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In response to her words, Sasha nodded happily.

“Young Lady, how did you manage to get out of the room? What about the seizures?”

“Young Lady?”

Then, a gracious-looking woman came next to Sasha.

‘I don’t remember that person.’

When Karentina tilted her head, Sasha quickly opened her mouth.

“This is Velda, the castle’s assistant chef.”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen you since you were four years old. You’ve become such a beautiful lady…”

Darkness crept over Karentina’s face as she looked at some of the servants who were imprisoned.

“Are you Young Lady Lorraine?”

“There were rumors that the Young Lady had gone mad.”


When the burly knight with orange hair glared fiercely at the other knights, they fell silent. Somehow, she felt bitter about her reputation as a madwoman.

“I apologize, Young Lady Lorraine. My name is Joseph Butler, one of Her Highness’s escort knights.”

“Nice to meet you, Sir Butler.”

Joseph, though with a hint of suspicion towards Karentina, kept his head down as if there was no one else to help.

“May I make one request?”

“What is it?”

“I need to urgently send a message to His Highness the Crown Prince, and if you know any knights who can assist with this, please summon them.”

Karentina lowered her head as if expressing her regret.

“I haven’t met a single knight or servant on my way here. And even if we send a message now, it will be too late.”

“Can’t you ask that person for help? And what do you mean by too late?”

After hesitating, she cautiously opened her mouth.

“This is… not a person but a magic doll I created.”

Joseph initially looked surprised, but then his expression darkened.

The people imprisoned in the cell couldn’t take their eyes off Karentina’s doll and began to mutter. Her face felt the sharpness of their guarded gazes. Since a princess known for being crazy showed up with a magic doll that looked like the Crown Prince, anyone would be suspicious.

Karentina looked directly at the people imprisoned in the cell.

“I’ve come to help all of you.”

Then, she calmly persisted with a smile, saying, “I’m harmless.”

“I need to open the door first. Do you know who took the key?”

“This door can’t be opened with a key.”

When she looked at the place Joseph pointed to, there was a small magic stone attached.

‘So, that’s why there were no knights guarding the prison.’

The door couldn’t be opened unless you have a special magic stone or magic power. In addition, people with magic powers in this world were so rare that it could be counted on one hand, so it was safe to leave the prison empty.

‘…Wait! I have magic powers, don’t I?’

Even though most of her magic power had been drained from her, there was still some left in her body. That was why she could create the doll.

After finishing her thoughts, Karentina swallowed hard and quietly raised her hand toward the magic stone.


A blue light flickered, and at the same time, the magic stone was broken into pieces, causing all the prison doors to swing wide open. Simultaneously, she stumbled as she felt the world spinning before her eyes.


She steadied herself and nearly fell, but Joseph caught her.

“Are you alright?”

She spoke hastily to Joseph, who was now filled with concern and surprise.

“I’m fine. But more importantly, we need to go to Her Highness the Princess right now. She might be in danger.”


After those words escaped her mouth, his face turned cold, and he seemed ready to rush to Stella at any moment.

‘Still, these people don’t know the full story so I should let them know first.’

“Hold on a second.”

Karentina grabbed Joseph and the imperial palace servants at the thought. When she reached out to the doll’s head and eyes, the doll magically transformed into an exact replica of Ignis.

Looking at them in shock, she just shrugged her shoulders.