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Andra jerked away as the imposing presence inside her prodded here and there as if showcasing its might. The sensation of something moving inside her was bizarre, separate from the pleasure she felt, even though she wasn’t inserting something forbidden.

Yet, when he gently scraped her sensitive spot, Andra couldn’t help but move her hips in response.

“Hu-ung… Ung!”

“Name, Andra.”

“Uht, Dustin… Ah…”

Andra opened her eyes slightly and reached out her arms to Dustin, who then supported her back with one hand to lift her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Dustin pushed deeper, seizing her head to press their lips together.

Their kiss deepened as Dustin’s tongue explored the slightly open gap, intertwining with hers naturally. Andra swallowed the saliva, accepting Dustin’s approach. He devoured Andra’s breath in a hurried frenzy, their wet kisses echoing in the room.

“Uh, uhp, hu, no, ah…”

Andra, who was short of breath, finally pushed his chest roughly. Their lips only parting then. Dustin wiped her lips with his thumb, stealing another quick kiss. Following the sweet peck, Andra rested her head against his chest, catching her breath.

“Ha… Dustin…”

“What’s the matter?”

The light green eyes gazed down at Andra caringly. With a slightly weakened voice, she spoke, feeling the strain in her legs from being spread for so long.

“Let’s… stop, uht, it’s… too hard…”


“Yes, it’s, it’s too hard, so, now… finish, ah!”

Before Andra could finish speaking, Dustin lifted her. Andra instinctively clung to his neck. She gasped for air as she felt him push deeper due to their position. To suddenly shift like this… Hu-ung! Dustin started to move her up and down, his arms between her legs.

“Hu, uht!”

The heavy pressure swiftly filled her inside, then withdrew. It sent shivers down Andra’s spine with its eerie sensation, making Andra bury her face in Dustin’s neck. Ah, stop…The depth of his thrusts left her unable to move, she felt her vision flashing.

“Hu, ah, too, ha, deep, ah, uh, aht, ahng!”

Thud, thud, the flesh pressed against her inner walls, as if crushing them. Unable to hold back, Andra released moans continuously and dug her nails into Dustin’s back. She felt her body lifted high and then plummeting down and making her burst into tears.

A strange yet familiar sensation gradually filled her. Andra gasped, tilting her head back.


Her entire body trembled at the climax. Her stomach spasmed relentlessly, and her insides twitched with big contractions and relaxations. Dustin clenched his teeth to hold back his release. The soggy warmth seemed to eagerly pull him deeper. He clearly sensed her climax. As she climaxed, he laid her on the desk.

Dustin withdrew from Andra who was still trembling from her climax, and then rubbed himself against her thigh, shaking his hips before finally reaching his climax. His release spilled over her thighs, and their fluids mingled from the still-open, flushed entrance.


A languid sigh, belonging to either one, settled lowly in the air.

* * *

After checking on the stagnant situation with the dragon, Andra headed straight to the bathroom when returning to their lodging. She was eager to wash off the sweat from their unexpected relationship outdoors.

Yet, even this moment Dustin intruded, insisting on washing her. Leading Andra once again to be shaken by his lifting and thrusting.

“Hu… Ah-huk….ah!”

Shaa, Under the shower, their bodies entangled messily. The flesh mercilessly thrust into her, her slender fingers clinging desperately to the wall. The hand that slipped down and being thrust back up made the struggling grip on the wall appear all the more pitiful.

This beast of a man, claiming to wash me! Is this what he calls washing?Andra internally seethed, trying her hardest not to collapse. Yet, as Dustin bit her neck and kneaded her breasts, she couldn’t help but shudder and let out a cry.

Soon after he pressed her against the wall, Andra fully leaned her upper body against it, standing on her tiptoes.


As the position shifted, causing her legs to close, the pressure around the hole that engulfed the flesh intensified. Dustin moved vigorously.

The sound of wet flesh slapping echoed as he thrust deeply into the wet hole. The n*pples rubbing against the wall felt burning hot. Of course even that was stimulating. It was impossible to tell if the liquid flowing down was just the shower water, her own release, or Dustin’s seeds.

“Ah, stop, ung, huht!”

Despite her pleas, Dustin’s relentless drive brought tears to Andra’s eyes. How much longer could this go on? Memories of a night spent entirely under Dustin’s grasp surfaced, and Andra intuitively knew this wouldn’t end easily. She wished to faint, hoping to wake up with it all over.

“Haa, Dust, uh, hu, tin, s, sto, it’s, strange, ahng!”

