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At that moment, Berthas understood Tartos’s feelings.

They were the same. Isillis and the Previous Empress were the same kind of people, dedicating themselves unilaterally to Larchen with nothing in return. And like Tartos, Berthas found himself loving those who made such sacrifices. It was their fate.

Watching the slowly rising magic, Berthas bit his lip.

This was the problem. Isillis was always burdened by a sense of responsibility because of this. If only he could, he wanted to shatter that barrier. With that, Berthas set a new goal for himself.

‘I will break this barrier.’

It took Isillis half a day to establish the barrier.

With the Previous Empress’s weaker magic, Berthas expected it would take even longer and called for Duke Verus.

“You summoned me?”

“Did you call them here?”


“You acted without orders.”


Berthas gave Duke Verus a cold look as he reached out to Meril, who handed over Erica to him.

“Chief lady-in-waiting.”


“If you cannot perform your duties properly, I will have no choice but to replace you.”

“I will bear that in mind.”

“If you’ve been living off Isillis’s kindness until now, do your job correctly.”

“I will, I certainly will.”

Perhaps sensing Berthas’s cold fury, Erica gently tugged at his clothes.


Giving his daughter a tender look, he whispered to her.

“You don’t have to sacrifice your magic for Larchen.”

“But they said no.”

Speaking with her still-young speech, Berthas softly responded.

“Your magic is yours.”


“Yes, yours.”

At his words, Erica tilted her head in confusion, and Meril bowed her head, intimidated by his stern gaze. Berthas decided he couldn’t let Erica receive the same education as the other royals of Larchen. He resolved not to let her grow up like Isillis.

Holding his daughter, he stepped outside and called for Dahan.

“You called for me.”

“Sir Dahan. From now on, I entrust Erica’s education to you.”


In that moment, he understood Tartos’s feelings completely.

He was just like him. Both Isillis and the Previous Empress sacrificed everything for Larchen, receiving nothing in return but offering their all for the kingdom. And there they were, Tartos and Berthas, who had fallen in love with such people. It seemed this was their destiny.

As he watched the slowly ascending magical power, Berthas bit his lip in frustration. This was the issue. It was this very thing that constantly burdened Isillis with responsibility. If possible, he wanted to shatter that barrier.

If only he could, Berthas set himself a new goal.

“To break that barrier.”

It had taken Isillis half a day to erect the barrier. Knowing the Previous Empress’s weaker magical power, Berthas anticipated it would take even longer and summoned Duke Verus.

“You called for me?”

“Did you call them here?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Taking actions without orders, I see.”

“My lord…”

As Duke Verus bowed, Berthas’s cold gaze fell upon Meril, who approached with Erica in her arms and handed her over.



“If you fail to fulfill your duties, I will have no choice but to replace you.”

“I will bear that in mind.”

“Relying on Isillis’s kindness to survive up until now, do your job properly.”

“I will, I truly will.”

Perhaps feeling Berthas’s icy fury, Erica slightly tugged at his clothes.


With a tender look towards his daughter, Berthas whispered to her.

“You don’t have to sacrifice your magic for Larchen.”

“But they said I should?”

With her young, uncertain voice, Berthas assured her gently.

“Your magic is yours to keep.”


“Yes, yours.”

Berthas’s affirmation made Erica tilt her head in confusion while Meril bowed her head, frightened by his formidable gaze. He had decided that Erica would not be subjected to the same expectations that burdened Isillis.

Carrying his daughter, Berthas stepped outside and called out to Dahan.

“You called, sir?”

“Dahan, I’m entrusting you with Erica’s education.”

“Me… Me?”

Dahan’s eyes widened in surprise as he heard that the wizards were in charge of the education.

“Since I’ll be taking the capable magicians with me, you stay here and protect Erica. Prevent those with foolish notions from approaching her.”

“Foolish notions?”

“Yes, foolish notions. Like using her power to maintain a barrier.”

“Ah, understood.”

