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Since coming here, Hana had actually wanted to live in this place. If she had developed any attachments, it must have been after arriving here. She wanted to live in this beautiful place with beautiful people.

She wanted to live with someone she loved and who loved her back.

‘Looking into the golden eyes would be the best answer.’

Suddenly, Caldern’s words came to mind.

If there was a change since she came here, that was it. Why did this thought occur now? Since coming here, Hana’s eye color has changed. And both the priests and the people here had said that was special. They said it was a privilege not commonly bestowed.

It felt like something beyond reach but she couldn’t figure it out, yet elusive.

All the information was definitive. Especially when combined with what Void had told her, Hana would be the one who knew the most about the divine disease. However, something didn’t sit right with her. She felt like she was missing something important.

‘…Why am I still suffering from the divine disease even there?’

Perhaps not just the divine disease, but also the sacrifice was tied to this crucial cycle? It was a hunch, but subconsciously, she wanted to know more about the divine disease because it seemed like the most crucial clue to solving this situation.

The sacrifices summoned by the priests so far.

All the sacrifices were in the same condition. Either aged with old age or deeply wounded and dying. Hana wondered. Was the condition that brought her here not the latter but rather the former? And if it was the former, then perhaps the other sacrifices…

“Rutis, all the animals that have been summoned as sacrifices. You said they were all either old or on the verge of death.”


“Was it really because they had lived out their natural lives and aged normally?”

Rutis pressed his lips together in a straight line.

He said nothing. It was a first for the priests too.

A human being summoned, not just any animal, and one that could converse with them was also unprecedented. That a sacrifice had not died as a sacrifice and lived this long was also unprecedented.

In the meantime, there was no reason or time to question it. Rutis wasn’t hesitating to answer; he simply did not know. He froze, lost in thought.


While Rutis stood there with a dumbfounded expression, the cheerful sound of the door came.

“Hana, I’m back.”

Their secret conversation ended there.

Rutis and Hana looked in different directions, their heads awkwardly stiff as if they were caught doing something wrong. Rutis cleared his throat and stood up while she sat up in bed to greet Weed.

“Ah, Weed…. what is all this?”

Instead of a greeting, her words came out more as a puzzled question.

It wasn’t just Weed who had come in, but something else, something enormous, had come in with him.

At first glance, it resembled a huge wooden wardrobe. It had two doors and handles lined up side by side, and its edges were adorned with elaborate silver decorations. True to the items of this place, the wardrobe was surrounded by living plant vines, and even small colorful flowers blossomed among them.

Weed had silently dragged this massive object into the room. Hana looked down to see if it was on wheels, but it wasn’t. Upon closer inspection, the wardrobe wasn’t dragging on the ground but was subtly floating above it.

“Weed, this, this thing…”

Before Weed could respond, Rutis intervened.

“No, I’ll see you again shortly.”

And with that, Rutis quickly exited the room.

Hana watched him disappear blankly before Weed’s hand caught hers. He was beaming a sunny smile as if he was seeking praise.

“Hana, shall we take a look?”


“Come on.”

His voice was soft, his smile dazzling, his fingertips trembling. Hana gently placed her fingers in his outstretched hand.

Weed opened the doors of the wardrobe. As soon as he did, a blinding light poured out. Gradually, as her eyes adjusted to the light, the interior became visible. It seemed like another world was unfolding inside.

A spacious space different from the outside was revealed. Hana looked back as if she was seeing something wrong. The wardrobe door still shone a light to the bedroom, but facing forward, an unreal space unfolded before her.

The ceiling stretched endlessly high, and despite without sunlight or artificial light, a radiant glow filled the area below. The space was as wide as a field, the vastness was almost like an illusion. Just looking at it made her heart feel refreshed.

And there, a path was formed.

Lined on either side were dresses in every color imaginable. It was hard to decide where to look first. The dresses varied in shape and style, but all seemed to be of a uniform size, so she could choose any without a problem.

“Wow, what is this… It’s like magic.”

It probably was magic. After all, they were in a world where magic existed. Hana exclaimed like an admiring child.

“These are items that have been dedicated from outside. The priests have collected and organized them.”

“All this time?”

Led by Weed’s hand, Hana stepped into this unfamiliar space. It was new and different, but she wasn’t afraid. She has the most reliable support by her side.

“Yes, for a long time since Lar was created. Remember the priests took your measurements last time? They gathered everything that would fit you and made adjustments where necessary. Not only humans come here, and it might not all suit your taste, but…”

“No, they’re all beautiful! Really. And they all look new.”

‘I wonder if I can wear anything like this.’ With that thought, Hana let go of Weed’s hand and browsed the clothes.

“You may have, no, all of these are for you.”


“Yes. They were prepared just for you. Pick an outfit, and then you should choose some jewels too.”

“Jewels as well?”

“Yes. Go ahead.”

His encouragement was gentle, like a soft breeze.

She couldn’t help but feel elated.

Being in a space so clearly different from the outside world seemed to shield her from the negative emotions she had felt there. Could she really stay here without any worries? In such a place, isolated from everyone else but filled with his endless affection.

She just wanted to stay like this.

Tears threatened to spill from Hana’s eyes.

“Ah, what if I choose something too rustic, and they all come from the kingdom?”

Weed simply smiled. Other priests might have reassured her that whatever she chose would become the new trend in the capital or that she would look beautiful in anything, but Weed, still unpracticed in such matters, remained silent.

His words were always simple—pretty, suits you, I like it.

Like a song, each word was filled with sincerity.

People were waiting.

They would be waiting to greet her. Yet, Hana found herself unable to leave that place for a while. It was the first time anyone had prepared something solely for her. More than that, she cherished the isolation from the world’s emotions in this space.


* * *


Hana hurriedly changed her clothes, thinking that Calden and Inis were about to depart. Although they weren’t particularly close, they shared something big together, and the common disease made her reluctant to see them go without saying goodbye.

However, after arriving at their location, it seemed her worries were unnecessary.

Far from leaving immediately, they appeared quite relaxed. The setting looked like a small gathering rather than a hasty departure.

‘Wasn’t Calden uncomfortable around the priests?’

It was outdoors, yet it seemed almost like a small banquet was in progress. The number of attendees wasn’t large, but the atmosphere was intimate and joyful. Both the priests and Calden, and even Inis, were engaging in light conversations and enjoying refreshments while dressed quite splendidly.