Feeling the constriction and release in her chest repeatedly, Andra, having reached her climax numerous times, gasped for breath. She is unable to muster strength in her toes. Dustin then lifted one of her arms over his shoulder, raising the other leg as well. With her leg spread, his swollen flesh poking her hole below was exposed clearly.

“Ah, hu, ah…”

The pleasure bore down on her sensitive body. It was like layering paint over a painting to correct it, with sensation piling upon sensation. Believing she couldn’t go further was merely her pride speaking. Andra clung desperately to Dustin, overwhelmed by the escalating thrill.

“Ha-ugh, it’s, it’s strange, ha, uuhng!”

At that moment, Dustin’s vigorous thrusts gradually slowed, finally lifting and targeting Andra’s sensitive spot with precision. Ha-ahk! Andra arched her back, her nails digging into his shoulders. She could feel his solid muscles under her palms.

Frozen in that moment, they both caught their breaths. But as the climax began to subside, Andra’s body twitched, begging for more before the peak of pleasure fully faded. She bucked her hips and pleadingly called out Dustin’s name as he looked down at her with a complicated expression.

“Ah, Dustin, hu-uhk…”

“Ha, I should have controlled myself…”

His intention to bathe Andra was genuine, but upon seeing her fully naked, he couldn’t resist spreading her delicate legs and delving deep inside her.

Though not apparent when clothed, Andra’s body has clear marks all over left by Dustin recently. Those traces reminded him of their affair from the previous night.

During that time, Dustin and Andra seemed equally insatiable. Particularly Dustin, who found himself endlessly lusting after Andra, as that night was when she had been most responsive.

Sitting on the edge of the bathtub, Dustin pulled Andra onto his lap, pressing into her sensitive areas once more. Andra nestled into his neck, feeling his engorged flesh still pulsating inside her without release, scraping against her inner walls.

“Andra, move on your own.”

“Huht, it’s too hard…”

Watching Andra struggle to move while his flesh is firmly lodged in her, Dustin tenderly kissed her cheek, earlobe, neck, and shoulders. As he gently rotated his hips and stroked her insides, Andra felt a tingling sensation. She gasped and glared at him.


“Go on.”

“I, I can’t move… how many, huh, times now, whose fault is it now… Ah!”

Suddenly, Dustin smacked Andra’s buttocks, causing her to cry out and cling to him. The shock made Andra flinch, and Dustin, soothing her with one hand along her back and waist, continued to gently stimulate the tender inner walls with the tip of his member. He seemed to enjoy how Andra clung to him helplessly.

‘Just try to leave…’

Even as Andra gathered all her strength to scratch his back fiercely, Dustin didn’t even blink. His solid muscles seemingly urged her on as if to say such pain was trivial to him.

Indeed, Dustin’s body has many marks from Andra as well. This was because Andra took her revenge whenever he teased her.

They were both covered in each other’s marks.


Using her hands, which were scratching his back, Andra barely began to push herself up and slowly rotated her hips, aiming to bring Dustin to a climax more quickly.

The bathroom window showed the darkened sky outside. They had arrived at their lodging before evening, but now it was well past dinner time. The exact hours they spent together in the bathroom were unclear.

“Haa, Andra…”

As Andra started moving, Dustin grabbed her buttocks tightly and began to gently pull her towards him. Andra tightened her inner walls around him, then relaxed, starting a pattern of gently rocking back and forth. The sounds of their union mingled with the crude noise of Dustin sucking on her breasts.

“Hu-ng, uhng…”

The thick presence inside her stimulated her more slowly than before, a tingling pleasure began to build from below, although less intense. The feeling of Dustin’s member in her stomach urgently rubbing against her inner walls was unmistakably vivid. Realizing his climax was near, Andra opened her mouth to let out a soft moan as she hugged Dustin.

“Ah, ung, huht, ah-huht…”

“I can’t stand it…”

Before long, Dustin gripped Andra’s hips and started to shake her up and down. His member penetrated deeply, scraping up against her more tender inner walls than before. Ah, Dustin! Ung, ah, slow, slowly! Her hips rose and fell, the opening was pierced and pierced his forearm-thick member completely.

“Ah, hak, aht, ung, Dus, hu-uht!”

His large hands pulled her down forcefully. With a loud Slam!, he drove deeply into her.



His member trembled, releasing his climax into the warm inner walls. Dustin held Andra close until he had poured out all of him.

After the prolonged climax, the white fluid that Andra couldn’t fully swallow flowed from their joined area. Lifting the exhausted Andra slightly, he gently withdrew, and from the still gaping opening, a trail of white spilled out.

Dustin hugged Andra and stepped into the bathtub. He kissed her cheek lightly as she exhaled her breath softly.