nibbled at the tip of her fingernails.

She hadn’t yet removed her stage makeup, such as her long eyelashes and pink drill curls.

She was the star of Velocio theatre, Primadonna Laricia, also called Leticia.

She was going about her day as usual today.

Early in the morning, she left her parents and younger siblings at home to join in some singing and acting gigs. Sometimes she’d have a tea session with her wealthy sponsor fans.

But what made today a bit different was she had her head in the clouds.

The reason was simple.

‘I should’ve attended Duke Leontine’s funeral.’

Because she was unable to personally offer condolences for Duke Leontine’s death.

She wished she could have consoled Ravia directly, but circumstances weren’t in her favor.

Recently, she had been busy preparing for a new performance, and it was already impossible to act in those performances simultaneously unless her body was split in two.

Even though she sent a letter of condolences after hearing of Duke Leontine passing.

‘Have you read it?’

There was no reply for almost a week. Moreover, Leticia’s heart sank when she heard malicious rumors running rampant.

-Did you hear about the Leontine family?

-I heard that Duke Leontine died in an accident.

-No, that’s not all! I heard that the accident was caused by the Princess!

-Oh my god. Does that make sense? Did she do that to her own father?

-Who cares about blood relations? Those nobles…they stab each other in cold blood every now and then. It’s not rare for kids to kill their parents and take their position.

They didn’t mention the name directly, but they implied strongly that Ravia Leontine had a role in Duke Leontine’s death.

-By the way, the Duke put his adopted son into the family register, right? She might be scared to lose her position.

-Ah, you’re right. The Princess has no choice but to be cruel…

-But from what I heard, the Princess is now lying sick because of intense grief.

-That’s only a rumor. How do you know if she’s acting or not? She might be lying in the bed right now with a hot towel on her forehead just to allay suspicion.

The rumor spread like wildfire in the absence of the head family.

The Leontine family was the subject of the hottest gossip whispered around the theater.

Ravia Leontine and the mysterious death of Duke Leontine would undoubtedly come up in conversation between a group of people.

But the conversation ended when Leticia chipped in, saying that Ravia Leontine was not the type to do so, and that she had a great relationship with Tidwell.

But there was no smoke without fire.

Leticia couldn’t shake her uneasiness upon hearing the rumors.

‘I can’t stop thinking about what she said a few days before the accident…’

That aside, her biggest concern right now would be whether Ravia was okay.

Today, as the lights in the Velocio theater went out and Leticia was heading to the dressing room to remove her makeup, there was a small commotion.

-Excuse my rudeness. Is Lady Laricia here?

-If you know you’re being rude, then don’t do it. It’s time to close, so please leave. If you’re my fan, you should keep your basic manners.

-N-No! It’s not like that. I have a message for Lady Laricia! I’m a servant who runs errands for the Leontine family!

Leticia initially wanted to act as if she didn’t hear him as there were often cases of fans shoving flower wreaths at her, but that changed when she heard the name ‘Leontine.’

At first she thought it was a lie, so Leticia poked her head out of the door. A red haired man wearing a hunting cap was bowing his head at her.

-Lady Laricia. My lady has asked to see you urgently. I can’t tell you the details, but please come with me immediately!

The Velocio employee, who had been arguing with the man, tried to dissuade her.

-Leticia, don’t go! There’s no way the Leontine family invited you in such a shady way!

He was right. It was a suspicious invitation.

But the sender was Ravia. The one who saved her from suffering and reached out to her multiple times. The answer was clear the moment her name was mentioned.

-I will go.

Her number one priority was to repay her benefactor even with the possibility that she might fall right into trap.