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Although she had a small body and an extremely delicate appearance, she was a person who not only held out among male students who were of higher status and older than her but also earned the highest score.

“Alright, if you’re excited, that’s fine. You are a royal guest today, so there is no reason to be intimidated by anyone. Straighten your back, hold your head up, and act like you did in Pulder.”

Olivia nodded her head with shining eyes.

“Yes. I understand, professor.”

At that time, the carriage gradually slowed down. Concurrently, Olivia’s eyes widened as she heard loud people’s voices and music. As the carriage came to a complete stop, someone opened the carriage door, and a faint light came on.

Margot got off first, and Olivia followed behind her. As she stood on the soft grass and lifted her head, Herod’s grand palace seemed to be looming over her.

In the meanwhile, beautifully decorated ladies from each family entered the Crystal Hall, where the fall banquet was in full swing. Among the debutantes who entered with their mother on the right and a chaperone on the left, it was Isabel of the Seymour family who stood out.

Isabel, with her reddish brown hair elegantly styled up, appeared accompanied by Madame Duvener, a legendary figure in the chaperone circles. Aware of the pouring gazes and adjusted her posture to be more elegant, she caught gazes like iron clinging to a magnet.

It wasn’t just Isabel.

Leonard II’s masterpiece, Asher Astrid and Noah Astrid. Two princes of the same age, even though they were not twins, were standing side by side talking.

Because their appearances were exceptionally similar, and their height and physique were also similar, it was difficult to tell who was the prince and who was the crown prince just by looking at their backs. However, the eye color was decidedly different, and the atmosphere they gave off was different.

While they were both blonde, Crown Prince Asher had blue eyes, and Noah has green eyes.

Noah’s posture and etiquette were surprisingly more perfect than the crown prince’s, but strangely enough, Noah had a slightly debauched and strangely decadent vibe. On the other hand, Crown Prince Asher had a gentle and upright aura, so people stopped saying that the two looked alike at some point.

“Isn’t it almost time for her to arrive?”

Asher asked, and Noah nodded her head.

“They said she arrived at the port an hour ago, so she’ll be here soon. Uncle said he would attend the autumn banquet, but then he ran away when he heard that Aunt was coming.”

Asher laughed at Noah’s words. Then, he glanced at Noah’s tired expression and said bitterly.

“You did a great job.”

Noah just shook his head lightly and did not respond to his comment.

At that time, their mother, Queen Beatrix, was having light conversations with people when she approached the two people. As Asher casually escorted his mother, Noah went and stood on the other side. The middle-aged ladies looked with envious eyes at Queen Beatrix, who was escorted by her two grown sons.

Beatrix studied Noah’s face with concern.

“Your father sent you to too many events. How are you feeling?”

“Mother, don’t worry. It would be nice if the king were concerned.”

Beatrix shook her head gently and glanced at her husband, who was conversing with the nobles.

“When Princess Marguerite comes, I’ll have to ask her to nag him.”

“He’ll just pass it off as nagging. Will it have any effect?”


When Asher, who was escorting his mother, called to him in a scolding tone, Noah raised his eyebrows.

“Lucy is still locked in her room?”

“She said that we were partying by ourselves except her.”

“Please send her to school, at least. It’s because she’s bored staying in the palace every day.”

Asher also agreed with Noah’s words.

“St Scott’s Girls’ School is a good place.”

Beatrix let out a self-deprecating sigh and glanced back at the king.

“If it were something I could decide, I would have done it right away. I have to ask Princess Marguerite about that, too. I wish she could be here soon. I’m also curious about that girl from Pulder. Did they say her name was Olivia?”

“I can’t believe she was selected as the top graduate. Isn’t it amazing?”

The queen muttered.

The commotion that started at the entrance of the banquet hall spread like a wave to them.

As Beatrix turned, Noah and Asher also turned. Leonard, who was conversing with the nobles, came to the queen’s side, muttering that something was coming.

When Asher stepped aside to make room for his father, the king and queen held hands. Asher and Noah stood one step behind the king and queen, respectively. In the silent crystal hall, the sounds of energetic footsteps and the sounds of relatively small footsteps rang alternately.

A woman suddenly appeared, crossing the strangely focused gaze of the nobles at her.

“It’s still the same.”

As Leonard muttered while looking at Margot’s face, Beatrix poked him in the side.

Noah agreed with his father for the first time in a long time.

Marguerite was still the same. Princess Marguerite, with every strand of her blonde hair curled up, entered the room, flashing the coldness of her frosty eyes. And behind her, a small silhouette of a woman suddenly appeared in Noah’s view.

His gaze slipped from Margot and landed on the unknown woman. The white blouse that covered her neck was the first thing that stood out among the low-cut dresses of noble ladies.

As he looked up past the long, thin neckline, he saw a small face that felt whiter than the white blouse.

The light green headband that was placed on her round, convex forehead kept her hair from leaving any traces contrasted with her black hair, drawing more attention. Even though her face was slightly downcast, her large eyes and facial features looked harmonious even from a distance.

The reason why she gives the impression of being somewhat cheerful even though she is walking carefully behind Margo is probably because of her gait.

Noah chuckled unknowingly when he saw her small shoes moving busily under her skirt, exposing her ankles.

Meanwhile, Olivia was busy dealing with all the attention she received. She went to school among the boys and thought she had gotten used to their stares, she even thought it was nothing. In the historic and splendid palace of Herod, beautiful nobles decked out like jewels were looking at her.

When she passed through the golden bars of the palace, she felt excited, but when she found herself in this situation, she realized that it was only possible because of her ignorance.

In hindsight, she was left wondering whether she had made the right choice by responding to the royal invitation to come to Herod. She even had the odd thought that instead of the clothes she wore walking around the college campus, she should have worn the dress that the royal staff had brought her.

The black shoes that kept disappearing and appearing under her skirt were especially bothersome today.

Olivia consciously breathed slowly, her breathing shaking as she inhaled and exhaled. Then, looking at her skirt, she desperately tried to keep pace with her steps. She couldn’t believe that there was a royal family at the end of this road.

Just as she was having the funny thought that she would rather this road never end, Margot suddenly stopped her in her tracks. Olivia tried to catch her trembling breath and looked carefully as she had practiced.

And she froze at the same time.

Before her eyes, a man who seemed like the embodiment of the word royalty stood looking at her.

If someone were to ask her to pick a royal just by looking at the face in a gathering of hundreds of people, she would pick this man without hesitation. Despite his unique height and physique, he had a delicate feel and was stunning even without looking at every detail.

He had his dark blond hair neatly combed back, and even his forehead was straight.

The moment she met the sunken green eyes below, Olivia was startled and quickly glanced down.