Understanding Berthas’s intent, he smiled faintly.

“Actually, I didn’t agree with it either.”

As a knight, they found themselves unable to understand the situation. A country’s growth depending on a single person was absurd. Though they acknowledged the strength of Larchen’s magic barrier, magic was achieved not by effort but by inherent talent, which left them feeling deprived.

With Berthas determined to change this, of course he welcomed the prospect.

‘Larchen is bound to change.’

Dahan thought. With their leader, Berthas, determined, Larchen had no choice but to transform. Such was his influence.

Watching him speak with a smile, Meril stared at him, causing Dahan to stiffen. After handing Erica to Dahan, Berthas announced his intention.

“I’m going to search for Isillis.”


“Since Isillis has gone missing, I’ll go find her.”

“Your Excellency, but what about Larchen…”

“For me, my daughter was always more precious than this nation. Now that someone has stepped forward to protect her, I’ll go search for her.”

“Is it really true that Her Majesty has disappeared?”

“I must find out.”

Feeling the constant buzzing of the communication device, Berthas swiftly left the room. In a secluded area, he took out the communication device.

— “Why did you take so long to answer?”

“Faylos. Is it true that Isilis has vanished?”

— “It’s true. That’s why I contacted you! Didn’t you see that the barrier of Larchen has disappeared?”

As Faylos asked back as if he could not see it with his own eyes, Berthas clenched the necklace in his hand. He refused to believe it. If Isilis were in danger, the necklace should have brought her to his side, as that was its power.

‘But there was no response from the necklace…’

Why? There was nowhere the necklace’s magic couldn’t reach.

According to the High Priest, this necklace was created by Larchen’s first emperor, and the range of its power was immeasurable. If the necklace didn’t respond, it meant only one thing. Isilis’s life wasn’t in danger.

Berthas decided to hold onto that hope.

“Tell me, Faylos. What exactly happened?”

— “What do you mean? You must have heard everything from Allure.”

“Is it true? Isilis disappeared into the sea?”

— “Yes.”


— “As unbelievable as it sounds, it’s true. I’m just as baffled.”

Faylos’s voice was filled with regret.

— “If I knew this would happen, I would have attended the departure ceremony.”

“She’s vanished, not dead.”

— “How can you be so sure… I see.”

Remembering Berthas’s necklace, he spoke again.

— “So, you’ll be coming here?”

“Of course.”

— “What about the Crown Princess?”

“I had someone trustworthy to take care of her.”

— “The previous Empress came, I see.”

Faylos’s words surprised Berthas as if seeing everything firsthand.

“You speak as if you have eyes inside the palace.”

— “Don’t even think about investigating me. If you mess with me, I won’t sit still either.”

His warning made Berthas frown—a spy within the palace from Isilis’s subordinate.

— “I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not! That’s not it!”

“See you at Etort Port.”

Berthas disconnected at Faylos’s protesting cry. He just hung up, but he knew Faylos would gather as much information as possible before his arrival. Despite being flustered by Isilis’s disappearance, he was relieved that she had someone who cared about her by her side.


As long as she was alive and well, that was enough. No matter where she was, he will find her.

He clenched his fist so tightly that blood trickled from his grasp. But he was so engrossed in his thoughts that he barely felt the pain.


* * *


Time continued to flow, and finally, the barrier of Larchen was fully restored.

As the barrier was reestablished, Berthas watched the relieved sighs of the nobles and citizens of Larchen with a hardened face. Seeing those who had clung to Isilis now cling to the Previous Empress as the new barrier was erected made him lose any remaining affection.

‘Was there ever any value in sacrificing for these people, Isilis?’

Berthas asked her, though she was not by his side. This empty question echoed in the depths of his heart, embedding itself as a silent resonance. It marked the moment he drew a line between himself and the people of Larchen.

“Berthas Larchen.”

He reluctantly turned towards the Previous Empress who had called him.

“Come here.”

Despite his reluctance, he moved towards her. There were many eyes watching him, so he had to.