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I watched the crown prince’s expression without missing a single change.

In fact, as I spoke with Princess Vivian, I thought of one thing that would be even better if I received the imperial family’s investment.
Did His Highness also notice that?

‘The imperial family investing in me is not just a matter of profit.’

As the crown prince just said, the cosmetics I made could be a challenge to the power of God.

‘A crop that contains a blessing can’t just end as an ingredient for cosmetics.’

It was difficult to achieve such an amazing effect so quickly simply by applying cosmetics.
I was convinced when I saw the case of Princess Vivian after my mother.

‘If it’s a crop filled with blessings, I’ll be able to look over not just cosmetics, but even potions.’

Of course, it was necessary to simply stay in the cosmetics business right now, since it was something that was used by many people, especially high-ranking people.
If I were to develop a potion that would have a healing effect now, the temple would surely call me a heretic and label me as a witch.

‘But if cosmetics become more widespread, and if the imperial family, who was trying to restrain the temple from growing its power, becomes my supporter…’

The temple, which used the power of God to heal and used the name of God to brandish its authority, would be shaken.
Instead of going to the temple, people would use cheap and accessible potions.

‘If that happens, I’ll be able to stand up to Lilika, who will awaken as a saintess later.’

But this was still a long way off.
I wasn’t sure if Crown Prince Enoch was good enough to even notice this possibility.
And for me to say it first was still rash… and dangerous.
So I went on to explain only the marketing of cosmetics.

“And I intend to make a sample and offer it for free.”
“A sample…?”

How would the crown prince accept the concept of a sample, something that wasn’t available in this world?
I continued.

“Everyone has different cosmetics that suit them. I want to make sure people find the best cosmetics for them. And avoid those that don’t suit them.”
“I understand that, but you’re giving it for free?”
“That will also be marketing. If I say they can try a sample for free, even people who weren’t interested in cosmetics will be interested.”

So that they can use cosmetics with the right ingredients for them.

After listening to me, Crown Prince Enoch seemed to be pondering. Soon, he smiled. It was a gentle but never smug smile.

“Alright. Then, the Lady’s business…”
“But I also have something to say.”

Unlike before, I straightened my shoulders as much as I could, looked at the crown prince clearly, and said,

“Your Highness told me that you wanted to work with me not because of Princess Vivian, but because you were interested in the cosmetics business.”
“Yes, that’s correct.”
“Please explain the benefits I can gain from Your Highness becoming my business partner.”

Though I was the one who came up with the cosmetics business, he said I should only be tasked with product research, didn’t he?
I have this vision for the cosmetics business, but what about Crown Prince Enoch?

I’ll reverse what I said earlier.

“To be honest, I think I told a lot today to an outsider. What if Your Majesty imitates my marketing?”
“Ah, ahaha… If I imitate you?”
“Yes. Marketing samples can be applied to other fields as well.”

I smiled and raised my head.

“I was the one who first gave Your Highness the opportunity to ‘partner’ with me.”

If he wasn’t offering a reward for helping Princess Vivian, I could weigh it up like this.
By emphasizing the word ‘partnership’ instead of investment.

If I was thinking of keeping Lilika in check later, of course, the imperial family would be the best. And if it was called an imperial business, there would also be a premium.
Even so, I didn’t have to sign a contract here, did I?

“Yes, the Lady is correct. If I’m not paying you back due to my appreciation for helping Vivian… Of course, the Lady can consider me as a partner.”

It seemed that Crown Prince Enoch’s eyes turned slightly indistinct by my straightforward words.
Like he was recalling an old, pleasant memory.

“First of all, may I explain to you the advantages of the Imperial Merchant Guild?”

Prince Enoch began to explain about the Imperial Merchant Guild.
The premium of the imperial family I was already familiar with, and the location of the building where a cosmetics shop could be opened. The advantage of being able to enter interior construction right away because there was an empty space, and so on.

“I can even help you transport the cosmetics you make to a shop in the capital. Especially the complicated process of obtaining a business license, you won’t have to worry about that if you do it with me…”

The crown prince’s words continued.

How much work has he done to be able to talk so smoothly?
I focused on the long conversation, admiring the voice of Crown Prince Enoch, which was unexpectedly pleasant and clear.


“You, taking 50 percent of the distribution fee? Does that make sense?”
“Since I cover the cost of renting the building, it’s actually less than 50 percent.”
“Then we’ll need to discuss the rental cost again. I’m growing the crops needed for the cosmetics myself, so the ratio is ridiculous.”
“Didn’t you say you needed my magic to construct a facility to grow those crops?”
“Security is important because it’s a business secret. Your Highness must step in and give it to me.”

How long did the conversation continue like that?
Distribution fees, initial business funds, etc. We discussed a number of things.

Crown Prince Enoch and I soon stamped the partnership agreement.
There were a few arguments, but it was a satisfactory contract for both ends.

‘It’s a percentage for the value of the cosmetics business being properly recognized.’

In fact, it was because Crown Prince Enoch was a discerning man, but some aristocrats said that it was romantic for noble ladies to die of lead poisoning.
So it was fortunate that he had his thoughts in order.

“I didn’t know Lady Primrose was like this.”
“I also had no idea that Your Highness was like this.”

In fact, the marketing that included samples and the statement of ingredients would be a new and unfamiliar concept to Crown Prince Enoch, even though I was used to it, having lived on Earth.
However, after listening to what I said and my explanations, he immediately understood and exclaimed that I was great.

“The marketing strategy of Lady Primrose may be even more amazing than the cosmetics themselves.”

Crown Prince Enoch smiled as he touched the sides of his mouth.

“I’m embarrassed to have told you earlier to set aside someone to manage the business.”
“No… As Your Highness said earlier, management and research are different.”
“I understand from meeting you today. I think Lady Primrose would lead the cosmetics business well.”

Samples and ingredient statements.
Along with saying that it was the best way to understand the minds of people who were worried about cosmetics right now…

Crown Prince Enoch briefly clapped his hands at me.

‘I never imagined that I would receive such praise from His Highness.’

I was embarrassed and quickly brought up another topic.

“Oh, and… for the time being, I’m going to keep the fact that I’m the representative of Yunette a secret.”
“Why would you do that?”

Crown Prince Enoch asked curiously.
He didn’t seem to have any malice to that question… But was he really asking because he didn’t know?

“I’m confident in the cosmetics. But it doesn’t help that the person who made them is the villainess of the Primrose duchy.”
“If the business goes well, the image of the Lady will get much better. I understand your concern, but…”

It was now known that I was meeting Princess Vivian. Even though the one I was actually meeting was the crown prince, to talk about the business. There was a reason for everything.

“But it’s still hasty.”

Lilika was smart. Even if my villainess image improved right away, I didn’t know what was going to happen next.
She might even try to attack me using Yunette. He could also be harmed for no reason because of me…

“I want to reduce the variables as much as possible.”

In fact, this was one of the main reasons to get a business partner.
To hide my identity as a villainess and entrust them with things like meeting people.
And Crown Prince Enoch already knew who I was. That was quite an advantage.

‘Phew. I could do it if I wanted to, but there would be many restrictions if I tried to work with someone while hiding my identity.’


If it was a cosmetic product made by a villainess, people would look at it with even sharper eyes. It was volatile because it was a new business, but I didn’t want to put up variables for no reason.


Crown Prince Enoch watched me silently, then opened his mouth.