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Then Charles smiled deeply, as if he was thoroughly pleased.

“Well, you might end up enjoying my antics.”


“Goodnight, Eve. May the blessings of the night accompany your dreams.”

Gradually, Charles politely bid her goodnight without a hint of regret. He remained just as astonishingly elegant and refined as ever. His grace left Eve with a sinking feeling as she tried to suppress the thoughts that were rising within her.

Most nobles would act in the same manner, even if it was the emperor himself who had possessed her husband’s body. Besides, by now, if Arsen had taken over the emperor’s body, the world would be in chaos…

“Yes, that’s right. The world is relatively quiet now, isn’t it?”

“Is that so? I wrapped it up tightly, after all.”

The next morning, during breakfast, Charles casually replied to Eve’s inquiring words with an air of self-assurance.

“What do you mean?”

“How can you…?”

“Of course, by utilizing my subjects. But… I’m not sure how long it will last.”

Eve’s hand, which had been cutting her pancake, slowed down when she heard that. Charles tilted his head and looked into Eve’s face as her thoughts appeared to freeze.

“You still don’t believe me?”

“…No. I mean, the emperor I had in mind…”

Such an infuriating person. Eve’s expression clearly conveyed that she hadn’t expected him to be like this.

“No, it’s not that. I mean, Arsen is originally…”


“You’ve mentioned before, Your Majesty. When every citizen of the empire, every noble, plays their part, this country will be at peace. You wouldn’t be having fun here, would you?”

In response, Charles chuckled and said, “It’s a story from the founding of the nation.”

This seemed to further provoke Eve, who responded sharply, as if to indicate that she would not be satisfied anymore.

“The National Founding Festival is a festival in which all the citizens of the empire participate, and everyone knows that.”

“Well, that’s true.”

In this way, they continued to draw parallel lines, never truly meeting.

Well, time would resolve it. When the Prime Minister witnesses the scene where he sees Eve as the “Emperor’s Majesty,” she would have no choice but to believe. Charles didn’t take it seriously.

“More importantly, your cousin is coming. Don’t you need to prepare?”


Eve’s eyes widened at those words. Her cousin is coming? Who? Could it be Noah?

Baffled, Eve hurriedly sought out Emma. Emma had deliberately moved away, but she now explained what had happened.

“A letter arrived. Margrave Verati is making a brief visit to the capital. There is a grand party hosted by the palace soon.”


So that’s what it was.

She hadn’t been able to ask since morning why she wasn’t treated as the emperor, except by the fake Arsen.


Murmuring the missed name in her heart, Eve was lost in thought for a moment.

In her previous life, for some excuse about being sick at the time, she had not been able to go and visit Noah.

This was despite the fact that she knew her husband was a disgraceful man who always had an affair with another woman. But if she saw her own appearance of being concerned, pretending to be an unchanging mother to cover up for her husband who smoked and played around, it would make her furious. At least the fortunate thing was that Eve hardly heard the rumors about her ugly reputation being spread throughout the palace because Noah, her cousin, and the lord she entrusted to, was careful and discreet, but Noah’s arrival was bound to cause a stir.

This child, unlike his appearance, had a temperament like a real tyrant, just like his foster father, even though his appearance was different. Well, it was true that he was assigned to Verati as a guardian, but…

“But it’s been a long time since I last saw him.”

She hadn’t seen her cousin’s face for more than five years if she combined the time since her previous life. She missed her dear younger brother.

“Still, he’s coming to his cousin’s house. Shouldn’t we prepare a small welcome ceremony? I don’t know much about younger siblings, so if you lead, I’ll help.”

“… Are you okay? Do you want me to talk about Noah?”

“If it’s Margrave Verati, then he is a loyal and trustworthy person, isn’t he? I’m sure it will be fine if you meet him.”

Surely, he wasn’t ignorant about the incident that occurred at the wedding. Everyone except the Emperor, who went abroad for diplomatic negotiations, should know about it.

“Well, if you say so…”

With some anxiety and great expectations, Eve nodded her head.

