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Zion remained silent for a long time.

[ …There’s no way something like that would be possible. I’m already a demon bound to the bracelet. ]

He muttered with a blank voice.

“I don’t know why, but I think I can transfer the soul stone ability to the doll’s body.”

[ Instead of wasting precious magic power, how about making a wish to me instead? ]

Unlike the sarcastic Zion, Karentina sounded quite serious.

“If we fail, there’s nothing we can do, but let’s give it a try.”

[ …. ]

Leaving the silent Zion behind, she held the doll’s hands together to transfer the power to the bracelet before light flowed from her body and shimmered around the doll. Perhaps because the doll was like her duplicate, it didn’t consume any magic power.

‘It feels strange.’

Her heart was so excited that it didn’t calm down, as if she was floating in infinite time and space without sinking. Despite the fact that she didn’t know how she was using her powers, a power that was almost instinctual spread through her.

As she slowly opened her eyes at the sensation akin to the water droplets bursting, the glowing blue light quickly faded away.


Confirming that she was still connected to the doll, Karentina lowered her gaze to the bracelet. The sky-blue soul stone showed no changes, just like before.

‘…Did it fail again?’

She smiled bitterly and released the doll’s hand.

It was then

The doll, which had been standing still without any movement, blinked slowly. Karentina took a step back, watching the doll in astonishment.


…Huh? It could speak?

Her mouth fell open in disbelief at the unexpected situation.

“D-did you really go in?”

The doll, moving its hands back and forth, seemed like a real living person.

“Master, look at this! I’m moving.”

Unlike Zion, who sounded excited, Karentina’s mind went blank.

‘Is it really this easy…?’

Dumbfounded, she gazed at her hands alternately.

‘I can’t believe she made such an amazing doll even after all her magic power was taken away. Isn’t Karentina actually a munchkin*?’
[ T/N: ‘먼치킨’ or a ‘munchkin’ is a Korean slang for a character with overpowered skills. ]

In the meanwhile, Zion ran around the entire room like a puppy seeing snow for the first time.

Perhaps, it might be possible to regain magic power with the help of Zion and the soul stone? The dolls she created possessed a mysterious ability to move on their own without using magic power. If she could at least recover the magical power in her d*mn uncle’s hands, maybe…

‘…I can survive.’

As she brushed the dust off Zion’s shirt, which had become a mess from running around, Karentina caught sight of the sparkling gem on the bracelet.

‘Sky blue.’

She raised her right hand and gently wiped the doll’s head and both eyes. The golden hair and red irises, identical to Ignis’s, transformed into a clear sky-blue color.

“This color suits Zion better.”

While it may not be possible to change the resemblance of their faces, this may be enough to avoid some suspicions.

Bashfully smiling at the tense Zion, Karentina opened her mouth again.

“Even though it’s a doll, I did grant your wish, right? So…”

“What, what is it?”

A shiver ran down Zion’s spine at her sinister smile.

“Would you like to be my butler?”