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Isilis and Tartos were in a confrontation with their own magic.

Tartos was suppressing the magic that Isilis had unleashed first. Faylos, feeling the gradually diminishing magic as Tartos spoke, let out a sigh of relief. He didn’t want to bear the waves of magic they were creating in such a tense situation.

“Is this all to keep me on my toes?”

“You ascended to the Emperor’s throne too easily. I have prepared to make sure no one will take that place lightly without any hindrance.”

Upon Tartos’ words, Isilis glanced at him for a moment. Why would someone who calls himself her father think like that? Shouldn’t parents not treat their children like this?

Seeing her puzzled face, he laughed.

“Why, is it strange that I act this way?”


“Seeing you looking at me with that expression. Don’t look at me with such a stupid look. I was born into an imperial family, but I worked tirelessly until I reached this position. I tried to seize it at last, but I gave it up because of the woman I loved, so I didn’t have it… But you, just because you’re the imperial family, didn’t you enjoy and grow up with everything just for that one reason? Isn’t it only natural that you need trials?”

Tartos uttered, as he couldn’t contain his emotions and paused for a moment before speaking again.

“So, I prepared. I made plans to leave my beloved wife here for your advancement. However, my cute wife found out about all this and returned here. She gave up looking for me. She seemed afraid that something might happen as if I had arranged your kidnapping when you were young.”

It was only then that Isilis realized his father was jealous of her.

Jealous of her being born into an imperial family and growing up with everything, and jealous of her having everything…

Not to mention receiving her mother’s love.

That was all.

He must have built his current power by kidnapping her. He would have let such words slip to the nobles… look, even the imperial family was nothing.

With just magic, one could protect the country.

Isilis, who had gone mad with such thoughts, changed her expression.

“That is not for you to judge.”

“Then who?”

“No one can judge me. That is the right of the one who sits on the throne of Larchen.”

“You’ve learned well.”

“And your disrespectful actions cannot be forgiven.”

AS The surroundings froze at her words, Faylos, who was watching the situation, forgot to breathe. If things went wrong, the clash of magic could send them flying.

Seeing the red magic emanating from Isilis’ body, Tartos laughed.

“If you and I fight here, the imperial palace will be destroyed, won’t it?”

“Don’t disrespect Her Majesty!”

With Allure’s words, his body shot into the air. Tartos, shaking with red magic, muttered quietly towards him.

“Don’t meddle in affairs when you’re a dog who is clueless about your owner.”

“Put down the chief wizard.”

Even though Isilis’ magic wrapped around him, Tartos’ magic surpassed her magic, which was praised as one of the most powerful among the past emperors.

“Don’t meddle.”

With a ‘pop’ sound, the chandelier in the hall fell. Despite the sound of the chandelier breaking, no one outside entered.

Isilis, swaying from the sudden loss of magic, bit her lip.

“Release the empire’s subject… at once!”

She poured out her limited magic from the barrier. Tartos, suppressed by her magic, released Allure and withdrew his magic.

“Quite impressive.”


The door of the hall broke, and from the door came Aila’s cry. It was her mother, the previous Empress, who had returned.

Tartos didn’t stop Isilis, who was pouring out her magic in a frightening manner as Aila came in.

As her magic poured out, Tartos vomited blood.



Aila, who was approaching her, turned to Tartos.

“Mother! Step back!’

“Isilis. What is the meaning of this?!”

“I told you to step back…!”

Aila had fled further away from the palace, but upon sensing Tartos’ magic, she returned. The Tartos she knew wouldn’t just leave Isilis alone. Due to a certain ‘work’ that he was performing with magic, she could feel his magic, and he could feel her magic.

In front of Aila, who had hurried back, there was Isilis persecuting Tartos and him vomiting blood.

“I can’t do that.”

Isilis faced Tartos, who was behind Aila. As blood streamed down his mouth, he wiped it away with his clothes.

She looked directly at him as she spoke again.

“I said, step aside. He is endangering the safety of the empire.”

“He would never have done that!”

Isilis frowned at Aila, who was blocking her path. Why was she protecting him like that?

While she hesitated for a moment, Tartos put his hand around Aila’s waist from behind. As he attempted teleportation magic to disappear, Isilis tried to grab his magic.

“Your Majesty!”

She was startled when Duke Verus called her, who entered the chaotic hall and bowed to Tartos. He also glanced at the Duke before embracing Aila and disappearing.

That was the last of them.

“Duke! What are you trying to do right now?!”

As Isilis angrily shouted, Duke Verus bowed to her and spoke.

“Please calm your anger.”


She was not pleased that Duke Verus continued waiting without even raising his head to her words. Why was he acting like this, and for what reason?

“That person is heartbroken. So please…”

“That doesn’t mean he can act recklessly against me, who has ascended to the throne!”

“I understand, Your Majesty. However, he is in pain.”

Duke Verus continued to explain to her, who was breathing heavily, attempting to calm her down.

The door of the hall flew away with Aila’s magic, and the chandelier shattered into pieces. In the meanwhile, Faylos was taking care of the unconscious Allure, and outside the hall, knights and wizards were rushing in.

Isilis, who threw her gaze at them, muttered, biting her lips.

“I’ll let this one pass.”

“Thank you.”

“Not for him, but because of Duke Verus’s loyalty to me. Don’t forget that.”

“I am grateful.”

Berthas, who was in front of the hall, rushed over in surprise. Seeing his wide-eyed face in the dismal interior, she felt a part of her heart warm. She didn’t dislike the sight of him rushing over to worry about her.

No, she found solace in his appearance.


* * *


Bertas was startled by the sudden sensation of magic.

He dashed toward the aura emanating from the hall where Isilis was, afraid of what might have happened to her. There was no danger to the Emperor in Larchen, but it was still frightening. He was afraid that she might get hurt.

He didn’t think that would happen, as she was strong, but variables were always present.


The scene before him resembled a battlefield. He quickly scanned the inside with his eyes, looking for Isilis. He felt relieved to see her standing unharmed.

There was nothing wrong with her.

He was grateful for that.