* * *

A few days later,

“Margrave Verati is here.”

With the servant’s announcement, the door opened, revealing a handsome man with silver hair, similar to Eve but with bolder features.


Yet for some reason, he had fiery eyes, intensely focused on a particular spot. After a moment, he walked straight toward Charles.

“Ah, Margrave Verati. No, I should say, my brother-in-law…”

It was the moment when Charles greeted Noah warmly.


As Charles was hit by Noah’s fist and fell to the ground, Eve, who bore a resemblance to Charles, instantly regretted her decision.


“My lord, Count!”

“Sir, or rather, Count!”

Tiego and the servants rushed in, supporting Charles and restraining Noah. Eve also put her arms around Noah’s waist and shouted.

“Please, stop it!”

But Noah, like a vicious beast, flailed his arms and roared.

“Brother-in-law? My brother-in-law? How dare you touch my sister…!”

“Noah, please, hold back! He is my husband and a Count!”

“That’s unforgivable! That my sister’s husband is such a despicable man! I’ve heard it all! You even dallied with women and gave them cheap necklaces! My sister felt ashamed at the banquet because of that!”

“That’s a past matter… Anyway, if you continue like this, you’ll never see me again!”


At Eve’s response, Noah’s struggles ceased abruptly. He looked at Eve as if he might shed pitiful tears at any moment.

“Will you really never see your foolish little brother again?”


Eve felt regretful of her past self, for how had she managed to live by ignoring a brother like this?

Sending money to Fontaineux to wait for her guardian must have been not only her parents’ doing, but Noah’s as well. Yet, at that time, there was no other choice. Noah had raised hell, going on a rampage during their wedding, and even Arsen despised Noah, so she had refrained from meeting him, fearing that her meeting with Noah would provoke Arsen. But Eve was also uncomfortable with how Noah pitied her.

In the end, it was her side that had been foolish. With the determination that she would no longer act that way, Eve smiled.

“I’m sorry, Noah. How could I act like that?”

“Is it really?”


Despite being only a year younger, Noah had been physically weak and had a gentle personality when he was young. So, Eve often took care of him.

Naturally, the relationship between the cousins grew special, and even though Noah was the only one who didn’t flinch in the face of the fierce attacks of the cruel immigrant tribe, it was only natural that Eve was the one who became weak.

Eve had cherished her cousin brother as much as he had cherished her and didn’t overlook the past when she had neglected her little brother who was already suffering enough.

Feeling sorry for that past, Eve tightly held Noah’s hand.

“Then let’s go have a meal. I’ve prepared a lot of food you like.”


With a stern glare at Charles, who was supported by the servants, Noah responded as if there was no other choice.

The two siblings disappeared in silence. But Charles couldn’t just let them go and quickly followed them.

“Haah… Your Majesty, please go with them.”

Tiago’s voice was strangely pitiful.

* * *

“Noah, have some of this, and oh! Have some of this, too.”

Eve brought food after food to Noah’s plate like a mother bird. Noah received the offerings like a baby bird, and if their eyes met by any chance, he blinked his red eyes.

‘She seems to be disliked quite a bit.’

Then, he couldn’t resist wanting to play a trick on her. No, it was Charles’ nature.

He scooped a piece of meat pie and offered it to Eve.

“Eve, have some, too.”


Eve hesitated, but still, she opened her mouth and took a bite, thinking it might be better to show a slightly better side in front of her little brother. Well, this man wasn’t Arsen, after all.

“Is it delicious?”

“Yes, it’s fine.”

Unable to control his anger at that moment, Noah slammed the table and said, “Unni, I also want to eat meat pie.”

“….Fine, help yourself.”

Even though Noah was getting closer and closer, Eve willingly scooped some meat pie onto Noah’s plate. Seeing this situation that could be considered as a rare sight, Charles chuckled to himself.


Margrave Verati, whom he knew before, was more mature than anyone else. Well, it had been a while since he had seen her. Charles did tease, but he wasn’t oblivious. He stood up from his seat.