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As Cahill wrapped his hand around the back of Holly’s head and roughly pulled out, the protruding tip sharply scratched the sensitive inner wall, and stars flew before her eyes.

Ah, haht!

He pushed his half-pulled member back in hard.


As a high moan came out of her mouth as her peak was pierced, he bent down and sucked her neck ravenously. Holly’s heart also beat at speed as she heard a harsh moan in her ear.

Ha, uht! So, delicious.”

He rubbed his palm near her chest and cupped his hands under her voluptuous breasts before he bit the round piece of flesh with her teeth.

“Cahill, Cahill…”

Holly gasped and traced his face with her hands. It was dark, so she couldn’t see his face right in front of her.

“Yes, it’s me.”

He answered with a hoarse voice. Then, he lowered his body and nuzzled his nose against hers. Only the silver-grey eyes shining in the darkness were clearly visible. It was rough and ferocious, like that of an animal.

She felt a shiver run down her spine.

“Don’t allow anyone but me.”

Cahill, who cupped Holly’s cheeks with his hands and held her face towards him, let out a distorted look.

“Of, huht, course!”

Wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him towards her, she rubbed her lips against his hard neck, unlike hers, which was soft.

“Who is there…haa, but you. Aah, there—!”

Cahill’s eyes softened at her breathless words. His raging pillar was moving rapidly in and out of her squishy, wet inner walls. Holly, mesmerized by the increasingly intense movements, could not say anything other than moaning.

She reached climax first, and he stroked her trembling waist.

Haa, it’s so good, I feel like I’m going to die.”

He mumbled, his voice cracking as she looked at her excited face. The narrow hole, the inner wall, was so hot it felt like it was going to melt.

Everything was driving him crazy.

As he narrowed his eyes and pulled out of her, her thighs were covered in hot liquid. Holly was out of breath, her body hanging limp as if she had just finished a long run. Her eyes, which had been wandering in the empty air, soon came back into focus.

She glanced up at him with clearer eyes.

“Why, not… inside?”

Cahill wasn’t the type of person to hold back on what he wanted to do, and every time he did, he poured out at the deepest part of her. She felt sad because she couldn’t feel anything hitting her inner walls.

His face contorted into an impatient expression.

“I want to put it back in right now, so don’t provoke it.”

Cahill, who looked like he was about to lunge at her again, pulled away from her before he took the water bottle out of the bag and wet a handkerchief. He took the wet handkerchief between Holly’s hot legs.

“If I do it inside, it will be difficult to wash it off.”

Her body twitched as the soft fabric touched her sensitive area while her ripe cl*t was visible through the gap between her wide-spread legs. His hands on her thighs trembled as he tried to contain his surging lust.

It was a long and difficult time for Holly, who was lying down with her most private parts clearly exposed, and for Cahill, who had to endure seeing it.


* * *


“What are you doing with the bed right in front of you?”

Holly spoke grumpily while being held by Cahill. With his steps, they were able to quickly cross the long hallway and reach the space where the bed was.

“Then, shall we move to the bed and do it one more time?”

As his eyes twinkled as if he had been waiting, she pretended not to see it and turned her gaze into the distance.

“Though it’s dark here, too?”

Holly blinked her eyes as she glanced around the dark interior. Before, when she had unintentionally come here with Cahill, there had been enough light to brighten up one of the rooms, but now, it was dark. She saw a barely burning candle lying in a corner of the room.

“I guess someone knew that Lyla had been investigating this space.”

In an instant, her body was laid down on the soft bed before his cold hand grabbed her cheek and made her turn her head. Cahill’s face filled Holly’s eyes. He laid her down on the bed and gazed at her expectantly.

“Not here.”

When she spoke softly but firmly, Cahill, who was still feeling the heat that had not subsided, showed his teeth.


She placed her index finger in front of her lips to tell him to be quiet.


In the silence, the sound of pages being turned came from beyond the wall. The sound was clearly coming from Lyla, who was sitting at the desk in the study. The fact that the sound from this side can be heard so well from this side means that the situation on that side may be the same.

“We did it last time.”

Cahill pursed his lips as if he couldn’t understand. Holly’s shoulders flinched at the forgotten memory.

“…I know.”

She was concerned that Lyla might not have paid much attention to the sound, or that the sounds from the secret space could not be easily heard from outside, but she couldn’t check right away.

“But not today.”

Holly smiled and spoke soothingly to Cahill, who had a grumpy face.

“It’s the first day, so let’s save some stamina.”

When she rubbed his earlobes with a loving touch, she noticed that Cahill’s breathing became so heavy that she couldn’t ignore it.

“It’s so hard to do it with you.”

Still, seeing that Holly stood firm, Cahill’s shoulders slumped at the harsh content of her words, which were different from her gentle voice.

“When this is over, let’s leave right away. At that time, you can do as much as you want.”

Although it was difficult, she also liked what he did with her. He wasn’t the only one who wasn’t satisfied. Hearing her words, Cahill’s face lit up before he jumped up.

“What should we do first? Can we destroy this wall?”

Cahill showed strong will. She couldn’t remember how he had just been following her around in a passive manner.

“She didn’t ask us to build a path.”

Holly took out the empty parchment she had packed in her bag and laid down on the bed.

Without a light, she had to keep her head down as if her nose would touch it. On the parchment, she drew a picture of the bed and headboard, the entrance to the secret space, as well as the ladder she used to climb down.

Cahill tilted her head as she looked over her shoulder at the parchment filled with circles, triangles, and squares.

“What are you doing?”

Only then did she notice the presence of hands moving over her body. When she turned her head to look, Cahill was on his knees, holding her body between his thighs and massaging her waist.

“To draw a map.”

Lyla’s ancestors, who first built this house, did not draw a floor plan of the house. This was the reason why Lyla, the owner of the house, did not know the existence of the secret space. So, she thought it would be easier to understand the structure of the house by showing it in pictures rather than explaining it in words.

As his hand pressed against her upper buttocks, it was so good that Holly let out a satisfied moan without even realizing it.

“There, it’s good.”

Before Holly could finish her sentence, something hard prodded her rear. Even without looking, she could clearly see the way Cahill was looking at her.

She tried to ignore his hot signals.

“I think Lyla was a quiet and obedient child even when she was young.”

Cahill raised his eyebrows as if he didn’t like the topic she had brought up.

“If it were me, I would have searched the whole house…”

In an instant, the hand massaging her disappeared, and then the bed started shaking.

‘I’ve endured this for a long time.’

Holly turned her head towards where she felt his movements. Right next to her, Cahill was lying on the side, looking into her face.

“I want to see it.”


Cahill stroked her cheek. Even though his gaze was so hot that she couldn’t take her eyes off, it was a little different from just sexual tension.