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Like a fresh green of spring in the dark of winter, Lucas suddenly thought.

“Yes, I will do it.”

Aiden replied firmly and smiled as if relieved. Lucas furrowed his brow.

“If you die, Selena will be sad.”

“If Miss dies, I will be sad.”

With that, Aiden resumed his pilgrimage which had momentarily paused. Lucas remained rooted in place.

As the distance between them gradually closed, Aiden passed right by Lucas.

“Maybe we’ll have a drink again when I return.”

At Lucas’ invitation, Aiden looked at him. Their eyes met. A stern-faced Lucas and a smiling Aiden.

“I’d rather not. I didn’t enjoy it last time.”

Lucas laughed at Aiden’s straightforward response. The sound of one person’s footsteps and another’s laughter filled the corridor.

Soon, Aiden arrived at his destination—a large, luxurious wooden door. A place he visited more often than his own room.

Knock, knock. Aiden knocked and then briskly turned the doorknob. He was on his way to see his Miss, and there was no fear, only a sense of relief.

* * *

The evening before, as soon as Allogen’s letter arrived, Aiden went to find Aaron.

Aaron took the letter from Aiden and soon felt great despair. According to the letter, only a wizard could lift the curse.

A wizard who risked his life.

Who would risk their life to save another? As Selena said, it was as if there was no solution at all.

Seeing Aaron overwhelmed with grief, Aiden stood straight as if he were a brave warrior, or perhaps a valiant lover.

‘I will do it.’

Aiden’s calm voice penetrated Aaron’s ears.

Aaron had been sighing with his head bowed and slowly looked up.

Aaron’s shaky gaze met Aiden’s steady eyes.

‘…You? Aiden. Didn’t you read the letter? You might end up… You might die, too.’

He could not ask another to sacrifice themself for his sister, knowing she would not want that. Wasn’t that why they planned to conceal the truth by claiming there was no solution?

If only they could resolve this themselves… If only he could put his life on the line to solve it… he wouldn’t hesitate.

Aaron’s thoughts were interrupted by Aiden’s response.

‘….I know. I’m choosing this knowingly.’

Aiden was resolute and his clear eyes showed no hesitation as he looked at Aaron. Aaron couldn’t understand.


Why are you so unwavering? Why are you ready to risk your life for Selena? The unspoken questions swirled in Aaron’s head.

Aiden just smiled silently. He had no intention of revealing the truth.

The fact that Aiden and Selena were lovers was still a secret. It wasn’t intentionally hidden. It just hadn’t come up in conversation.

Their story could wait until after the Miss had fully recovered. There was no need to add confusion to confusion now.

Yes, that has been the reason until now.

The reason for his current silence was somewhat different.

The people of the Duchy were too kind.

Too kind to be selfish. If they knew he was Selena’s lover, someone might oppose his sacrifice.

They wouldn’t want Selena to ask her lover to sacrifice his life.

That was a worrying thought. He hated the idea of being stopped.

‘My life… was saved by the lady. I’m merely repaying that kindness.’

For now, this absurd justification was enough.

Aaron hesitated for a moment then nodded. Even though he knew it was an inexplicable excuse, he nodded.

Because he wanted to believe.

Regardless of the reasoning behind his sacrifice, regardless of the truth… he just wanted to accept Aiden’s help and pretend to not know.

His nodding head felt as heavy as lead.

The conversation quickly turned to when the act would be carried out.

Aaron waited like a criminal for Aiden to speak, and Aiden calmly discussed the timing with a smile, mentioning the day the sixth petal would bloom.

‘The sixth petal… will bloom soon. You know that. Isn’t that too soon?’

‘….Dragging out time only makes it harder for the Miss. If it’s something that must be done…. I’d rather do it sooner rather than later.’

Aaron’s mind was increasingly clouded in turmoil.

A day, or maybe today, could decide the life or death not just of his sister but of two people. If Selena lives, so does Aiden. If Selena dies, Aiden will follow.

Aaron considered the best and worst outcomes as he shook his head and spoke again.

‘Aiden, I must ask you again, are you truly… without any regrets? You can still change your mind, and I won’t blame you. So think carefully once more….’


For Aiden, who came from a servant background, cutting off Aaron, a noble, was no small matter. Aaron knew this, too.

So he understood what it meant. Aiden was resolute, not needing further persuasion, not from him, not from anyone.

Aaron rubbed his face roughly.


Why must things be like this? Why is it always this… cruel?

His throat burned with resentment.

* * *

Aaron licked his dry lips as Aiden entered the room, recalling the previous day’s discussion.

Aiden was silent, heading toward the window where Selena loved to spend her time, quietly watching the sky as the sun set and the moon rose.

“….Thank you.”

The silence in the room was broken by the Duke’s voice, tinged with moisture. The Duchess burst into tears again.

“You’re welcome.”

Aiden responded curtly. He didn’t want to offer any false modesty, not when he was risking his life. In these moments, he thought it was alright to accept some gratitude.

He chuckled lightly to himself.

The sun had completely set, and the moon was fully risen. Behind him, a knock at the door. Ian and the Doctor entering meant that all the key figures were now present.

Turning to see the somber faces behind him, Aiden started to walk slowly toward them.

At the end of his path, Aiden saw Selena peacefully asleep. His eyes widened as he gazed at her gently closed eyes.

“Shall we….begin now?”

No one responded; their silence was a tacit agreement.

Aiden’s gaze drifted to the nightstand beside Selena’s bed, where a beaded bottle he had gifted her lay next to a small dagger—prepared by Aaron at Aiden’s request.

Aaron clenched his eyes tightly. He felt as if he was pushing Aiden’s back, urging him toward a precarious cliff edge.

Unlike Aaron, who couldn’t bear to watch, Aiden was composed. His actions were without hesitation or doubt.

Aiden grasped the small dagger in his hand.

With his free hand, he firmly gripped the blade and pierced his flesh. As crimson blood flowed, onlookers held their breath at the painful sight.

Yet Aiden didn’t flinch and calmly replaced the dagger.

He then reached out his blood-stained hand and touched Selena’s chest, more precisely, the six petals that had bloomed there.

Indecipherable murmurs escaped Aiden’s lips. The candlelight in the room began to dance uneasily, and a palpable tension weighed on everyone.

Aiden’s green eyes began to shine with a red light.

“I will come pick you up…Miss.”

With those words, a single tear fell from Aiden’s eye and landed on Selena’s cheek, as if she was the one crying.

The story was rushing toward its conclusion.